Alistair Overeem is Focused on Getting Back on Track Against Travis Browne at UFC Fight Night 26

August 14, 2013
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Alistair-Overeem-UFC-141-Prefight_6189-460x270UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem hopes to rebound from a knockout loss to Antonio Silva at UFC 156 when he faces Travis Browne on Aug. 17 at UFC Fight Night 26 in Boston.

The former Strikeforce heavyweight titleholder made his UFC debut at UFC 141, defeating Brock Lesnar by technical knockout.  He was scheduled to face then-champion Junior dos Santos at UFC 146, but tested positive to elevated levels of testosterone during a pre-licensing drug test by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

The 2010 K-1 World Grand Prix champion’s application for a license was put on hold for nine months.  He returned at UFC 156 against Silva in a top contender’s bout.  Since the loss, Overeem has been focused on improvement.

“I’ve just been really focused on my own development.  I was recovering from an injury and getting back on track.  I made a lot of changes in the camp and the preparation and the whole process,” Overeem said during a media conference call on Monday.  “I’ve just been focused on myself and, for me, it’s important to get that win.  I put 100-percent effort into that, into my preparation.”

Having had two title shots slip away, Overeem’s not sure whether a win over Browne would put him back in the championship hunt.

“It’s up to the gentlemen at the UFC to decide what they’re going to do next,” he said.  “I’m not really thinking about all that stuff.  I’m just focused on my own thing, which is getting back on track, getting the workouts in.”

Overeem isn’t looking to what will come next.  All of his attention is concentrated on defeating Browne.

“I’ve just been focused on my thing.  I’m not really focused on what other people think of me, or what’s going to happen after this fight, or who I’ll fight after.  I’ve just been focused on my own thing and getting back on track,” he said.

UFC Fight Night 26 takes place at TD Garden in Boston and is headlined by a light heavyweight match-up between former titleholder Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Chael Sonnen.

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  • A loss to Bigfoot doesn’t make Reem a bum but he really does need to win this fight. Travis went the distance with Kongo so I won’t count him out (Reem vs Kongo would love to see btw) But I’m hoping Alistair shows why he’s on another level with his striking. Overeem has a great ground game as well; that’s why I hope he can be successful. He always makes for an interesting fight.

    • Asa

      Yeah he def needs a win. I think we all know the bigfoot loss was a fluke, he was dominating big before the ko happened. And it only happened cause he was pullinh a silva with his hands down trying to embareass his opp. Haha guess they both learned there lessons.

      • I can see Alistair being cautious and taking this fight 30-27 or he may be angry about the Silva fight and be aggressive and win by tko second round or lose first round ko.

        • Jay Magallon

          Way to go out on a limb there CombatScience. In other news, I see UFC Fight Night 26 being either entertaining, not entertaining, or just average.

          • L

            All I know is, Bigfoot made him look BAD. Alistair should first have to beat a 16 year old girl in an arm wrestling contest before he is allowed to fight again. Testosterone, its a hell of a

          • Gomlen

            Have you even seen the fight? Except for 25 seconds in the third when Silva dropped Overeem with a long series of punches, Overeem totally dominated him for ten minutes …

          • L

            And how does one get destroyed in 25 seconds after ‘dominating’ for 10 minutes exactly? A prime (high testosterone) Alistair would have finished Bigfoot in under 180 seconds.

          • Gomlen

            In case you didn’t notice; In the heavyweight division EVERYONE can be destroyed in 25 seconds. Especially if they keep their guard down and their chin exposed as a big, blinking target.
            This loss had nothing to do with testosterone levels. Had he just kept his arms up he would most likely won this fight easily. You can put this loss on his “cockiness”-account ….

          • I was thinking the same thing when I wrote the comment but I decided to keep it posted, but I get where your coming from.

        • Lucas Freire

          If the fight goes the distance I’m pretty sure Browne has more stamina to snatch a win.
          Other than that, Overeem is no longer the slender LHW guy. He has a power guillotine choke and his ground game isn’t anything special…In my opinion he NEEDS the juice to keep going with all these muscles. It’s incredible the difference between a roided reem and a clean reem. It was like he had a flue for the whole month before the fight with Bigfoot. lol

          • His dutch style kickboxing is awesome. He has great technique. Everybody needs to get off the “Reem not on roids/TRT” issue. The guy spent plenty of time after the Bigfoot fight to go over his training and lifestyle. He still comes in heavy. He still comes in with tons of experience that can never be taken away from him. This is exactly why The Reem needs to win this fight in fashion to show he’s not just some roided up guy beating people up.

  • The Best Eva

    I think Reem wins, but I got my money on the underdog Browne!

  • Informed One

    Wow Asa, you are very delusional. Overeem was pulling a “silva” and that’s why he lost? Dude, look at the weighin photos of that fight, then look at the lesnar one. Then remember his uber low T scores with Silva. Hands down to taunt, or perhaps he was tired from low T and got caught?

    When you are tired your hands drop, you lose focus, and you don’t move like you should. I am very excited to see how Brown performs here, but I’m as excited to see how overeem’s condition is. You can’t keep all that muscle while staying lean if you quit the juice. All eyes will be secretly assessing the Reem’s musculature.

    Dominating Bigfoot? He never had him hurt. I’m far from a bigfoot fan but there was no domination there. Lets see if that was a fluke, or perhaps the mojo is lost with the T.

    • Werdoomb

      This is true. While Reem did win those two rounds, he wasn’t dominating Bigfoot, although he was schooling Bigfoot with his speed.

      Anyone that has followed MMA for a long time knows Reem’s weaknesses. He has a tendency to crumble towards the end.


    WHO should the winner of this match up fight???