Alistair Overeem Promises To Tear Brock Lesnar Apart, Piece by Piece

November 11, 2011

Lesnar and Overeem

If there’s one thing you can say about Alistair Overeem as he heads into his UFC debut against Brock Lesnar, he’s surely not lacking confidence.

The fighter once known as ‘The Demolition Man’ will finally make his long awaited first Octagon appearance on Dec 30 against the former heavyweight champion.

Lesnar, who made a meteoric rise up the heavyweight ranks and became UFC champion in only his fourth professional fight, will face a competitor in Overeem who has fought more than 45 times in the ring and cage.

“Experience advantage? Yes I do I believe I have about ten times as much,” Overeem said on Friday during the UFC 141 press conference.

Does that experience advantage lead Overeem to believe he will beat Lesnar?

Well, not only beat Lesnar, but the former Strikeforce and K-1 champion thinks he will do nothing less than destroy him.

“I’m going to tear this guy apart, piece by piece,” said Overeem.

The crowd in attendance in Santa Monica where the UFC 141 press conference was being held let out a collective scream at Overeem’s bold prediction.

Lesnar’s response?

“I’m happy for you,” said Lesnar to Overeem.

Chalk one up for Overeem thus far in the war of words, but it’s a different story in the cage. The two mammoth heavyweights will square off in the main event of UFC 141 on Dec 30 in Las Vegas.

The winner of the fight will face the victor from this weekend’s history UFC on Fox 1 main event between UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez and top contender Junior Dos Santos

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  1. overated barley got past his last opponent.hope lesnar rips this guys head off!

  2. Lesnar is a fucking joke, the only reason this useless bozo still around in the UFC Is because of his moronic fake wrestling fans that don’t know shit about MMA.

    • Your comment shows you don’t know MMA.

  3. Unfortunately the guy does sell tickets, which apparently is more important then actually being good. Take away his steroid freak size, and he’s not even that good of a wrestler. He gets fans in the stands, thats about it. Definately will never be considered a mixed martial artist. Go back to WWE already. Hopefully Reem will finish him, and he’ll take another year off because of his diverticulitis, or so he will say, come back, lose to someone else, and hang em up. That’s what Im hoping anyway.

  4. Another thing I dont understand, ticket sales or not…how can Brock be off for like a year after being finished by Cain, come back, face a dude thats never even fought in the UFC, and be handed another title shot? Neither one of these guys deserve a title shot after this victory, ESPECIALLY Lesnar. Lesnar already had his hand out with a title shot. Lets beat a never ranked, never title holding Heath Herring after LOSING, and get gift wrapped a title shot? Pisses me off the favoritism Dana plays with this guy.

    • Well, that’s UFC for you! Everytime I point out the unfairness in the UFC, I get called a UFC hater.

      Brock’s purpose has been 1/2 served. His original purpose was to bring back the UFC HW division at a time when Fedor was threatening the whole legitamcy of the UFC. At that time NOg was the interim champion, Randy was the champ, and Sylvia and Arlovski were former champs. And Fedor ripped three of them apart and was about to rip Randy as well. That’s when Brock entered the picture. UFC promoted him like crazy giving him instant title shot after beating Heath Herring. Nog, Werdum, and Mir were sidelined.

      Now that Fedor is completely out of the picture, Brock’s only purpose is to generate revenues for the UFC. Brock vs Overeem is a HUGE fight. If Brock get KTFO (like how he did against Cain), his viewership will drop.

  5. tsszaltax

    • What about it? It solidifies my statement that he wasnt even that great of a wrestler, just using his strength to manhandle people who werent near as strong as him. His opponent in that video is nowhere near the physical specimen Lesnar is, yet it took everything he had to beat the guy.

  6. I agree with pretty much all of the comments… Brock is only good for ticket sales…. As far as Reem I think he just wants to prove his champions are better than SF… Reem looked horrible in his last fight I remember when Liddell knocked Reem out in Pride never been impressed with him….

  7. I meant Dana wants to prove his champions are better than SF

    • julieshodges how can you talk about overeems fight with Chuck Liddell. Overeem was 19 years old!!! Give him a break! fighters do evolve…

  8. So many Brock haters. You guys are the joke. This guy is a freak athelete. He has one fight outside the UFC then almost (and should have except for a lame stand up) beats Mir. Then dominates Herring, KO’s Randy (which Big Nog couldn’t do) and destroys Mir. After almost dying he comes back and still fights Carwin who had been destroying everyone and beats him. Then loses to Cain. Brock has NEVER had an easy fight in the UFC. He is the least experienced and still wants to fight the best in the world. This guy is everything people say the want in a fighter, he is very raw in the sport and needs to learn not to turtle up when hit but how many times do you think a guy his size has actually been hit in the face before? Even when Carwin and Cain were pounding on him they did not KO him, he has the chin he just needs the confidence to stay in there.

    • “Even when Carwin and Cain were pounding on him they did not KO him, he has the chin he just needs the confidence to stay in there.”

      Confidence? Lol! What confidence? He was trapped in the cage and got rescued by the ref.

      “Then dominates Herring,”

      WOW! Big deal! Someone dominated Herring the gate-keeper. And then he gets a title shot??? After beating Herring? Well…Fedor got a title shot after beating Herring but that was 2003.

      “KO’s Randy (which Big Nog couldn’t do)”

      Big Nog only had one KO in his career when that fight took place. Big Nog couldn’t KO Randy…What about Barnett, Ricco, Chuck, and Lyoto?

      “and destroys Mir.”

      I love Brock for doing that. Mir was getting annoying.

      So the bottom line is this. UFC promoted Brock and gave him special treatment. He got a title shot after beating Herring but losing to Mir, ahead of Nog (who was the interim champ), Mir (who just beat Brock), and Werdum (who eventually gets kicked out after one KO).

      And now we don’t even know Brock’s position in the UFC. We have no idea how he ranks up against other fighters because the UFC doesn’t let Brock, assuming Brock wants, to build up his career the normal way. He gets title shots and megafights even after losing decisively.

      • I have to agree that Lesnar has not had a match in the UFC that was not against top opponents. You have to admit that UFC did not baby this guy. They could have gone the route of “Kimbo and Rogers” and gave him some tin can opponents to start off with, but no. His first fight is with a former champion in Mir, then Herring (who was definately at the end of his career but was still a tough fighter), then Randy Couture (icon in the sport), then Mir again, then Carwin, and lastly Cain. Listen he may not be that good of a all around fighter, but his freakish strength and the athlete that his is has allowed him to stand in a cage against top level guys and be pretty sucessful.

        That being said, I would really like to see Lesnar destroy Overeem. Not because I dislike him, but because I just do not think that he would be a good UFC Champion.

        Just my opinion.

      • Serious question Wonggfan, and I promise not to belittle you so Id appreciate the same respect. Why such hatrid for Mir? Ive noticed on a few other posts that you really dont like him, just curious why?