Alistair Overeem Opens as -135 Favorite Over Brock Lesnar at UFC 141

September 6, 2011
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Alistair Overeem

Alistair Overeem

On the heels of the announcement that former Strikeforce champion Alistair Overeem would be facing Brock Lesnar in December, the odds are already out and putting the Dutchman as a slight favorite.

The odds come courtesy of oddsmaker Nick Kalikas from

Overeem opens as a slight betting favorite with -135 odds, while the former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar comes back as a +105 underdog.

The odds remain very close, but Overeem has been dominant over his last several fights including wins over Fabricio Werdum and Brett Rogers.

Lesnar meanwhile will have been out of action for over a year when he returns in December. The former champion was once again stricken with a bout of diverticulitis earlier this year and forced back to the sidelines when he opted for surgery.

When Lesnar gets back in action he will face Overeem in a five-round main event fight at UFC 141 that will determine the next UFC heavyweight title contender.

  • clizzark

    Bet heavy on Overeem. Overeem is going to send Lesnar into retirement.

    • ShockednAwed

      And what evidence are you backing up this little tip with?
      Besides it not being a lock for either guy, how d’ya figure Lesnar retires off a loss to another top act? It’s not like he’d be dropping a decision to Seth Petruzelli.
      Anyway, putting a bet on an odds-on favourite who by no means is a true favourite in any objective fans’ eye is poor value… smart money’s on the underdog when you get to the window for this one.

      • wonggfan

        Only if you disagree with the betting odds. I think the odds are pretty accurate. Given their past performances, Overeem should be a slight favorite.

        • ShockednAwed

          I always go with the ‘dog in fights I really think are toss-ups… I can visualize either guy winning this, so I’d go for the value bet… putting $100 on Brock to win $105 makes more sense to me than putting $135 down to win $100 – but if the odds were reversed, then I’d want to lay $100 on The Anabolic Dutchman.

          • ShockednAwed

            F’n pop-ups, blocking my gems! The audasity!!

  • 2000MileWall

    No one Knows who will win,it’s pointless to argue other whys! They are both huge men,with great athletic ability.Oveream is a good striker and Brock a great ground fighter.

    The fact that Brock as fought only top fighters in the UFC,with out any hesitation,should put to rest the wwe nonsense,but it won’t!
    You can’t say Brock has had any easy fights in the UFC! Can you name another HW that has fought only top 5 HW in the UFC?

    I don’t care what job a man held prior to his fighting career,as long as he can fight,is all that matters!
    This should be a good fight regardless of how wins!

  • epyonx1

    Hmm. My prediction is that Overeem’s going to get taken down first round. Lesnar’s going to hang around on top for a while & make Overeem carry the weight. First round ends. Second round same thing. Third round, Overeem gets taken down again, and then stoppage due to failure to defend himself. But don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE to see a knockout instead. That’s why ya gotta love MMA.