Alistair Overeem: ‘I’ll Be Back in 9 Months, I’m Still Going to Get that Belt’

May 22, 2012
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Alistair Overeem 42412 NSAC HearingEvery fighter has peaks and valleys in their career, but Alistair Overeem has certainly experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows over the last couple of months.

Following a win over former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar to close out 2011, Overeem was handed a shot at the UFC belt against current title holder Junior dos Santos.

It was a dream come true for Overeem who had captured almost every other major heavyweight belt available over the last few years including the Strikeforce and Dream titles in MMA as well as the K-1 Grand Prix title in kickboxing.

Everything seemed right in the world for Overeem until an out-of-competition test from the Nevada State Athletic Comission revealed the Dutch wrecking machine had elevated levels of testosterone, and he would have to answer for the failed test.

Once he appeared before the commission, Overeem was essentially handed a 9-month suspension and lost out on the shot to face dos Santos at UFC 146.

Overeem didn’t argue with the commission’s decision and ultimately will take his punishment and come back once his suspension is lifted.

“I greatly respect the commission; I respect their decision. They come across as gentlemen and gentlewomen, very respectful, very understanding of the situation,” Overeem said in the latest installment of his documentary series “The Reem.”

The goal to capture the UFC heavyweight title may be delayed, but Overeem is steadfast in his ultimate dream to win the belt and become the most dominant big man in the sport. This is a big bump in the road, obviously, but Overeem promises to return and show everyone just what kind of fighter he truly is.

“Basically, we’re going to be out for nine months, but I consider myself a clever guy. I’m going to get stronger from this, I’m going to keep training, and I’ll be back in nine months,” said Overeem. “I’m still going to get that belt.”

To see the entire The Reem episode 11: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly watch here.

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  • Triggerman99

    What if Reem came back in 9 months and weighed like 225? LOL! That would be hilarious!

    • adam1848

      Its not that far fetched!! His was a skinny dude before he started juicing. Would be mad funny though….

    • MuayThaiFood

      Not going to happen. Re-read the last paragraph…”I consider myself a clever guy. I’m going to get stronger from this”. He’s going to switch from horse meat to dingo meat and get a referral from Chael Sonnen. He’ll be able to pack on two more pounds of muscle to take the place of his balls.

      • adam1848

        ha, ha! lol

  • Lesnardo

    Or 245 and a bit flabby?

    Man, this guy is going to have serious health issues later on in his life.

  • Prodigy815

    No sympathy for cheating

  • RubeKegal

    His test levels are prob at 60-1 right now, but he will start the detoxing before he leaves Holland.

  • – 9 months and no fine for PED abuse

    – 12 months and $79,500 for smoking pot

    • adam1848

      utterly absurd.

    • Triggerman99

      Yeah, that’s crazy. They really, really hate marijuana at the NSAC! LOL
      Must be Kizer has a pothead son who won’t clean his room or something.

    • Machterf5

      You forgot to mention how Nick Diaz is a repeat offender.

      But it’s cool. I forget a lot of facts too.

      • Triggerman99

        Well on Diaz’s first offense, he was fined, suspended, and had his fight tunred to a no-contest, while Reem’s first offense is simply a suspension. Seems to me that the facts don’t really favor your point.

        • Machterf5

          Overeem wasn’t tested after a fight. That’s probably the reason he wasn’t fined because his purse from his last fight could’ve been spent. They can’t fine him on the possibility that he’s got the money. The same could be said about overturning a decision. No fight = no decision.

          So the facts do actually make a difference. Different circumstances warrant different punishments.

          • Triggerman99

            That’s a good point. But it’s still absurd that Diaz got hit so hard in so many different ways for his first offense for pot, while Reem gets a slap on the wrist for freakin PEDs. Especially considering Reem’s levels were so high. That’s the reason Kizer gave for throwing the book at Diaz on his first offense; very high levels. It’s a glaring iconsitency, IMO.

          • Triggerman99

            That’s a good point. But it’s still absurd that Diaz got hit so hard in so many different ways for his first offense for pot, while Reem gets a slap on the wrist for freakin PEDs. Especially considering Reem’s levels were so high. That’s the reason Kizer gave for throwing the book at Diaz on his first offense; very high levels. It’s a glaring inconsistency, IMO.

          • Machterf5

            How can there be consistency when there’s different circumstances?

          • zacharydetal

            How do you know Diaz didn’t spend 200K in the time between his fights and the hearing? Maybe he bought a house. Overeem deserves a harsher punishment for insulting everyone’s intelligence and trying to escape when they advised him he had to take a test.

        • MuayThaiFood

          That and the fact that pot is only a PED if you’re fighting over skittles.

          • adam1848

            HA! damn…cracking me up tonight, man!

    • macgrubber

      Do you always have to bring diaz up somehow?

  • How will he win the belt without steroids he will show up at the fight weighing in at 165 pounds?

  • DrkDisciple

    He should ask Sonnen for his Doctor’s number then he call use all the roids he wants in a legal manner.

