Alistair Overeem’s Reaction to Being Released from Strikeforce

August 5, 2011
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Last week, Ron Kruck of HDNet’s “Inside MMA” broke the story of Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem’s dismissal from Strikeforce. Friday night, the network aired an exclusive interview featuring Overeem’s response to being released, as well as the release of his Golden Glory teammates.

“I don’t know what they were thinking,” Overeem told “Inside MMA” on Friday night. “Maybe they thought I was bluffing.”

  • Dreams

    Zuffa’s just sending their talent overseas, Overeem, Einimo and Fedor may not be anywhere near top-tier fighters in America but they are all capable of dominating DREAM and they could even help to rebuild that company along with Mousassi and Aoki. Hope to see these guys fighting in Japan real soon.

    • wonggfan

      No way. Back in 2008 Affliction had Fedor, Sylvia, AA, Barnett, Vitor, Lil Nog, Babalu, Sokodju (he was considered okay then), and Mousasi. And they couldn’t last two years.

      Fedor, Overeem, and Einemo can’t do shit together. In fact, isn’t Dream exactly that right now? Overeem is the champ. Fedor comes in once in a while to do an exhibition match against bums. And Einemo..well…he is a complete can.

      Einemo lost to a nobody in the UFC. I doubt he could even beat Gabe Gonzaga.

      • Dreams

        I’m not saying there great by any means I just think they’d be a step up from the DREAM roster right now, especially in the HW division, which is pretty much nonexistent right now. I personally like to see multiple promotions running at the same time so I don’t have to wait exclusively for UFC. And DREAMs been having trouble getting finances for their fights but theyre running their 18th fight next month so theres hope. As for Einimo beating a nobody, we’ll see in Dave Herman’s next fight, but their fight was a bloodbath and amazing entertainment

        • wonggfan

          You and I both know that Dave Herman will never be a contender in the UFC let alone a champion (in any weightclass).

          Also, you and I know that Dave Herman can never be a champion in Strikeforce or Dream.

          Dave Herman is what you call a journeyman. And Einemo lost to him.

          Nuthugging Einemo doesn’t make you a hardcore MMA fan! ADCC and MMA are totally different.

          What could Overeem, Fedor, Einemo, Duffee, and Sylvia do for Dream?? Four years ago…ALOT! Today….NOTHING!

          Dream will go out of business in no time.

          UFC monopoly will continue for the next 5~10 years. In ten years from now, the HW champ will make $1 million per fight, complain about the pay, yet still will not do anything about it.

      • RealmmaFan

        Nobodies to you are actually anyone who isnt a UFC champ current you obviously dont know shit about MMA kid Fedor and Overeem put on better fights when they lose then brock lesnar does when he wins.

        • wonggfan

          First, I never said Fedor and Overeem suck. Overeem is probably top 3 or 5 in the world currently. And Fedor is GOAT.

          Second, I was implying that it is kind of too late to remedy the Zuffa monopoly situation. Affliction had a chance. But look at the fighters and fans. Fighters gladly accepted UFC contracts when Affliction went down. Even bums like Paul Buentello started talking shit on Affliction and went to the UFC just to be canned. Most MMA fans are UFC fanboys. To them, UFC is the only brand worth watching.

          Third, I agree that we need competition. As a fan, I feel bad when fighters get strong armed by Zuffa, which happens everyday. But look at them. None of the fighters are doing anything about that. They are too scared to form a union.

          Fourth, Einemo is a can. He lost to a journeyman in the UFC. It goes, champion, contender, gate-keeper, journeyman, then tomato can. Einemo’s best win is a shit win against James Thompson. While a decorated BJJ expert, his MMA sucks.