Alistair Overeem Will Fight in the UFC Again; Possibly for the Title When He Returns?

Alistair Overeem UFC 146 press conference
The bad news for Alistair Overeem started in March when he failed a pre-fight drug screening that cost him his shot at the UFC heavyweight title that was supposed to take place on tonight’s UFC 146 fight card.

Overeem tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone and was denied a fight license from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which essentially serves as a 9-month suspension from the sport.

Needless to say, UFC President Dana White was none too happy about Overeem’s testing result because it caused him to be pulled from the main event of UFC 146, but it also cost the two from having any further relationship.

“He lied to me. He sat in front of us, he lied to us, I’m not interested. I don’t have to deal with people I don’t want to deal with and I don’t want to deal with him, Lorenzo (Fertitta) will,” White said on Saturday night about Overeem.

If there is a silver lining to all of this for Alistair Overeem, it’s that he may have to sit out for the next nine months, but he won’t lose his job with the UFC.

“He went before the athletic commission and he got his punishment. He’s going to serve his sentence now and when he comes back, he has to apply for a license again and then we’ll go from there,” White said confirming that Overeem will fight in the Octagon again.

The good news mounted for Overeem as White confirmed that despite his personal feelings towards the former Strikeforce and K-1 Grand Prix champion, he won’t suffer any ill will when he returns to the UFC.

As a matter of fact, White says that Overeem’s place in the heavyweight division will remain where it was before, which means the Dutch wrecking machine could easily be right in the thick of the title hunt when he comes back.

“Yeah, I think he should (regain his standing in the division),” White said.

Now it’s just up to Overeem to serve out the remainder of his 9-month ban and then come back to the UFC to see who might be champion at that time, and hope they may offer him a title shot.

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  1. I guess Cornier, Cain and Overreem will fight dos Santos next.

  2. Way to reward a cheater

  3. So this bum gets to cycle for 6-7 months, then when he fails his own test he can go hide in holland again until he passes. Total bs.

  4. I just want to see him fight someone. I’ve never believed he was a top five guy and I want to see him exposed.

  5. i am not saying that he did not cheat but the only thing they test for (or reported on) is the ratio between testosterone and epitestosterone. they do not test for synthetic’s or any substance like that. in fact he could have had a massively reduced epitestosterone level and still got the same result. again not saying that is the case i just think the commission should do proper blood tests and removed any and all guessing. if they were really serious about it they would do blood tests, who knows it may reveal he is cheating for sure and tell them what with.

    that said he is a beast and should get at least a number 1 contenders match again. imagine another Reem VS Lesnar.