Alistair Overeem Tests Positive at Surprise UFC 146 Press Conference Drug Screen

April 4, 2012
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Alistair Overeem has tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone according to testing done by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Nevada State Athletic Commissioner Keith Kizer notified of the testing results on Wednesday.

According to Kizer, Overeem tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone with a 10 to 1 ratio for his T/E levels, which is the level of testosterone vs. epitestosterone. A normal, healthy adult male typically has a T/E ratio of about 1 to 1.

The pre-fight test was done in part because of Nevada’s out of competition testing system, so following the UFC 146 pre-fight press conference all six athletes there were tested.

The other five athletes – Junior Dos Santos, Roy Nelson, Antonio Silva, Cain Velasqeuz and Frank Mir – all had negative test results.

Now for Overeem to gain licensure in the state of Nevada he will need to request a hearing and appear before the commission before he can be cleared for his upcoming fight at UFC 146 against UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos.

Overeem can request that a “B” sample taken on the same day be tested. If it comes back negative, he can still apply for a license in the state. Otherwise, Overeem could be pulled from the UFC 146 main event altogether after this positive test.

Overeem is not currently licensed in Nevada, so technically, he cannot be punished for testing positive in regards to a suspension or penalty from the commission, but without a license he can’t fight there. If that’s not taken care of prior to the May 26 date for UFC 146, he will be pulled from the bout with dos Santos.

The UFC has yet to make a statement regarding the positive test from Overeem. will have more information on this breaking story when it becomes available.

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  • collideoverme

    Well well well…as if we didn’t know.

    • Unfortunate but not surprising.

      Wonder how the commission can compel someone to take an “out of competition” test when they are not currently licensed in that state.

      I realize Overeem may be a special case since he had stipulations in place from his prior license (due to the AWOL / missed test) that subjected him to random testing over a certain period of time. But how can they force Mir, dos Santos, Nelson… to take a test? Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but the licensing process for UFC 146 hasn’t started yet and won’t start for another month or so (when requests go in). What would happen if a fighter who is not currently licensed and had not yet submitted a request for license, refused to take the test? I don’t see any legal way they could hold that against the fighter.

      An aside, why does Overeem need to request that the “B” sample be tested? Testing the “split” or “B” sample would seem to be the next logical step for the commission to take in order to verify an infraction had occurred. Unless this is their way to save money and or get a fighter to confirm the initial test results are correct (basically admitting he used a banned substance).

      The NSAC better have all their ducks in a row and their paperwork (test procedures, signatures, initials, chain of custody…) better be tighter than Dick’s hatband because I’m willing to bet Overeem gets lawyer’d up and fights this thing.

      • Another thought:

        They can’t fine or suspend him but they’ll likely deny him a license IF he applies for one (I don’t think he’ll apply if the “split” / “B” sample comes back dirty). But how long can they hold this test against him? What if he applies for a license in Nevada 6, 9, 12… months from now? What does he have to do to overcome the positive test and get licensed in Nevada in the future?

        Also, since he won’t be under any sort of disciplinary action from the NSAC (as long as he doesn’t apply for a license and get denied), I would assume he’s free to fight in other states / countries.

        This is an odd set of circumstances with a lot of wiggle room for Overeem.

  • TKD

    Wow! That sux. We will wait and see how all of this drama unfolds…

  • matty

    Wow big surprise. NOT! When I heard of the surprise test I figured it was because of Overeem and all the trouble he has had testing in the past. The only question that remains is who will take his spot and fight dos Santos? I hope the UFC fires him ASAP he only makes the sport look bad.

  • sb

    Its all that Horse Meat. Yeee Haaa!

  • DAMN IT OVEREEM! I dont want to be robbed of a Dos Santos title match on that all heavyweight card. I wonder if he would accept a replacement on short notice, and even so who the heck would be moved up? There really isnt another clear contender right now.

  • hitemhard

    How many more high profile MMA fighters are going to be done before the UFC and others admit that PED taking is endemic in the sport? It’s like the 100 metres in Seoul.

