Amanda Nunes Wants UFC Featherweight Belt, but Won’t Fight Cris Cyborg to Get It

May 18, 2017

UFC bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes still wants to fight for the featherweight title, as long as it isn’t Cris Cyborg that she’d have to challenge.

After she defended her belt against Ronda Rousey at UFC 207 in December, Nunes took aim at the newly formed 145-pound division, saying she wanted to challenge the winner of the inaugural title fight between Germaine de Randamie and Holly Holm. That was before the UFC convinced her to remain at 135 pounds and defend her belt against Valentina Shevchenko, a fighter she had already defeated in a three-round bout in March of 2016.

She’ll square off with Shevchenko at UFC 213 on July 8 in Las Vegas. If successful, she still wants a shot at the featherweight belt.

“I’m interested in fighting the girl who holds the belt now, de Randamie, because I already beat her. If UFC wanna give me opportunity to go up now, yes, I would take it. But later is another thing,” Nunes said during a Wednesday promotional luncheon in Los Angeles.

Another thing means specifically that she doesn’t want to fight Cyborg.

“I wanna see Cyborg with the belt. I’m not interested in fighting her,” Nunes said before further explaining why she wouldn’t fight Cyborg.

Amanda Nunes and Cris Cyborg“Because I have to do a lot of things to fight Cyborg. Cyborg is way heavier than me; way bigger than me. I have to change all my training style to fight Cyborg. This is a lot of things I have to go over with my coach.”

The UFC recently announced the formation of the women’s flyweight division (125 pounds). The upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter, which will air during the fall/winter season, will crown the division’s first champion. That is another option for Nunes, who was adamant that she would do something different following the Shevchenko fight, believing that she has already cleaned out her division.

“After my fight, I could go down as well. After this fight, many things can happen because I clean out the division already,” she stated. “I beat all the tops in the division before I got the belt. After the next fight, I’m gonna do something else.”

But that something else will not include fighting Cris Cyborg.

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  • Shocked_n_Awed

    … duck!

  • Ray Gutierrez

    Of course not….Amanda Nunes knows that Chris Cyborg would knock the gayness out of her with one punch.

    • Muaythai4life

      sexuality bashing? not cool dude. Do I think Cyborg would win? probably, but no need for personal attacks.

  • Sir_Roy

    Second title defense and already she’s talking about changing weight classes and asking the UFC to cherry pick her fights for her.

    • Murdock

      Don’t see why not, she’s basically faced every big name in the division and holds a win over most of them including the current featherweight champion. No point sticking with a gal who has no name value and not main event/championship material.

      If she wants to move up or down a weight class, I’d say that’s a good idea as long she vacates the title first.

      • jealous jess

        Didn’t Davis and Zingano feed nunes her own azzhole? Plus she hasnt fought pena either. Nunes is delusional….

      • Juchi

        How about facing two of the fighters that have already beaten her, Davis and Zingano, and extracting her revenge? She has yet to beat Pena, McMann or Pennington, who were all ranked above GDR at BW.

        • Murdock

          Davis is a gatekeeper at this point and Zingano hasn’t won a fight in years. They’re irrelevant right now. McMann and Pennington have had a inconsistent record and Pena just lost to Shevschenko. Facing GDR makes more sense than the majority of the gatekeepers u just listed.

          • Juchi

            Sure it makes sense if you want an easy fight and a hollow title that you’re going to vacate as soon as the real champ comes knocking. True, they may not have the greatest records over the past 2 years, but they fought the best at BW. GDR hasn’t had a victory over a top 10 BW in over 5 years, prior to her fight with Holm, which many felt she lost. Despite their records, all the fighters you mentioned were ranked well ahead of GDR prior to her moving up. Just goes to show you what a joke the FW division is. A former non top 10 bantamweight is ranked #3 at Featherweight.

          • Murdock

            The featherweight title may be a hollow title but at least she can claim she won two titles in divisions.

