Alistair Overeem Reveals Injury That Nixed UFC 160 Bout; Mark Hunt Won’t Get Junior dos Santos

March 7, 2013
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01 Overeem vs Lesnar UFC 141_9649News broke on Wednesday that Alistair Overeem had suffered an undisclosed injury, forcing him out of his scheduled UFC 160 fight with Junior dos Santos.

Overeem on Thursday revealed the nature of the injury.

“Injured! Caught a slight tear in my quad so unfortunately out of May 25’s UFC. Not happy to let you guys down!” he tweeted.

The fight had been a long time coming since dos Santos and Overeem’s public war of words last year. dos Santos, usually a fairly reserved talker, even called for a fight with Overeem because he was tiring of the Dutch fighter’s trash talk.

The fight finally came together when dos Santos lost his UFC heavyweight belt to Cain Velasquez and Overeem lost his shot at the title to Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva.

After Overeem dropped out of the bout on Wednesday, Mark Hunt, who is on a four-fight winning streak, lobbied to step in and fight dos Santos.

“I want in troops and only the boss @danawhite can make it happen lets go army ATTACK the general wants in on this fight,” Hunt tweeted.

UFC president Dana White, however, told on Thursday that Hunt would not be granted his wish.

“It’s not gonna happen. JDS vs. Overeem will,” said White.

Overeem’s injury isn’t expected to keep him sidelined for long, so apparently the UFC is willing to wait for him to heal up and keep the grudge match intact.

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  • bajafox

    Dana still wants to make this fight happen. What is he going to do when he doesn’t pass a drug test again?

    He just bought one of the biggest liabilities in MMA.

    • Lesnarenko

      it’s annoying but Reem is a huge draw just because of his freakish size and K-1 exeperience.

      Was Bock Lesnar (a big athletic dude with little fight experience) vs Reem (a big roid user) a freak show?

      • “Bock Lesnar (a big athletic dude with little fight experience) vs Reem (a big roid user)”
        I’m pretty sure Lesnar is the most roided up fighter in mma history.

  • DamianCross

    You expect us to believe that Hunt communicated using more than 5 words??

  • Ian Price

    When overeem said he’s “not happy to let you guys down”, which guys was he referring to? I don’t know any fans of his that I am aware of.

    • I happen to be a big fan of the Reem and I know plenty others. The guy is one of the most exciting fighters in MMA besides the Diaz brothers.

      • Someone

        Yeah, nothing is more exciting than waiting for the results of drug tests after his fights.

        • Lesnarenko

          Reem definitely is a huge draw. But off of roids, I am not sure where he stands in the HW division. I know on roids he would be top 3.

    • James od

      Do you know any fans of his that you’re not aware of?

  • I bet he faked an injury to be given steriods to treat the injury by his doctor so he doesn’t test dirty in an informed random test.

    • sean1er

      he isn’t allowed steroids under any condition.

  • Oswald Cobblepott


  • There’s one thing I hope everyone can agree on and that’s the fact that whether or not you dislike The Reem or JDS we all want to see this fight very bad. Their styles are going to make a very interesting match up. And people can say The Reem has a glass jaw all they want. The guy has taken some real big shots against guys like Rua and Bigfoot who knocked him out. Guys like that are top of the food chain experienced fighters.

  • Mike

    LMFAO… What a bunch of cry babies posters. Your moms should limit your time on the computer.

  • They do not want Hunt to Ko Dos Santos. For Hunt would lose against Velaskes, Carwin.. never be the best.

  • bro

    Dana is just scared that Hunt would beat Dos santos