Alistair Overeem’s UFC Future in Limbo; White Not Optimistic About Upcoming Hearing

April 22, 2012
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Alistair Overeem UFC 146 press conferenceFormer K-1, Strikeforce and Dream champion Alistair Overeem is in an uphill battle after having a drug test come back indicating how his testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio was at 14:1, well above the 6:1 limit the Nevada State Athletic Commission allows athletes.

Overeem’s unusually high t/e ratio has produced much controversy in the media and has angered UFC president Dana White immensely.  The day that Overeem drug test result was made public, White was livid.

His anger hasn’t seemed to fade. Following Saturday night’s UFC 145 post-fight press conference, White said, “I have not and I will not (talk to Overeem about the drug test),” after last week saying he didn’t want to talk about it even with reporters, presumably for fear of not being able to keep his emotions in check.

On Friday this week, White announced on twitter that former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir would replace Overeem.  The boss has a business to run and wasn’t about to wait around when he wasn’t too confident in Overeem’s chances of pleading his case before the athletic commission on Tuesday.

“We were right up on deadlines for a lot of things we needed to do to promote a pay-per-view and I’m not very optimistic on Tuesday,” White said.

Overeem’s chances of being licensed by the commission don’t look promising, and losing his title shot is another fatal blow to his career right now, but White isn’t going to risk a title fight on the outcome of his hearing.

While White said, “I do business with Tito; I think I can do business with Alistair,” he wasn’t definitive about Overeem’s future with the UFC.

When asked if the statement about Tito Ortiz meant that Overeem was not in danger of being cut from the roster, White would only say, “I don’t know. We’ll see what happens man.”

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  • Anthony

    man,I really hope Dana doent wig and fire him–I still wanna see Overeem vs. JDS -if not sooner then later

    • collideoverme

      Don’t get your hopes up, Overoid will be let go. I can assure you.

      • I doubt it. They’ve already invested in him (time, money, marketing, promoting…) and the guy has value. Would be a bad business move to drop him only to have another promotion pick him up and turn a profit.

        They might put him on ice for a bit but he’ll stay.

        • I think it also depends on whether or not the fighter has a good personal relationship with DW. Chael Sonnen wouldn’t be let go even if he ate babies for breakfast, for example.

    • DrkDisciple

      Uncle Dana has a history of fire and re-hire. All factors seem to indicate he will fire him but when down the road he sees there is still money to be made he will re-hire him!

      • Lesnardo

        DW fire and re-hire low paying fighters like Miguel Torres. Against money-makers like Overeem, he can’t do that.

        Most likely Overeem will be side-lined for a year and make his come back next year.

    • Yeah man, dont expect it too much. Im pretty sure Allistar gonna be suspended at least 6 months to a year. But i don’t think UFC gonna let him go. He a big name in MMA. Like what if the UFC had FEDOR, you think they let him go, no they will suspend. Thiago silva failed a drug test, he waited a year and good to go.

  • UFC should have a special clause in Overeem contract that allows him, only him to use steroids.

    That could be part of a huge horse meat marketing campaign.

  • me vs you

    i think that the media has fucked overeem. he has been proven guilty before he has even had a chance to even defend himself. this is probably why you don’t see the ufc reporting anything about it. unfortunately in todays “media” dominated world, nobody is innocent before proven guilty. its too bad, because if overeem somehow convinces the board that he isn’t juiced out of his mind, then his career and reputation will still have taken a huge hit.

    that being said…when the board does tear him apart and he can’t defend the combined testosterone levels of 14 normal men, dana should can his ass and make a point…someone with an opportunity like overeem or any of these other fighters that wanna win so bad that they would do anything, needs to be given a wake up call.

  • kylesmith

    Who does Overeem think he’s kidding? As soon as I saw him balloon up from a light-heavyweight I knew it was just a matter of time before this day came.

    • Lesnardo

      I just remember all the dumb nerds on youtube and on this site arguing that Overeem is 100% natural.

      A typical argument went, “You r dumb! You obviously don’t lift weights. I lift weights and I went from 180 to 220 in no time. So in the span of 2 years, Overeem can go from 205 to 265 without juicing. Just stick to talking crap online you keyboard warrior!”

      • dathump

        It was closer to 220lbs (cutting to 205)in 2006 to 265 in 2012. so yea, I would say it is possable for a dedicated person to put that on naturally. Hovever most people think as soon as a drug test is a fail that that fighter is out back sticking himself in the a$$ with a horse steriod, but that is far from the case, there are plenty of over the counter supplements and medications that can give a false positive test. there are a number of follow up tests that need to be conducted to confirm. Not saying he is innocent but lets see what the follow up test results show.

  • ultimatebrosky

    if overeem gets licensed he is fighting Cain velasquez… that would b his punishment… if he gets passed Cain then he gets jds… it would b a huge shit storm if they did let him fight for the title and he won with all this going down… if he fights Cain this issue settles down a bit and they’ll test him like crazy for his next fight

  • ultimatebrosky

    if overeem gets licensed he is fighting Cain velasquez… that would b his
    punishment… if he gets passed Cain then he gets jds… it would b a huge
    $hi+ storm if they did let him fight for the title and he won with all this
    going down… if he fights Cain this issue settles down a bit and they’ll test
    him like crazy for his next fight

  • I think he’s going to withdraw his license application (or at least try) so he doesn’t have to go in front of the commission and risk getting denied.

  • I can’t see him getting Licensed, And when that happens I think the UFC will cut him, I hope not but Dana really seems super pissed about this

  • tomkevill

    chris leben

  • Towers66

    Chris Leben is a much different situation. He has been with the UFC for many fights. He was one of the original cast members of the Ultimate Fighter and has been a team player in every way as far as promoting fights, accepting fights on short notice and also putting on some of the most entertaining fights in the promotions history. Dana White said that Chris Leben will always have a home with the UFC. Rightfully so.
    Overeem is a blown up beast that made promises to the big wigs that he knew would be very very hard to keep. Its hard to time your cycles when you sign to accept random tests. He has only one fight in the UFC (i’m not sure if his SF fights were under the Zuffa banner), the UFC promoted the shit out of Alistair only to get an ice cold knife stabbed right into their back. Either way Overoid is going nowhere, they will put him in the shadows for his year suspension tnat will get thrown at him on the 26th. He will come back and then we can watch JDS KO his ass.

  • I think they’ll hold him for the year. Chael sonnen also failed a test, as did others that are still in the UFC.

  • Overeem wouldn’t even be a heavyweight if it weren’t for juicing.

    • macgrubber

      prove it

      • Lesnardo

        Go watch his fight against Sergei and Werdum. As a 220lber, his frame was way too small to fight against naturally big guys.

    • Lesnardo


  • bajafox

    That’s kind of a crappy comparison, Tito may very well be the biggest douche in the UFC but he still does his job. Overeem could be the nicest guy on this planet, but he still broke the fkn rules and deserves to be disciplined.

  • joshjosh

    Chris Leban has been caught twice and still has a job with UFC so cutting Overeem just wouldn’t be fair. he at least deserves another shot.