            Doesn’t matter if Zingano or Davis fought the best at BW, they didn’t consistently win and aren’t in title t talks right now. They’re irrelevant and a waste of time for the champion right now. They aren’t considered the best right now whereas GDR is a champion so that rules out your argument.

          • Juchi

            While I wouldn’t call Davis and Zingano irrelevant, they are still not top title contenders currently despite having beaten the current champ. However, like Nunes when she fought for the title, McMann has won her last 3 fights and Pennington has won her last 4 fights. GDR hasn’t shown any interest in defending the title in the immediate future and if she did, she would probably have to face Cyborg. Given that the UFC has not even talked to Anderson, or apparently anyone else, about coming over, it appears to me that they plan to drop the FW division and I could hardly blame them.

          • Murdock

            McMann has no name value while Rocky has long been considered a gatekeeper despite being a tough fighter. Nunes has pretty much beaten all the big names in the division and it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s ready to move onto better competition.

        • Yes Indeed

          Nunes beat McMann 3 fights ago, same way the Tate fight went, just less blood. but true, she still has Pennington on a 4 fight win streak, latest over Miesha Tate, Pena who sucks, but hey, the division is the shallowest in the UFC so, and then Holm (who she claims she likes but also has said she would like to fight) if she can get a couple of wins and move up. no point chasing after Germiane then dropping the title. Joanna wants to be a real 2 division champ and fight and defend in 115 and 125. big difference.

        • jess fenchley aka meatcrusher

          Dont forget that D’elio beat nunes too. Rousey destroyed all 3 of them easily in under 2 minutes combined

        • Bully4me17

          Hard to say you’ve cleaned out the division when you’ve only defended your belt ONCE!

          A now motivated and mentally there Zingano, would be a tough fight for her. Cat can take a beating and come back and win. The Cat who lost against Ronda and lost after was having a LOT of personal issues. I wouldn’t count her out just yet.

          Pennington could also be a tough fight, she’s improved with every win and is on a roll right now. Same goes for some others like McMann and Pena. Then there’s always new blood coming in. Crazy for ANY Champion to make a statement like that. Especially when she has a very tough fight coming up. If Nunes is lookin past Val it could be a big mistake and a new Champion could be just around the corner.

          How many times have we heard things like this from fairly new Champions and shortly after it comes back to bite them? When fighters start to believe their own hype it usually ends up being their down fall

  • Johnny Sanchez

    Little puppy doesn’t want to get bit by the bid dawg huh – sounds more like a chicken to me…

    • Paul Miille

      yeah, she should be thrilled at the prospect of facing someone so loaded on PEDs that she looks more like a man than her ex-husband.

  • macarrech

    So, she is expecting to go up, take the belt from germaine and vacate it inmediately because Cyborg is in line and the very rerason that weight class exist in the first place.

  • Ray Gutierrez

    Cyborg is a different challenge. Fighting Cyborg is like fighting a top 10 male fighter. She has all the skills and the power. No one wants a fight with Cyborg…Not Radamie, Not Rousy, Not Nunes. She is in a class by herself.

    • Mike Moffat

      Because after years of steroid abuse, she’s in a gender all by herself.

      • Blobbejaan Blob

        She got caught once and payed her dues. If you get a speeding ticket do you want to pay fines for the rest of your life ? If you are going to hate on every fighter that used steroids or any other forbidden substance you might as well quit watching MMA.

        • Juchi

          If you think the one time she got busted is the only time she’s used, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you in Brooklyn. The testing was so amateurish back then, they called it testing for idiots because you had to be an idiot not to be able to time it such that you wouldn’t get busted. No other highly ranked woman fighter has distorted her body the way Cyborg has.

