Alistair Overeem on Brock Lesnar: ‘I’m Gonna Knock Him Out in the First Round’

November 15, 2011
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Lesnar and Overeem

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Alistair Overeem has found success in several places outside of the UFC. Titles from Strikeforce, Dream, and K-1 either wrap around his waist or hang from his shoulders as signs of his dominance over heavyweights in combat sports.

“The Reem” most recently spent time in Southern California, where he participated in a press conference with Brock Lensar to talk about their upcoming fight at UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem. caught up with Overeem in Santa Monica at Dynamix MMA, where he talked about Lesnar, training at Xtreme Couture, and considering himself the best striker.

Watch the video below…

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  • BigGuy

    He certainly has a chance of knocking Lesnar out. Lesnar didn’t do well against the last two strikers (Shane & Cain), so it will be interesting to see if he immediately goes right to the ground with it. Either way, it should be interesting.

    • Cptmats

      Actually both fights against Cain and Carwin, Brock showed and incredible chin, Especially against Carwin who was 12-0 with 12 1st rnd. ko’s and hit Brock with everything he had and couldn’t stop him. Brock obviously doesn’t like getting hit, but he can take it.

      For a K-1 Champ Overoid looked pretty pathetic against Werdume.

  • shakejunt

    He was there for Cain vs JDS so hopefully he realizes that trying to stand with someone who wants nothing more than to take your head off is a bad idea.

    • shakejunt

      (Brock, that is)

      • wonggfan

        What a sneaky way to discredit JDS’s loss…so…subtle.

    • wonggfan

      Going for meaningless and risky takedowns are the worst thing for wrestlers to do against other elite fighters.

      Cain could not have man handled JDS the way Chael Sonnen man handled Brian Stann.

      So blaming Cain for not going for more takedowns in the first 55 seconds of the fight (5 secs before the KO) is stupid. Had the fight lasted two rounds and Cain didn’t go for a takedown, I would agree. But 55 seconds???? Come on..It takes way longer than that to set up a crisp takedown.

      • phrankthetank

        I agree, but it’s not just about takedowns, press him against the cage, wear him down. Cain should have been doing whatever he could to avoid letting JDS let his hands go.

        • wonggfan

          In hindsight everything is 20/20. Even a day before the fight some people were saying that Cain can stand up with JDS long enough for him to get a takedown or get JDS tired.

          In a rematch, if that ever happens, I predict the same.

          Cain is largely untested compared to JDS, who is more tested than anyone in the HW division.

          Let’s look at the top HW fighters before they got a shot at the title:

          1) Brock: Loses to Mir, beats Herring and then gets a title shot…LOL!
          2) Carwin: KOs Gonzaga and Mir and then gets a title shot…not bad.
          3) Cain: KOs Nog and gets a title shot. Before Nog, Cain’s two top opponenets were Kongo and Rothwell. Does beating either of them should get you a title shot??? Nog is punch drunk. Beating him doesn’t really mean much anymore.
          4) JDS: KO/TKOs Werdum, Gonzaga, Cro Cop, Shane Carwin. Also beats the crap out of Roy Nelon.

          JDS only has Brock/Lesnar left before he could say that he has beaten every top guy in the UFC.

      • Black Belt

        LOL at wonggfag trying to explain strategies of fighters. Aside from your father pinning you down and rear ending you, have you ever been in a physical altercation? Of course not. You are a wind bag, you queer!

  • kylecostello , the site you go to when you want to watch youtube videos?

  • champs

    Two freaks of nature (along with some supplementation?)! Its the closest thing the UFC has had to a freak show in some time, and damn it I cant wait!

  • KBEsq

    Is it me, or is this guy just an arrogant ass? I’ve heard him in several interviews, mostly with Ariel Helwani, and he’s just so stuck up about himself. Just the look on his face in this interview is ridiculous, and his terse answers.

    The guy actually refuses to talk about training preparation, which is pretty much 100% of an MMA fighter’s day. I can understand not wanting to give away your strategy for a fight, but he actually refused to answer a question from Helwani in his last interview and the question was: “when did you begin training for Brock?” Give me a break.

    Such an self involved ass. He needs to remember the days when he weighed like 100 less pounds (before the roids) and was getting KO’d by mediocre light heavyweights.

  • bdono554

    I know How to train I know how to prepare blah blah blah. All I hear is I can shoot steroids in my butt. Its that or he’s figured out how to exercise his skull cuz its gotten a lot bigger and stronger since his pride days when he was skinny light HW.

  • Hmm as a Dutch guy, i must be critical about The Reem as well. Esspecially i personally not agree with his overated striking. And i doubt his gas tank.
    Shortly his K1 fame came from the following events.
    New Year DReam, an overconfident arrogant no 100% procent Badr HAri gets knocked out by The Reem. Bigg Fuss went all over the world, The battle of mma and K1 was born.
    He fights to then reigning K1 champ Remy Bonjasky, very defensive K1 fighter but one of the best. Overeem gets knocked out.
    K1 grandprix, in my opinion the differences between the weight classes in K1 is to big, there for he can bully and over power lighter heavy weights. See Muy thai kneee agains Ewerton texeira. In following round he get knocked out by an over concentrated motivated HAri wanting revenge. Clear sound victory for HAri he wins when it counted.
    The year after Overeem has a lucky Draw, he fights training partner and 40 pounds lighter KIng of the Ring Tyrone Spong, and Tyrone makes it a compatible match, but in the end struggling with the weight difference that tyring him out. The reem finishes with power punches. Next oponent is a totally destroyed Gohkan Saki who won a battle against very talented kickboxer Daniel Ghita, who has such good legs that ghokan saki was bruised up. Overeem needed only few legs and over power saki. Saki gives up due to broken arm. and ribs. Easy win for Overeem. Then a hero Aerts best in an great fight Semmy schilt but gives his every thing. And is not only aged but also bruised by schilt. Alistair who had rather easy fights quickly goes and overpowers and batters Aerts for an easy first round win. And he is champion. If their would be Bonjasky Hari and Schilt as oponents or two of them Overeem would not have won the tournament in my opinion. So that is the tournament format you can win if you are lucky to keep fresh and have oponents allreayd injured. So i think Overeems reputation of being a K1 champ is not as glorious as most people think. He lost to HAri and Bonjasky that werent there. And are also big so he can not bully them that much. And he also never fought Semmy schilt who is evne bigger then Overeem.
    Based on this knowledge i don’t see overeem outstriking JDS, and even Brock might have a good change. Although i favour Overeem to win this fight. Due to Brocks bad ability to get punched in the face. although he is durable and has great heart. And i do think Overeems takedown defence in combination with his strenght will be very hard for brock to take him down.
    I hope this clears the striknig ability about overeem a bit. I’m not a Overeem hater due to his history and possible steroids, i like him as a person, he is confident now, might look arrogant, but i think it is just his way to hype up the fight.