Already One of the World’s Best at Lightweight, Shinya Aoki Out to Conquer Featherweight Division

October 13, 2013

Shinya Aoki at Dream 6There’s no denying that Shinya Aoki is one of MMA’s premier fighters at 155 pounds.

Already having captured the Dream lightweight title, Aoki added to his belt collection this past April when he defeated Kotetsu Boku for the One FC lightweight belt.

“I’m extremely happy to be crowned the One FC lightweight champion,” Aoki told “I won the title not just for myself, but for everyone at Evolve MMA. I did what I had to do in that fight and very happy to get the finish.”

Having won 10 of his last 11 fights, Aoki is currently riding a three-fight winning streak to which he is quick to credit his ever-expanding game thanks to his current team.

“I’ve been training really hard, rounding off my game with my striking,” he said. “The trainers at Evolve are world class with Muay Thai champions and high level wrestling coaches, so I feel like my game is finally coming together.”

Having already proven himself one of the best at 155 pounds, Aoki will be making his 145-pound debut on the coming Oct. 18 One FC show in Kallang, Singapore, against American prospect Cody Stevens.

“I’m sure that Cody will be bringing his A-game into the cage on Oct. 18, but I would also like him to know that I’ll be bringing the best version of myself as well,” said Aoki. “Heath (Sims) and the rest of the Evolve Fight Team have been training me hard and I’m sure I can do them proud by bringing home the victory.”

Having conquered one weight class, Aoki now has his sights set on another and continuing his success in his home promotion for years to come.

“I’m not focused on my plans for the remainder of the year, all my attention is focused on this upcoming fight as I will be making my featherweight debut,” he said.

“I am very happy to be a part of the One FC network as it is Asia’s largest MMA organization, and it is here that I get to fight the best in the world.”

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  1. Dude isn’t even a top 10 lightweight.

  2. It’s a joke to say he conquered one weight class and that that grabage promotion is where he can fight the best. Didn’t he get his ass whooped his one fight in the strikeforce? He’d never last in the cage. He’s much happier being the biggest fish in the smallest puddle.

  3. OneFC puts on the best show period. They are seen as the one who constantly put on the most exciting MMA events. This is mainly due to the rules. People in general want to see entertaining and exciting fights, regardless of the name of the organization. No-one goes to an event to see the name of an organization, it is the show people will remember.

  4. I used to like Aoki, but I feel like this guy is dodging the real competition. He lost his last 2 fights that people actually gave a damn about which were Gilbert Melendez and Eddie Alvarez, and they’re the stiffest competition he’s faced in a long time. He has such a good submission game, but I’m sure we’d see him get KTFO by any top 10 lightweight in the UFC. Does he still wear the rainbow pants in those overseas promotions? Lol

  5. Talking about one fc, makes me think of soccer kicks.

  6. There actually is denying it. What there’s no denying is that you’re a terrible writer.

  7. Because when a guy “dominates” a weight division the next obvious challenge is moving down in weight…
    It’s almost like fans and media forget that weight divisions are a form of handicapping.

  8. Aoki is easily a top 15-20 in both divisions, I think he can wreck a good 80% of the UFC LW division.