    Problem is: there’s no serious punishments dished out for cheats. Admitting the problem will also hinder mainstream acceptance. UFC / ZUFFA are guilty. It’ll take a brain injury or death on an opponent from someone who’s jacked up before anything is done.

    • dwighthill

      Well , look at MBL , and how many fans did they lost ? Jacked ? Do you know how many of them are ” jacked ” ? As far as I can tell , I don’t see somebody getting hit that they end up brain injury , or dying in the octagon . That’s what happens in boxing , when the refs don’t protect the fighters . But , that’s what every fighter can happen when you fight or a living , it’s the mark of the beast . They all know that , it’s only the ” fans ” who don’t understand that .

      • pooby

        “that’s what every fighter can happen when you fight or a living , it’s the mark of the beast . They all know that , it’s only the ” fans ” who don’t understand that”

        WTF are you trying to say?

  • jpgagne

    Who would have thought so…! Unfortunately, I think it is a wide spread practice in all professional athletic associations. The probleme with contact sport: It only stops when one is able to crack another’s skull with his fist, feet or elbow! Because everything short of that, you will always find a majority of people that will say ” It’s the essence of the sport: Stronger, faster, more spectacular, more entertaining” I say the essence of a sport is hard training and respect. Not cheating and entertaining.

    • rsnowbass

      Nice insight. I couldn’t agree more. Well put.


    • lowlb

      Yes! Nailed it!

  • …level ratio of 10 to 1??!!! That’s way way over the top!,,but I’m not surprised, we all knew once he got into the UFC his mysterious over night bulking up will some how be unraveled. So much for the horse meat.

  • ROME

    yeah..gaining 50pounds of just muscle in a couple years as an adult (athlete) is soooooo possible… yeah right.. we all knew what it was.. sucks cuz mabye brock would still be fighting…diaz gets banned for weed…overeem still here.. its not a sure thing that hes juicing yet..”allegedly”…. but if the tests are right and juicing was a fact, cut him….

    • macgrubber

      I dont know if youve ever picked up a weight before. Or maybe you lift like a litle girl but putting on 50 lbs of muscle over a couple YEARS is not all that hard to do. People during a bulking phase can put on anywhere from 10 to 20 or more lbs of muscle and thats only several months. Then you would have to cut off the excess b.f. but over several years this isnt hard at all. How you get ready for beach season bro?

      • ROME

        lol alright tough guy..lift like a girl?? lol i probly lift heavier than u.. i mean of pure muscle dude.. if it could be done,,, every one would do it.. thats just my opinion and most people that lift know that.. that guy was a grown adult already..lifting in his mid 20’s.. what drastic change did he make to go from 205 to 265?? horse meat??? pls dude.. no need to disrespect.. we all know what he was doing.. still a great fighter.. but it is what it is.. he juiced

        • macgrubber

          u are an idiot. “If it could be done,,, every one would do it”. It can be done but people dont do it because it is hard and most people are lazy and fat and dont like to work for things that take time. I honestly do not think you have ever picked up a weight in your life. Do you not put on muscle once you hit 20’s? Because I had no idea that you can not gain muscle after highschool. 50 lbs is not much have you ever read about bulking? and this guy isnt a normal go to the gym once in a while guy. His job is to lift and train. And i have not read a lot about horse meat but im guessing it has protein and if he is eating enough of it and lifting weights i think PROTEIN + WEIGHT LIFTING = Muscle. Or maybe im the only person in the world who gains muscle from eating enough protein and lifting weights.

          • Inimical

            Are you 10 years old ? For someone who has been training and lifting most of their life , and all of a sudden gain 40lbs of muscle in a couple years naturally is impossible. Every natural human reaches their limit after a while… and just to surpass that limit to just 15lbs of muscle will take much longer than that. if u never work out and start working out you will achieve a lot in 1 year… but after 6 years working out you cant just gain 40lbs of muscle like that. Even though you juice is possible, its very hard to do it and maintain it.

