Alistair Overeem Responds to Junior dos Santos: ‘I Think He’s Afraid to Fight Me’

August 7, 2012
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Alistair Overeem UFC 146 press conferenceLast weekend following the action at UFC on Fox 4, UFC President Dana White revealed the news that heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos has requested to face Alistair Overeem next instead of Cain Velasquez.

Velasquez was the de facto No. 1 contender after his win at UFC 146, and originally he was rumored to face the man that took the UFC heavyweight title from him at UFC 152 in Toronto this September.

Delays kept happening and the fight never materialized, but then it was revealed that dos Santos had asked to face Overeem instead because he was a “punk” and had been running his mouth too much of late.

Overeem responded on Tuesday night on UFC Tonight, expressing his belief is that dos Santos really doesn’t want the fight to happen in the first place.

“I think he’s afraid to fight me. He was happy that the last fight on May 26 didn’t happen against us. I approached him at the UFC Fighter Summit in Vegas and said, let’s do it. Let’s prove something to the world and lets fight. Then he suddenly acted like he didn’t understand English and how he wants to fight Cain first,” Overeem revealed.

“The fact of the matter is I’m the number one heavyweight in the world and if he wants to be the number one heavyweight, he has to come through me.”

Overeem is currently sidelined until at least the end of December dealing with a suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and at that time he can re-apply for a fight license to compete inside the Octagon. Until that time, dos Santos’ wish will fall on deaf ears because the fight can’t even be scheduled.

Overeem is confident when the time comes to get his license back, it won’t be an issue, but that can’t happen until after Dec. 27 when his suspension comes to an end.

“My manager and I have a good relationship with the (Nevada State Athletic) Commission and we’re taking all steps necessary and following all the rules and I don’t expect any problems to get my license from the commission when the time comes,” commented Overeem.

From his vantage point, Overeem says dos Santos’ words to the UFC mean very little until the bout agreements are issued and the fight is offered. If Dana White does opt to make that fight, however, it won’t take long for Overeem to respond.

“First he wants to fight Cain and now me. Talk all you want. Come into the Octagon. I will immediately say yes. Give me and the fans what they want. But he’s expecting that fight not to happen. I would welcome that fight and want it to happen. I would say yes every time to that fight,” said Overeem.

There’s no doubt that Overeem wants the fight to happen, so he’s sending a message to the UFC heavyweight champion and hoping the bout finally gets made.

“Junior, give me and the fans and the UFC what they want. You’ve already fought Cain. That would just be another win. But a win over me would give you the number one spot,” said Overeem.

“Without a win over me, they’ll always question your championship. So bring it to the table my friend.”

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  • phamxuan

    A guy with a weak chin like Overeem will be KOed by JDS

    • Its a matter of who beats who to the punch first. . .Keep in mind, Overeem is capable of bringing it to JDS. . . JDS aint made of steel and as Big Nog once said – “every fighter remembers his first loss. Just saying. . .

      • Triggerman99

        Right. That means dos Santos will remember his fight with Juaquim Ferreira, because that’s the first guy he lost to.

  • grettz

    Im so sick of hearing this dbag talk anyone else with me?

    • javiersepulveda

      Yea I’m with you. Overeem is starting to annoy with his bs.

      • Overeem is an absolute joke!!!

        You cant call JDS scared when your a bloke who cheats to win.

        Can’t handle him talking so much shit. I want the fight to happen so JDS can KO him early, and then Dana White can fire him as he will no longer be “No.1” and he will become an irrelvant drug cheat.

        • macgrubber

          how can anyone take you serious when you use the word bloke? it just shows you are an idiot. Absolotuely no way JDS wins this. Reem is k-1 champ nuff said bro.

          • obuchons

            K-1? Who gives a shit! JDS DESTROYS him within two rounds!

          • smill0313

            Here comes grub out of left field with his usual bull crap. You were wrong about diaz. You were wrong about sonnen, and now you are wrong about overeem. He is a bigger joke then you grub. Also, calling someone ‘bro” all the time makes you an idiot. Go troll somewhere else you scab.

      • MaritalArtist

        I wish they’d fight already. Overeem: “You’re scared”. JDS: “Ok, let’s fight then”. Overeem: “You’re still scared!”