        • Paul Miille

          that last line just absolutely destroys any credibility you might have had, blob. it isn’t hating on them. it’s desiring that they either stop cheating or be banned. you see, some of us want to see fighters adhere to the rules. there are enough health risks fighters face without having to deal with the side effects of PEDs and the extra risk placed upon their opponents, in fights they juiced for. and btw, if you think she quit after getting caught, you are truly delusional. she was caught again and, though USADA pretended they bought her asinine excuse(taking a diuretic to treat dehydration makes zero sense), anyone with a brain knows that was nothing but a pack of lies, rather like a certain spanish cyclist who told some ridiculous story that he must have eaten tainted beef, even though his entire team ate the same meat and only he failed the drug tests.

          cyborg was, is and likely always will be a doper. until someone develops a test that will find EVERY foreign substance that can be used to enhance performance, in existence today and in the future, and can identify when body chemistry has been altered, in other ways, that indicate doping, she’ll keep doing it and getting away with it. UFC and USADA opted to look the other way, this time. they won’t be able to forever.

          • Blobbejaan Blob

            That cyclist you are referring too is Alberto Contador.

            You are the one who is being delusional. Off course there are a lot of fighters that abuse the legal system and if caught they should be punished. However, it seems you are on a Cyborg witch-hunt purely based on her appearance.

            Since Cyborg got tested positive years ago many top tier fighters have been caught for using forbidden substances. The funny thing is that Cyborg by far gets the most backlash of all. If you really want things to change you should quit watching MMA because it’s clearly a structural problem.

            You can take the moral high ground if you will but when Cyborg fights you will be watching. And you know it.

          • Paul Miille

            first, the fact that cyborg is singled out is because anyone with active brain cells can see she’s been juicing for most of her adult life, if not her youth, as well. second, i haven’t watched a single fight she’s been in, yet. why would i start now? third, it has nothing to do with so called moral high ground and everything to do with disgust over many, especially her, who pretend they aren’t cheaters, when the evidence is clear for all to see. she is far from the only one who juices and i don’t willingly watch any of them. ones i’m certain juice, i don’t watch at all. i didn’t watch barry bonds play baseball for the same reason. the fact is that the story given for why she was taking a diuretic just doesn’t hold water. she caused herself a ton of health issues by cutting weight improperly, so her doctor prescribed meds that would help her do it even more improperly? that makes zero sense. especially when that med also helps mask the presence of actual steroids of varying kinds. and btw, last time i checked, she still hasn’t owned up to the fact she was juicing when she got caught. she still claims it was given to her without her knowledge. but, since she popped for something that is ONLY used by injection, there’s zero chance she didn’t know what she was getting. so, she has zero credibility and now so does the so called doctor who “prescribed” meds that run counter to the proper course of treatment for the problem she had at the time. so defend her all you want. she’s a cheat and a liar. and until the system can stay 2 steps ahead of every substance out there(never happen), she’ll be fighting on something. if they ever do get to where they can identify the presence of some form of PED immediately, without 12 months or more of testing, even without a test specific to a particular substance, she’ll be done for good. you simply don’t quit PEDs and retain all the ill gotten gains they provided. the human body doesn’t work that way, no matter how hard you work. just ask arnold schwartzenegger.

    • Juchi

      After all that she’s done to herself with steroids, she most certainly is in a class by herself and that’s why none of the top fighters want to fight her.

  • Jeff Yockey

    If you want the Feather Weight Belt then you fight whoever. There are a lot of fighter built like Cyborg. If Cyborg makes the feather weight then what does it matter? Sounds like your scared!

    • Juchi

      There aren’t many women fighters built like Cyborg at FW or any other weight, and I don’t blame Nunes for not wanting to fight her, but she should just come out and say I don’t want to fight a fighter that achieved her success and build by using steroids. She looks plain silly and cowardly asking for GDR, a joke of a FW champion who was not even ranked in the top 10 at 135 prior to her FW title fight with Holm, and not willing to fight Cyborg.

  • Denver Sias

    Nudes is basically saying I want to cherry pick my fights. You wanna be the baddest in the world. You gotta beat the baddest in the world. Or you can pipe down.

