Alistair Overeem on JDS: ‘I’m gonna get my hands on him, and when I do, he’s all mine’

July 28, 2012
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Alistair OvereemAlistair Overeem, currently on a drug related suspension from the Nevada Athletic Commission, recently declared that he is the “most tested athlete in the world right now,” but he’s dealing with it, taking some time off and planning his comeback.

One man that is high on his hit list is UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos. The two were scheduled to fight prior to Overeem’s difficulties with the Nevada commission, but now Overeem is left to figure out his next move.

Rest assured, however, Overeem proclaimed, “I’m gonna get my hands on him, and when I do, he’s all mine.”

  • The only time Overeem would get his hands on him would be when they bump gloves before the fight.

    • ifighterc

      Even though he’s probably on steroids I still consider him a “stud”, I’ve never seen him back peddle in a fight he basically moves forward and throws punches. and he also did give Brock a pretty rough spanking in their fight

    • Drahcir_Laamaj

      It’s not exactly impossible to gain muscle in a short amount of time if you do it right. Tom Hardy gained 30lbs of muscle in 3 mths to play Bane in DKR. I went from 143 in November to 164 now with 9% body fat, and I stand at 5’8. All I did was workout 2 hr sessions 3-4 days a week, eat small portions every 2-3 hrs to speed up my metabolism, take protein, diet good and rest good. It takes dedication and discipline to get big. He may have been using roids, but it isn’t unheard of to gain muscle fast.

  • worldchamp

    Don’t be so sure about that. Overeem is an accomplished fighter, and can inflict damage. That, and he is roided to the hill…LOL!

  • xenolord

    Good to know Overoid plans on taking his hands off the needle in his ass just long enough to get KTFO by JDS. He should be so lucky…

    • Lesnardo

      I just don’t want to see a flabby Reem against JDS.

      If Reem wants to risk his long-term health for success in MMA, then let him do so. When he hits 50 and his heart starts giving him trouble, his belts will soothe his pain.

      Most athletes (in fact virtually every athlete) do not juice themselves to the level of developing 50 pounds of muscle in two years.

      • dathump

        More like 40 or less in 6 years, he had to cut to a catch weight of 210lbs against Belfort, then had to drain himself to stay at light heavyweight. so from 2007 to 2012 say walking around at 215-220 to 263. Not juicing too crazy to put on less then 10 lbs of muscle a year. You’re kidding yourself when you say vitually every athlete doesn’t juice that much, not every banned substance makes you big. there were more baseball players juicing than mma fighters and all they have to do is swing a bat and run 20 feet, just saying

        • shereko

          Its 90 feet

          • dathump

            sorry, 90 feet if the actually make it to the base.

          • Jeff

            Now THATS funny…..

  • used2bgood

    The Testosterone Clown has spoken to the media at last! JDS will destroy him anyway. The hype is such a bad thing and in my opinion his fall is going to be much worse than Lombard`s

  • smill0313

    Reem is so full of crap they found 16-1 ratios of fecal matter in his urine. Cant wait for jds to knock him the eff out.

    • RubeKegal


  • fightfankevin

    Cant wait for JDS to knock this guy out.

  • atmosphere

    Overeem wants to get his hands on JDS…Juice Dosage of Secretariat

  • “[Overeem] is a stud.” – Dana White

    “I’m gonna get my hands on him, and when I do, he’s all mine.” – Overeem

    Oh COME ON people!!!!

  • ObamasRealSon

    I like both fighters.

    WOW, I can tell that a lot people here have not been watching MMA or any combat sport for a long time.

    But Overeem is a fucking animal standing. He is the K-1 2010 World Grand Prix Champion.

    He he made Brock Lesner retire. And lets face it Brock Lesner retired because he got his ass handle by Overeem. Overeem has beaten Fabricio Werdum, Kazuyuki Fujita, Mirko Cro Cop, Mark Hunt, Vitor Belfort, Sergei Kharitonov and Igor Vovchanchyn (who is his prime hits way harder than JDS).

    Overeem has really good kickboxing skills and is decent on the ground. In my opinion Overeem has way better stand-up than JDS. JDS is good fighter but Overeem could KO JDS.

    Now JDS is really good and has beaten better fighters than Overeem. He hasn’t really faced a fighter who has the stand-up the Overeem does.

