Alistair Overeem: ‘I Always Go For the Knockout’

December 27, 2011
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Make no mistake about it, Alistair Overeem isn’t going into UFC 141 looking to pull out a decision over Brock Lesnar.

No, he made it very clear on Tuesday that he plans on going for the knockout early and often and has no desire to go to a decision in his UFC debut.

Overeem touches on a number of subjects including his fight with Lesnar, the recent testing he’s gone through with the Nevada State Athletic Commission and how much of a distraction that all was as he headed into one of the biggest fights of his career.

Check out what Alistair Overeem had to say in this exclusive video from UFC 141:

  • Hmm

    I’ll consult Werdum about getting KO’d by “The Reem”.

    No, seriously, I don’t know Fabricio Werdum. However, I do know that Alistair got out-boxed by a submission expert, so maybe his kickboxing is slightly(?) overrated, given that MMA striking is different due to the lack of takedowns.

    Also, people question Brock Lesnar’s chin; he took the same knee that KO’d Crocop from Frank Mir, and won. He admitted later he was seeing “tweety birds” but he recovered, and won.

    When Brock Lesnar gets his takedown, it’ll just be a matter of time.

  • adice89

    Brock better shoot in for a single leg at 1000mph otherwise I see him getting choked out. And is it me or is everyone underestimating Overeems subs off his back? Lesnar is going to be in for a surpise if he cant land a huge shot.

  • TrippyMane

    Brock can’t fight, and Overeem hits hard. Brock will get an uberknee to the face and he’ll start breakdancing like he did when Cain hit him.

  • MikeMc1983

    Brock doesn’t seem to spend much time in anyone’s guard. He puts himself in half guard pretty quickly. (or I assume he’ll try to)
    Half guard, or better will limit a lot of the subs overeem can go for. Brock spent a lot of time on top of Mir without much trouble. I might be under estimating overeem on his back, but it’s only because I think overeem would admit, it’s the absolute last place he wants to be.

  • adice89

    Yeah thats key for brock to win. take him down and stay out of his full guard, which I can say that he does a very good job of doing. I do see Overeem winning by a guilitine choke, since that is always a wrestlers weak point, there legs and neck.