        I just don’t get it. He did just ask Dana that he wants to fight Overeem instead! How is that being scared?

        • smill0313

          Right? JDS goes out of his way to GET the fight with overeem because he is scared? Juice must be rotting his already tiny little brain. Either that or macgrubber needs to loosen his grip on AO’s nuts because he is cutting off circulation to the brain.

        • onehitwonder

          I agree! JDS is ready, Overeem is not available! nuf said Overeem.

    • I’m with you, he is talking like it is JDS’s decision, OverReem had a shot at JDS and blew it by doping, so now it is all about JDS being scared, not about OVERREEM blowing it, he had his chance, I think he should have to wait for another shot. He needs to fight the UFC’s top contender first before he gets a shot at the title, at the very least!

  • seanbarone

    i dont know whats going on with this situation. all i know is that i wanna see these 3 guys fight one another.

  • acspida#244

    I agree, I am sick of hearing from him to but I still think its the fight to make. JDS took care of Cain quick, bring on Reem. However, Cain vs JDS 2 will go down different than the first. As far as the outcome? …..not sure but far more of a contest than the first.

  • acspida#244

    As far s JDS vs Reem….JDS to fast, to lethal and to confident. JDS wins that fight by TKO late rd1 or mid rd 2.

    • macgrubber

      reem is k-1 champ. U sir are stupid.

      • MikeMc1983

        Hey, did you happen to watch the k-1 tourney overeem won?
        I normally hold the k-1 title in pretty high reguard, but not overeems run. The stars aligned and he was able to avoid every bad matchup.

        Also, overeem played the bigger stronger role. He literally stood directly in front of each opponent and exchanged blows. But not the normal way. He stood in front of each guy, covered up, and let the guys throw a combination. Then it was his turn. He’d throw whatever combo before shelling up to give the guy his turn.
        Overeem won a k-1 title, but he is by far the least crisp, and skilled guy to do so. As well as drawing the weakest guys in the tourney. If other guys don’t get hurt, he’s likely without that title.

      • acspida#244

        I don’t doubt Reem’s skills by any means. He has the highlight reel, wins and credentials to back it up as well.I simply think that JDS is to clean of a striker for Reem to get away with some of the techniques he used in K1 as mm1983 mentioned. I can’t wait to watch this fight if it happens!

  • I’d be scared to fight a guy who injects bleach into his thighs too.

    • smill0313

      hes graduated from bleach to bull shark semen.

      • onehitwonder


  • I love both of these fighters. Reem and JDS. This fight needs to happen. I love Cain to but let him get another win and get title shot after that. I’d like to see Reem vs Cain as well.

    • Cain deserves another title shot. Reem does not deserve a title shot. Just because the fans want to see the fight. I wanted to see the fight and the reem dissapointed all of us fans by not doing his job of testing negative. So let me ask you, does he deserve the shot before Cain? And why does Cain need to fight again to get a shot? And who would he fight that is above him in title contention who is able to fight right now?

  • RubeKegal

    I really think JDS wants to penetrate Reem

    • MMAGod

      Why do you have to turn everything gay? It says a lot about you. Ok, now the rest of us adults can get back to posting now.

    • onehitwonder

      rubekegal have you been messn’ with bull shark semen too ? LOL

      • MMAGod

        Good point onehitwonder…It appears as though he has been involved with many types of semen.

  • tomkevill

    overeem isnt a dbag. he just wants the fight to happen and is doing what it takes obviously. also lets see how jds’s chin is once he gets hit. overeem got hit by brock who broke herrings eye socket and walked through it. jds has never been tested because everyone has played his game. if you look at a number of the top guys out there jds on paper has only a punchers chance of winning and that doesnt hold up for long. eventually he wont land “the big punch” and will get his arm broke or ktfo himself. cant wait for the fake ass guy who tells everyone hes injured after winning a fight and disrepecting his opponent and the sport to get put in his place. Hes such a cocky **** its not even funny.

