All Bets Aside, Michael Bisping Plans Statement Making Knockout of Alan Belcher at UFC 159

March 21, 2013
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UFC-on-Fox-2-workouts-Michael-Bisping-178-460x270UFC middleweight Michael Bisping looks to redeem himself against Alan Belcher at UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen after suffering two loses in his last three fights.

Bisping (23-5) feels he’s a better fighter than Belcher (18-7), and plans to prove that on April 27 at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.

“I never underestimate an opponent, but I truly believe I’m the better fighter. I’ve got the better skill set in all areas. I think I’m just a tougher person,” said Bisping during a recent edition of UFC Tonight on Fuel TV.

“If we were plucked off the street with no martial arts training I would bury this guy each and every time.  I truly believe I’m going to win this fight. I’m still going to train accordingly.  I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure I win the fight, but I’m in a different league and I need to prove it,” he added.

Bisping isn’t just looking for a win against Belcher at UFC 159, he’s looking to make a statement by knocking out the Roufusport trained fighter.

“A lot of people have been talking about how I haven’t knocked anyone out,” said Bisping. “So I’m going to try and do that.”

In his last fight, Bisping was defeated by Vitor Belfort by technical knockout and feels he needs to prove he is one of the best 185-pound fighters in the world.

“My last fight didn’t go to plan. I proclaimed to be one of the best in the world and obviously losing by a kick to the head in the second round, it doesn’t go hand in hand with being one of the best, so I’m going to go out there and get redemption for my last performance. I want to put a statement on it.  I want to prove I’m one of the best in the middleweight division and to do that I have to take him out and take him out in style,” said Bisping.

The smack talk between Bisping and Belcher has heated up in recent weeks.  Belcher offered up a bet involving tattoos.  He said if British-born Bisping could knock him out in the first round that he would get the British flag tattooed on his chest.  If Belcher defeats Bisping, Bisping would have to get inked with the same Johnny Cash tattoo that Belcher sports on his left arm.

Belcher later upped the ante with the help of professional football player and friend Wallace Gilberry, who offered up his Rolls Royce Phantom to Bisping if he is able to defeat Belcher.  New, the car sells for upwards of $500,000.

Bisping responded to the wagers.

“He’s trying to generate hype for the fight.  He’s trying to promote himself and I’m all for that.  Good for him. He’s talked about a tattoo bet.  He’s talked about, he sat in the back of a Rolls Royce Phantom acting like the big man because he’s got a rich friend and this and that.  That’s not what I’m about, showing off.  For me, I’m focusing on the fight,” said Bisping.

“How about this, I challenge you to a fight on April 27.  The winner takes all the pride and glory.  You take your tattoos, you take your phantom and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine.  But I will see you April 27, and I will beat you and that’s all that matters to me.”

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  • Bisping really needs this win. His loss to Vitor is a minor set back but this loss on top while for sure set him back big time. Even though Silva has pretty much beat everyone in the division it is still a deep talented division with plenty of interesting fights.

    • bajafox

      I have a feeling this one will end in a decision. Both guys are pretty tough and 3 rounds might not be enough

      • I’m sure this fight will go back and fourth. I have a feeling Belchers kicks will play a big part of the fight. He is beatable but he is for sure as tough as they come and a young talent.

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      The only KO I’ve ever seen involving Bisping is him hitting the deck!

      • Bisping has 8 tko victories in the UFC and was only KO’d once by the legend of Dan Henderson and TKO’d by Vitor. Only being stopped twice in 28 fights sounds pretty good considering he has fought all over the world against the best guys in the world.

        • biggieb778

          Wandy had him hurt bad at the end of the third , if there was one minute remaining or if it was a five rounder he would have gone down again , bisping is good at everything n great at nothing, elite wrestlers n elite strikers will always have their way with him,

          • I personally thought Wandy won that fight. But it was close. Tough guy though b/c if you think about it Rashad and Sonnen are elite wrestlers and he hung in there with them the entire fight even if he did lose. How do you see this Belcher fight playing out? I can see Bisping getting stopped by one of Belchers head kicks or possibly Bisping by tko.

  • battle ready

    If he can knock out Belcher more power to him however I highly doubt it. Sounds to me like he might be underestimating Belcher’s toughness even though he says he isn’t. One place he isn’t tougher than Belcher is it on the ground. Should be a good fight however.

  • MMA

    Such an overrated fighter…

  • John

    I think Alan’s Cash tattoo will take out Bisbing!

  • willow the whisp

    If he wasn’t the UFC’s flag bearer for trying to crack the UK market, he wouldn’t have come so far. A solid, mediocre fighter but certainly no champion or real contender.

    • He did win TUF. It’s not like they just gave him the title as winner of TUF. The UFC has plenty of fighters to represent the UK and Bisping is still a top fighter, he has taken on a lot of big names. I’m pretty sure he earned all those victories by training hard.

  • Randi

    Knockout? Dream on Bisping… you’ve lost 2 of your last 3 you fkn clown

  • tyrone

    Belcher better all around fighter. Simple fact