          • ROME

            nevermind..whatever u say big guy.. matter fact.. go gain 50 pounds of pure muscle in 18months and see if u can do it without photoshopping…u win sir.. keep dreaming

  • matty

    UFC needs to comment! Dana? Nothing on twitter yet!

  • matty

    Give the fight to Hendo! He already said he would take it!

  • phrankthetank

    That’s unfortunate, don’t know what else to say

  • Put in Mark Hunt. I don’t know if he deserves it over anybody else, I just wanna see them bang.

  • Hardly a shock!

  • seanstouder

    I think everyone already knew and suspected this. It is unfortunate because as stated below, maybe Brock would still be fighting? Although it didn’t look as though his mid section would or could take any punishment. I think “The Reem” should be stripped of his win vs Brock and any other fights around times that he had testing problems.

    Fighters should rely on training, conditioning and hard work for success. I agree it’s fun to see the big behemoths get in there, but not when they are cheating.

    I also think that they need a couple more weight classes, maybe around 230 and then a super heavyweight. Get some of these guys to fight closer to their real weights and take some of the drastic cutting out it. Treat it like wrestling and get alpha weights and hydration tests.

    • dwighthill

      The fighters are tested , not every fight , but most of them . When you loose the test , does that fighter was cheating for EVERY fight ? What if , and that was already tested from past fights , that they are stripped of that , then what ? Make them pay back the winning ? Even though they were already tested and passed ? What they , meaning Dana White , and the rest of Zuffa , make it harder on the punishment for taking steroids .

      • pooby

        Dude, seriously….. Your writing makes my eyes cross and gives me a headache.

        What is your primary language? It sure as hell isn’t English.

  • pogodog7

    Let’s just say I am not surprised by the result. However, I am surprised that the UFC didn’t get wind of this before hand and warn Overeem to leave town. He may be a MF cheater with absolutely no honor but he was going to make the UFC lots of money now that Brock Lesnar has taken his sorry behind back to where he belongs (WWF aka fake wrestling). Perhaps Brock can get Overeem a job with the other steroid-taking fakers in the WWE.

    There is only one guy I want to see fight Junior Dos Santos and that would be Dan Henderson. Henderson’s time is running out to be at his competitive best due to his age. So let’s see Hendo in the championship fight. I don’t believe that anyone would argue against this fight and it would promise to be a great one with 2 of the best and nicest guys in the UFC going toe-to-toe.

    • And fake it is out of context but i actually saw is return on youtube, and man couldnt sell a wrestling move to save is life, is manover the F5 on Cena looked fake has hell.

  • ajmadic

    I’m beyond pissed.

  • …no wonder he shoved a lady in the face,,,and has been recommended for anger management…side effects of none other than steroids!

    • macgrubber

      gods can do whatever they want

  • williamgann

    Let’s be honest, folks. Who is really surprised by this news?

  • mod777

    what an idiot. I have been waiting for this fight and now its in jeopardy cause he does what he does best. Why some fighters just can’t stay clean like Nelson, Mir, Cain, and JDS.

    Ok I think Mir has paid his dues and deserves his title shot.

  • I have been in gyms for well over 25 years, i did steroids i still do them from time to time, i was LMAO when Overeem said horse meat was is secret, i knew all along when i first saw him in K1 with the huge traps and bodybuilder physique that he went to the dark side.

    The camp is to blame, using steroids when you dont know what you are doing is the worst thing, if he would have used testosterone suspension which is water base in and out in less then 3 days he would have never been cought.

    • dwighthill

      So , your saying that it’s okay to take ‘roids ? And , don’t blame the guy who was taking them , but his camp ? Three days ? Yeah , okay . Whatever .

  • Just watch, he will say the roids must have been in all the horse meat her eats.

  • Towers66

    Breaking News….Alistair Juices Up! Unfortunate situation, I really wanted to see that fight. He’s big right now for the UFC, this has gotta be a slap across the face for the whole Zuffa crew. Somebody commented on the Post announcing the random drug test, they said “bye bye Overeem” or something like that. As soon as i read that comment I had a gut feeling of this result. He probably cycle his juice to pass pre and post fight tests but not the randoms. Sigh.