  • Muaythai4life

    So what would she do if she fights now and wins the belt and Cyborg comes along? Vacate the belt? Why go to a weight class you know Cyborg belongs to if you don’t want to fight Cyborg?

    • Jim


    • Yes Indeed

      exactly, no point. a hollow title. hell, the 145 “champion” Germiane who’s busy hiding in a hole has a meaningless, fake title right now.

  • jealous jess

    Once valentina kicks her azz, nunes wont be going anywhere. End of story

    • Juchi

      But Val might. She might try to do the same thing JJ (and Nunes, although with JJ, it actually means something) wants to do, be the first woman to simultaneously hold the title in 2 different weight divisions. If Val & JJ face off at 125, it will be the 4th time, although the previous 3 were in kickboxing.

    • Jamie Eyeles

      You worshipped Lousey for years and get butthurt when you realized she was a paper champ and they fooled your simple mind. Your predictions are meaningless. Just ask Holly or Amanda.

      • jess fenchley aka meatcrusher

        You hoped that buster would set the bar but you were brought to tears when meisha and valentina and GDR exposed your fake overhyped overrated paperchamp. Just ask meisha and valentina and GDR

      • marshall

        You fell in love with MISS GRUNT AND RUN but your heart was broken when the FAB 3 obliterated the worlds biggest joke in womens mma, buster holm, and you’re bitter and angry because of it. Get a clue yank 🙂

  • itsThatGuy whosaysstuff

    in combat sport that allows Transgenders to fight women they should be aloud to use steroids

    • George Sperry

      Did you really type aloud?

    • Anonymous

      You get a pass because your name explains that you just say stuff

  • Jim

    She doesn’t want to fight her because she is a coward.. End of story

    • Dude

      And Cyborg’s not? She’s a juicer. Anyone who thinks she stopped is mental

    • Frank and beans

      Cyborg is a juicer and an embarrassment to the sport.

  • Frank and beans

    Cyborg is a juicer with no fan base left, no one cares about her anymore.

  • Paul Davis

    So she is basically saying she is afraid to fight Cyborg. You can’t call yourself champion if you are not willing to test yourself against the best fighters. That goes for Nunes and Michael Bisping who both seem to want to cherry pick the easiest fights possible.

    • Dave Giff

      Marvin Hagler said the same thing about Michael Spinks. He was scared to death of him, saying Spinks was just too big. Instead, Hagler much preferred to fight guys smaller than he was, for example Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, and Tommy Hearns.

    • Paul Miille

      why would anyone care about cyborg anyway? if you think she stopped juicing after getting caught, i have some land to sell you. real cheap. cyborg is still on some form of juice. the excuse that she was using a diuretic to help her get better after a bad weight cut(she got dehydrated, so why would she be taking something that would dehydrate her further?) just doesn’t wash. and i don’t put much faith in the doctor that “prescribed” that treatment. it runs counter to what she was being treated for. when you blow out your shoulder, they don’t treat it by telling you to go lift heavy weights over your head and sling heavy weights around with that arm, with tons of rotation included in the swing. cyborg is a non-starter story.

      • Mark

        I don’t care about cyborg. I only care that she only wants to fight someone who is easy.


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  • Jamie Eyeles

    Guyroid has been caught multiple times and walks around at over 180 pounds, so Amanda is right.

  • marshall

    Amanda just another wanna-be full of hot air trying to raise her fading profile. Valentina will finish the job and nunes running to 145 will be nothing more than a deluded fantasy.

  • jess fenchley aka meatcrusher

    Once valentina kicks her azz, nunes wont be going anywhere. End of story

  • jess fenchley aka meatcrusher

    Love how this douche said she cleaned out her division but hasnt avenged any of her losses. 3 of those were to chicks Rousey obliterated in under 2 minutes combined!!!!! She still hasnt fought pena which is another talented fighter nunes is scared to fight.

  • Prince Randorson

    Cyborg doesnt belong at 145 anyway. She needs 12 weeks to make 145.