  • Michaelchimique

    what good is having those belts if you never even defended them. i mean overeem is alright, but everytime he won a belt he ran away and never defended it

    • Machterf5

      He defended the StrikeForce belt against Brett Rogers. It’s not his fault FEG can’t pay their bills so K-1 and DREAM are going to fold. Who could blame him for jumping ship to the UFC?

  • Iamrozylo

    Steroids are a drug that is banned “in and out” of competition. Marijuana a is banned “in” competition only. The NSAC had no proof that Diaz was using “in” competition. There case against him would never hold up in a real court and there decision was ridiculous. The way marijuana is tested need to be adjusted. Love him or hate him… Diaz was innocent.

    • Triggerman99

      Very true. I hate to keep going back to Diaz like this, but this is just bogus the way the commission is all over the place in their handling of punishments like this. Like you said; this would never hold up in a real court, but the commission makes their own rules and can change them and interpret them however and whenever they want. It sucks hard.

    • adam1848


    • macgrubber

      I could have sworn this article was about the reem… yet you still bring up diaz. the reem is a 265 lb god where nick is just a highschool pothead. thats why the reem can get away with it and nick cant. end of story.

      • MuayThaiFood

        Sounding a little homoerotic there Mac.

  • robthc23

    We all know what kind of bull shi# is gonna happen and why!Alistair will get his TRT pass just like Sonnen just did,which by the way is a disgrace to all sports at all levels!The UFC should do what’s right and suspend and fire any fighter trying too get away with cheating and having bogus doctors give them slips for using “BANNED” Substances!Ya’know kind of like they did too Nate Marquardt…Since we have too hear Dana White say that the UFC is so Great,innovative and FAIR,you’d think that Dana White,Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta would take the the first full and 100% firm stance on cheating and stick with it!Believe me the PR alone would pay off,not too mention that it could potentially save LIVES in the long run,as well as minimize potential brain damage!These things will never happen though,the reason why is simple
    as long as we will continue to be biased,irrational,ego-maniacal people that allow our envy of one too bend to fit our purpose of who we support and we’ll continue too throw all rational,logic and what’s right out the window!I wanna see what the Sonnen haters that support Overeem will have too say if he comes back and wins the heavyweight title(I hope JDS breaks his horse big face)!I know what I think,I hate them all,all the cheaters that screw the others out of there hard earned,hard fought reward that they EARNED!From Alistair Overeem,Nate Marquardt,Chael Sonnen,James Toney,Fernerndo Vargas,Roy Jones JR,Manny Pacquiao!I was taught a few things that I guess a lot of others weren’t…If it walks like a duck,talks like a duck,then it’s probably a duck!I would hope too at least see people be Men and give credit where credit is due,cause in all major sports,there has been only 1 person too come forward and accept,critcism,unfair and unjust hate,unlimited amounts of biased (not good either)journalism (mostly ESPN) and after all of the hate he still kept his foot down and make the fighters agree to OST(Olympic Style Testing)!I’m referencing Floyd Mayweather JR

    • zacharydetal

      How come you didn’t mention Dan Henderson? He does the same shit.

  • jasondecipher

    Its a shock & a shame how many fighters we all admire(d) cheat I lost respect for Overeem after he got big headed & money hungry suing those that helped elevate him those belts don’t mean anything if you cheat & have a sh@$$y attitude like his. Its quite stupid to have your body become chemically dependant especially with testosterone. Your withdrawal will cause your testosterone levels to drop so low you will experience possible symptoms of depression, sluggishness, weight gain.Studies have proven men who cheat often have higher testosterone levels than men who have only cheated a few times & thus more likely to have STD’s, engaged in criminal activit, sustain more injuries, more likely to be single & last but not least unemployed

  • jasondecipher

    I forgot to add that this does not apply to everyone with naturally higher levels. Its all in the mind. How we are born in whatever circumstances should not determine where we end up. Its obvious as we get older our testosterone levels drop but I even when I was out of shape I relied on muscle memory. Its all in the mind Mr. “Clever” Overeem. Isn’t Randy the Natural the best example of an old man usually the underdog professionally competing against younger fighters in 2 divisions without the help of steroids. Want to know the best way to improve testosterone? good old fashion excercising eating a balanced diet, mandatory protein if you can kill your own even better. & according to Overeem I just remembered awhile ago when they would ask him how he became a freak of a heavyweight despite how boney he was he said horse meat helped boost his muscle mass

  • macgrubber

    “horse meat helped boost his muscle mass”

    Are you saying it doesnt?

  • sidlives

    I’m so sick of P.E.D. suspensions! Control athetes at the collegiate level but when they go pro in any sport let them take whatever they want. I for one want to see Bonds hit a ball clear out of the stadium. I want to see the biggest fastest stongest athletes in any sport. It’s their choice if they want to use it. Let The Juices Flow!!!!

  • heysonwj

    Just wondering…… all u Diaz Nut Huggers get a contact high from swinging off his sack all the time?!

  • Triggerman99

    I just hate the idea of one guy gaining an unfair advantage over another guy. That’s my basis for stricter punishment here. Not if they’re repeat offenders or if they’re sorry they did it or if they didn’t know they took it or whatever. If you have an unfair advantage over your competition, as a professional athlete who gets paid to compete, you should be punished to the fullest. That’s it as far as I’m concerned.