  • bdono554

    finally someone got this swollen head, shrunken balls piece of shit! I hope this shows the UFC how easy it is to get around athletic commissions they institute there own drug testing year round.

  • shpinserge

    elevated level of horse sh*t, ah, sorry horse meat anyone?

  • jonasjunior

    Positive or not he’s gonna lose. What’s the point?

  • edi-fye


    … no plan b ….?

    well throw overoids in the cage with fedor!

    and the winner gets a 25k contract with ufc …

  • dwighthill

    Since Reem was not licensed in Nevada , I bet he ” bows ” out of the fight , claiming that he hurt his little toe , and then comes back in a month or so , ” clean ” as a whistle , and can now train for whatever Dana what him to fight . He already did that before . Reem won’t be that last cheater who takes ‘roids .

    • Lesnardo

      Yeah. Now I think I know. There is a good chance that all this time Overeem took masking agents.

  • dustinkuipers

    “A normal, healthy adult male typically has a T/E ratio of about 1 to 1.” These guys aren’t normal with the training they endure, granted 10 to 1 if off the charts, and he’s definitely juicing. But whats the cut off 3 to 1?

    • I just read an article on another site that said the NSAC’s limit is 6-to-1.

  • rezsurfer

    to the idiots here saying he is using steroids.. there differant. he has high levels of Testosterone and they did say there was NO steroids in his system. MMA weekly is not the only news group. chael, rampage, and many other take testosterone, thats become the issue not steroids. some people kids… funny how i see some names here supporting Chael, yet hate alistair. Chael was busted for elevated levels and just cause he is doing it “legal” doesnt make him a ok , he cheats and thats that. the therapy system is a legal cheating tool.

  • jjjackson

    Who Should Replace Alistair Overeem at UFC 146

    UFC should sign up Fedor Emelianenko
    against Junior dos Santos. This would bring in so much money for the UFC organization. There are so many hopefuls for Fedor cuz he is likeable and he has a facinating history. With a little P.R. hype this will really take off. But i’d say make the deal with Fedor directly and tell his foolish manipulating management team to take off. UFC has brought lots of guys who are fading like Captain America, and made great ticket sales. Fedor is a well known name and there are lots of hopefuls out there.

    • Lesnardo

      I am not sure that Fedor would take the fight on such short notice.

      So this news is evidence that Alistair has been on drugs for some time now. It also shows that he’s been using masking agents to cover up.

      I mean…given that he has gone from 205 to 265 in 1 or 2 years, many have suspected.

      I want to see if Alistair can timely take care of this.

      Let’s see who can replace Overeem:

      1) Cain – Booked
      2) Mir – Booked
      3) Werdum – hasn’t done enough
      4) Carwin – already fought
      5) Brock – retired
      6) Bigfoot – booked
      7) Barnett – YES! Bring HIM! Not sure if he deserves the title shot though.
      8) Fedor – Just get rid of the title fight and do Fedor vs anyone for Fedor’s long anticipated UFC debut match.
      9) Sergei – would love to see but Sergei clearly doesn’t deserve SF title, let alone UFC title shot.
      10) Nog – Nog wouldn’t fight JDS

  • Mario

    This totally sucks. I’m pissed.

    There goes my chance to see two great Heavyweights duke it out.



  • pooby

    Frame up! Somebody spiked his horse meat.

  • Prodigy815

    Not like we all didn’t know,but since Silva vs Sonnen 2 is in Brazil will they be doing random tests also?

  • mmachoman

    The solution is so simple. Just create a separate all-steroid league.

  • Crooklyn From TapouT Radio

    Busted. You Idiot, Overeem. Now someone else gets to fight JDS and you look like a lowdown cheater. Disappointed in you.

  • WOW! What a SURPRISE…. NOT! 10:1 RATIO – nice!