    • gnodeb

      You are right, AO is just doing what has to be done if you want to get title fight without fighting other contenders.
      How can you call JDS fake? He is 9-0 in UFC (7 finishes). 7 wins before title shot. He got and defend title. He is as real as it gets.
      It would be foolish to say that AO can not win this, but he does not have kind of resume JDS has. Not even close… That is why I don’t enjoy this “James Tony” talk from AO. It’s weak…

    • fightfankevin

      Tom, you have got to be kidding. Anyone who calls JDS the cocky one out of these two is blind. Watching TUF you could clearly see how respectful and humble a guy JDS is. On the other hand Overoid juices up like bruce banner to incredible hulk, gets busted, gets suspended, and still runs that mouth, yet he just “wants the fight”, and “isnt a d- bag”? Personally i think Cain deserves the fight more, Cain lost he title after a long layoff, due to injury, with the pressure of being the first big fight on fox. Plus Cain is respectful and to the best of my knowledge never cheated to win. Not sure i can prove the point more, unless i say i couldnt take your arguement seriously anyway by using Overoids win over Brock “glass chin” Lesnar as proof of how great he is.

      • onehitwonder

        That’s true, i became a fan of JDS after seeing him on TUF, after seeing he treated all his fighters the same win or loose, much nicer then Brock with the chicken sh** speech. cocky he is NOT.

      • onehitwonder

        Brock beat himself buy not taking more time to heal and train from the diverticulitis, Overeem would have beat him anyways but yeah, i’m not impressed yet.

    • onehitwonder

      JDS is ready! i’m sorry, where did you say Overeem was? oh yeah, sidelined, overeem has nice kicks, but JDS will out punch him anyday!! but i love the trash talk.

  • Michaelchimique

    so you fail a drug test proving that what everyone suspected over the years was true that you are on roids and you still think you are the best in the world?

    • macgrubber

      Listen bro he doesnt think he knows. And so does anyone with half a brain.

      • pooby

        I imagine you’re well aware of how those with half a brain think….

        • smill0313


          • marsbar

            smill has the best comments on here by far!

  • used2bgood

    Overoid needs to shut his silly mouth because when he gets KTFO by JDS, the shame is going to be much less. More he talks, more he gets punished by Junior.

  • Lesnardo

    Let Reem fight JDS and Cain fight Carwin…but Carwin is slated to fight Roy Nelson…I swear, pretty much Roy Nelson is a sacrificial lamb for top fighters to show case their skills.

    Roy vs JDS –> one sided beat down.
    Roy vs Cain –> would be one sided beat down.
    Roy vs Reem –> would be one sided beat down.
    Roy vs Werdum –> one sided beat down.
    Roy vs Lesnar –> would be one sided beat down.
    Roy vs anyone that is in the top 10 –> would be one sided beat down.

    Therefore, Roy vs Carwin –> would be one sided beat down.

  • MMAGod

    I think Overeem will do much better than most of you give him credit for. I think he can actually win this fight. JDS is far from unbeatable.

    • smill0313

      Anybody is beatable. The difference is that overeem gets knocked out unless he is fighing a can and jds has run through most of the top names at HW.

  • Towers66


  • chronosun

    My vote is for cain vs oveereem; Overeem hasn’t even mentioned Cain’s name cause he’s scared of him. Overeem knows he has a better chance of beating JDS cause it will be a stiking match (unless dos santos finlly decides to show off that nog bjj). Cain’s wrestling is far better than brock’s so if he could get overeem down and tired, it’ll be the Rua fight all over again. Then there would be no question who should fight JDS.

    • onehitwonder

      that would be a good fight

  • Ketsugo_John

    Overeem is a juicing quitter. He’s completely full of shit!

  • pogodog7

    As long as this CHEAT is on the juice, he should never be allowed a championship fight.

  • Skip2theloo

    I’d like to see Overeem and DS weather each others storm through the first round. then we might get to see what else DS has in his arsenal. Because one thing i do know is that Overeem has a lot of tools standing up. Both have good ground and pound too. Both are strong as hell. DS is slightly quicker in my eyes though. Will be a great fight. As for all the talking? meh. It’s what some of them do great in order to sell a fight. Overeem is obviously doing a good job of making some of you despise him through being cocky and talking shit. I’m sure most of u will be tuning in for that fight by your posts on here. Gotta have the viewers to get paid. I could care less about all the talk. I just wanna get my money’s worth with a great fight. Def wanna see someone get knocked the %*&! out! I’m done. lol