Amanda Nunes Destroys Ronda Rousey (UFC 207 Results)

December 31, 2016
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No fighter had defended the women’s bantamweight belt since Ronda Rousey lost it to Holly Holm at UFC 193 in November 2015. That all changed on Friday when champion Amanda Nunes defended the title for the first time against Rousey.

Amanda Nunes vs Ronda Rousey UFC 207 ceremonialRousey hadn’t fought since the UFC 193 defeat, and the event was marketed with the slogan “She’s Back.” Her return didn’t last long. Nunes finished the former champion in just 48 seconds.

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Rousey took the center of the octagon only to be met with a stiff jab by Nunes. “The Lioness” followed with a right hand that wobbled Rousey. Rousey tried to fire back but Nunes’ right hand continually found a home on Rousey’s head. She staggered Rousey with a combination and had “Rowdy” out on her feet. She delivered a couple more right hands before referee Herb Dean stepped in to stop the fight. When the fight was stopped, Rousey staggered across the cage trying to maintain her balance.

“She did a lot for the sport. She was the champion but now I’m the champion. I’m here to stay,” said Nunes following the technical knockout win. “I knew I was gonna beat the shit out of Ronda Rousey like that.”

The Rousey era ended on Friday at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, but a new era began: the Nunes era.

“Forget about Ronda Rousey. She’s going to do to movies now and retire,” said the champion.

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  • Paul Benvin

    Holly Holm exposed Rousey’s nonexistent standup and striking ability at 193, and tonight Nunes just flat out worked her ass. Anyone who actually had Ronda winning this fight is an absolute fool. Rousey got embarrassed again, and if Dana White has any concern over the continued well-being of her brain he’ll make her retire. Now. Tonight. No more ridiculous hype.

  • guest

    The fact she stayed with edmond shows she wasn’t serious about a comeback.

    That said, I’d happily take a beating like that for millions of dollars..

    • dgs

      You and me both “guest.”

  • mmalivesz

    HA HA!!! Rousey is DONE!!!!

  • Cerealeatsomeidiotnamedhimmler

    The best part is Rousey walks away as the first woman judo medalist from the U.S. , the ambassador for woman’s MMA, the only woman to defend a title more than 5 times, a UFC crossover to acting (shittttty as it is), and more importantly she is 31 years old and worth well over 10 million AKA a life to do what ever she wants!!!!!! SO INTERNET TROLLS….who clearly are not Rousey feel free to trash talk her mole, attitude etc ..but she wins and I guarantee beats the hell out of every persons life that spends their time on message boards for morons!!!!! Oh and BTW I live a great life but hell yeah Ronda’s trumps it babay shes rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • George Sperry

      In the fight game Winning is the object not making the most money.
      She’s rich because pathetic fan boys like you have wet dreams about her.
      Miss Piggy is done and I for one couldn’t be happier.

    • Darin

      Ronda has NEVER shown humility. She has not respected her opponents. She
      has always been all about herself, and most importantly the UFC has
      been all about her. This ENTIRE event was organized around her. She was
      allowed to do none of the press work leading up to the fight because
      that is how she wanted it, that privilege has never been given to a

      Look at the post fight presser. Something missing? Dana didn’t show up because he was consoling Ronda!!

      for her acting “career”, that was based entirely on her being such a
      badass. Her acting is worse than her boxing. She has no magnetism, but
      rather a repelling personality. Except for Dana, I don’t think anyone
      likes her. Look at the meanness shown in the tweets from other fighters.
      These people have interacted with Ronda behind the scenes and clearly
      they do not like her.


    We know know why Rousey avoided Cyborg all of this time.

    • Hurthle

      Besides steroid abuse?

  • Yannick Messaoud

    But she did not touch gloves again………

    • OBS3RV3R

      she did before the round started

  • Deez Nuts

    Rousey’s mean mugging before the beatdown was hilarious.

  • OBS3RV3R

    Rousey fans saying she should have had a tune up fight…regardless of a tune up or not, what was the strategy for this fight. You don’t need a tune up to develop a strategy for your opponent.
    Rousey got severely outclassed in the Standup and Striking vs Holly and that was down to the fact that her coaches make her think shes a great striker.
    Watch her train boxing, she never moves her head off the center line…ever! Not right or left, not down to duck under.That is boxing 101; you move, you’re light on your feet. Holly is a counter puncher so she allowed Rousey to charge and set the pace and Holly nailed straight lefts and elbows when she got in close.

    Nunes is very different, she’s an aggressor in striking and she’s a way more powerful puncher.
    So what was the Rousey gameplan…lets stand in front of her and keep that head on the center line and give Nunes a human heavy bag to hit. She attempted no clinch and wanted to strike against a much more powerful striker than Holly. I don’t think Nunes ever missed hitting her face in any of the exchanges they had.

    Before Holly, she never fought anyone that can properly strike, all these other women were always afraid of what Rousey would do to them, which is bumrush, clinch, hip toss, armbar, rinse and repeat. Not sure why Rousey fans thought she could win when she doesn’t have a plan B.

  • Byanymeansnecessary

    Not a Rousey fan at all…..she’s arrogant, thinks she’s something she’s not and is not good for the sport………..but…….. Nunes is juiced up like nobody I’ve seen. Total steroid abuser……veins just under the surface of the skin….check……Upper body definition at a level that a woman can’t achieve or maintain naturally……..check…….terrible acne (even visible through A LOT of cover up on her face, neck and back……….check.
    Steroids, no question about it.