    Name any fighter that JDS has beaten that has better stand-up than Overeem?

    • atmosphere

      nobody’s questioning Overeem’s abilities, but are just pointing out that JDS is a superior fighter at this point and time and that people want JDS to win

      accounting for Overeem’s wins 7 years ago at a different promotion with different rules in a different MMA era at a different weight class is relevant to how he’d fair against JDS, nor are wins against Fujita or submission of Mark Hunt. that’s like bragging about submitting Krazy Horse.

      P4P, Igor may hit harder than JDS, but i’d expect a 5’8 LHW-HW fighter to hit harder. but once again, it’s irrelevant to the matchup at hand.

      P.S. – Cain has shown better MMA standup than Overeem in the past few years IMO

      • JDS win’s that bout becoz of his
        L U C K Y Punch :)) his fortunate that it landed. but if not he’ll prolly beaten all day. and woke up in hospital without knowing what really happen. and he’s prolly in COMA XD

        • atmosphere

          are you referring to JDS beating Cain?

          as a fighter said before, there is no “lucky punch” in fighting. if you throw a strike, it’s with the intention of hurting/KOing your opponent.

    • adunners

      Lets be real honest. The Diverticulitis retired the real Lesnar. The one that fought after had none of the speed or explosive power he had before. Sure Reem finished the job but man the disease did its number first.

      JDS wins this easy.

      • Lesnardo

        not really. Even with the disease I just don’t see Brock coming close to beating JDS/Cain/Reem.

        Brock can still beat Frank Mir.

    • fightfankevin

      The irony in your statement is that while you accuse others of not knowing MMA, your argument for how great Overoid is lies in “retiring” Brock no chin Lesnar. Just because Brock was hyped didnt make him great. Btw, Brock retired due to diverticulitis and the fact hat he has no chin. Also Overoid didnt beat Crocop, he beat his nuts into submission.

    • Jeff

      Besides getting huge, would you say he is a better striker than when Liddell KO’d him back in PRIDE?

    • Overeem is a good fighter, but JDS is too fast for anyone in this weight class. Reem has a weak chin too. We don’t know if JDS suffers from the same weakness as no one so far managed to catch him with a good one.

    • Glock45s

      For one thing id be ashamed to call oblamo my father and for another thing have you forgot about who he took the belt from and what that person did to Brock.It seems to me that you know nothing about mma, and Cain would destroy Overeem.If the Reem does get a chance to face JDS i promise you he will get KTFO.When oblamo gets voted out of office will you still call him good o dad.Oh i better watch my mouth i forgot we cant talk bad about him we might go to jail for that.Demacrat my ass hes a damn socialist and i cant wait to say goodbye to him.

  • marrk_us

    Big talk, hope he’s been taking his “vitamins”. If not JDS will pound the 205lbs that’s left. Give him his last payday, pound him, and send him packing.

  • mma fanatic1982

    I dont like overeem as person, but im not the type to let my personal feelings dictate my logic. Which is overeem standup is far superior than jds! Jds is just boxing, overeem is kickboxinh, he has more weapons and has won events specifically for standup. This fight will not go to the ground! Overrem wil use his superior striking skill with his longer reach to pick apart jds and stay on the outside of jds punches.

  • onehitwonder

    my money is on JDS, i think he’s getting better every fight. i also think he’ll be faster then Overeem, this is a fight i’d pay to see.

    • Booker T

      Don’t bet the house. Should be a good fight. But I think Overoid is a better striker. It’ll be fun to see who is.

  • don’t under estimate this guy. you don’t know Overeem a lot. he Has serious Skills and benn trough a lot tougher fights. he’s so experinced

  • Good luck he is going to be about 50 pounds lighter and look as bad as Chael Sonnans last fight once u use riods and you stop your never the same look at Brock, Chael etc… and now Overroids.

  • dongreene

    aw come on now
    do not reward this juicer with a title shot
    I would like to see him spend all of 2-13 fighting on every free card the UFC puts on
    against anyone and everyone except JDS
    Just sitting a juicer out then rewarding them with megabucks is a disgrace and unfair to the straight fighters

  • Cigano just said to Dana that HE WANTS to fight Overeem before Velasquez to end this trash talking once and for all.

  • Cigano just said to Dana that HE WANTS to fight Overeem before Velasquez to end this trash talking once and for all.

    By Tatame Magazine – Brasil