Alistair Overeem Files Application for UFC 146 Fight, Commission Hearing Set for April 24

April 9, 2012
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It appears Alistair Overeem‘s fate for UFC 146 will be decided on April 24 at a hearing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

According to Keith Kizer, Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Overeem filed his application for a fight license last week, but because of a positive drug test returned for elevated levels of testosterone, he will have to appear before the commission to receive consideration for his application.

Kizer also confirmed that as of now, neither Overeem nor his representation have requested that the “B” sample, taken in conjunction with the commission’s out of competition testing, be tested prior to the meeting.

Overeem’s “A” sample tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone coming back at a 14 to 1 ratio.

Now the former K-1 Grand Prix champion will have to appear before the commission on April 24 to request a license for his fight against Junior dos Santos at UFC 146.

The commission can then decide if they will grant him a license for the fight, or if they find grounds to deny the license based on the drug test results, it could end up with Overeem being unable to apply for another license in Nevada for a year.

The commission hearing will start at 9 a.m. PT on April 24 and that will be the time Overeem’s license will be decided upon by the commission. will have full coverage of the hearing on April 24 as it happens.

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  • Lesnardo

    So pretty much Overeem is out of the picture.

    Who should take his place?

    Bring Brock back! Feed him to JDS!

  • Lesnardo

    Bring Sergei Kharitonov to the UFC and make him fight JDS.

    Segei hasn’t done anything to earn the shot. But at this point, JDS needs an opponent.

    We can feed JDS Tim Hague, Keith Jardine or other tomato cans. But I am not sure if that would be all that interesting. In fact, it would be cruel for the cans.

    Sergei is no can. He has wins over Werdum and Overeem. He is a strong puncher and a boxer too.

    SERGEI VS JDS!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bajafox

    JDS might as well just wait for the winner of Mir and Cain, nobody else really makes any sense as far as “earning” a title shot.

    • Lesnardo


      I thought the UFC wants to have JDS fight on the card. Otherwise, Mir vs Cain would be the main event.

      No one truly deserves a title shot at this point.

      But some deserve more than others. However, Cain Velasquez just came off of a loss to JDS.

      Mir makes sense but Dana said no.

      Barnett is tied up in SF tourney under contract with Showtime.

      And no one (that is, no one note worthy) who is currently slated to fight someone in the next two months or has fought someone in the last two months would step up to fight JDS.

      And no, Fedor will not take this on short notice and UFC will not sign Fedor.

      That is why I tossed Sergei. He deserves the title probably less than any of the people you had in mind. But he is currently not scheduled to fight anyone, he is decorated enough for the fight to make some sense, and given his current situation, he is most likely going to welcome the opportunity.

      SERGEI VS JDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • bajafox

        LOL, you said no then go on to completely prove my point!

        • Lesnardo

 need to learn how to read dude.

          You said, “JDS might as well just wait for the winner of Mir and Cain [because nobody is entitled to a title shot].”

          I said, “No [he should not wait but fight Sergei].”

          • bajafox

            Even though you yourself said he deserves it less than anybody else? COMPLETELY PROVING MY POINT, LOL

            What part of my original post did you not understand then? I said nobody else should fight JDS as far as “earning” the shot then you completely go on to prove my point. I only wrote 2 little lines and you think I need to learn to read?

  • Lot of legalese is about to be thrown at the NSAC. I’ve been saying it from day 1.

  • Nick Diaz’s marijuana appeal and the Overeem PED controversy, this is going to be one of the most entertaining commission meetings eva! Hope someone streams it.

    • Lesnardo

      Not sure if OVereem’s meeting this month is what you have in mind.

      He is applying for a license. They are going to ask him only simple questions and deny the license.

      He might appeal. That is where legalese will be thrown.

  • How about Dan Severn? He’ll take any fight anytime. 😉

  • matty

    what is a tomato can? You have to give this fight to werdum he is the only one available. I know he hasn’t earned it however he put more of a beating on big country than Dos Santos. Also he got knocked out of ufc by Dos Santos. I just hope Dos Santos fights someone.

    • MetallicPan

      I think that Werdum has his heart set on fighting in Brazil.

      I think that the only compelling match up that the UFC could sell would be dos Santos vs. Hendo. This is an unlikely possibility but at this point, who else are they going to throw in that would carry as much star power. As much as I`d love to see Hunt get the shot (granted, very undeserving), only a small group of people would be interested in that and I`m sure that the day after Dana announced it, Google would have a a new name in the “suggestions” list.

    • Lesnardo


      It is not all about who deserves to fight JDS. It is about who makes the most sense in terms of skills AND promotion.

      Cain is obviously the highest ranked fighter available. But from promotional perspective, he is not a good replacement.

      Mir would be second highest AND does make some promotional sense (although that means Cain vs Mir would disappear). But Dana said no.

      Werdum would be right below Mir in terms of ranking. So in that sense he is a good replacement. But he is slated to fight someone else at this point AND I highly doubt he wants to face JDS on such short notice. JDS to Werdum is like Brock to Mir, an opponent that sapped his manhood.

  • collideoverme

    I think Werdum would take a title fight over just fighting in Brazil. Would be stupid not to.

  • ultimatebrosky

    I really think Jon Jones is gonna get the fight if he can win w/out gettin injured against Evans…I don’t think anybody could complain about that not being a good enough replacement but we’ll have to wait for that special announcement til right after his next fight

  • Jones is the 205 champ, why would he move to HW?

    • Lesnardo

      Eventually I might move up for various reasons. First, he is a tall 205er so as his body grows (remember he is only 24 or 25) cutting weight might be difficult or unhealthy. Second, being a LHW champion means you are the best LHW. It does not carry the same weight as a HW belt which means that you are the baddest man on the planet.

      Any fighter would love to prove that he is not only the best fighter in his division but also the baddest man on the planet.

  • The three best I think if Mir can’t would be to bring Chadd Griggs from Strikeforce, he’s a gamer, no star power but would put on a good fight. Gonzaga who has a loss to JDS but is coming off a win and could be built up a bit as a former champ or Pat Berry. He may not be a deserving fighter, none are, but he would make it a good fight and people like him.

    • Griggs has already been brought over and is fighting Travis Browne at UFC 145.

  • smill0313

    This card is effed. They either shelf jds, making the card cable worthy but not ppv worthy without a belt on the line. Or they give someone totally unworthy a title shot. Sucks either way and the reem is a cock.

  • Bus, just move him back one card. he gets another 3 weeks to prepare and no one would notice the change and I am sure the UFC can find someone to step up on short notice to fight Browne.

  • Anthony

    Maybe someone can explain this to me. Nate Marquard tested w/ high levels of testosterone prior to his fight and was not suspended. The powers told him to bring it down before his fight physical or there would be an issue. When he failed to do so, he was pulled from the fight. Granted he was on TRT–Why cant Overeem claim he was also on TRT, his Dr. screwed up his dosage, and he will have it under the required standard prior to his fight physical–I realize 14 to 1 is twice the allowed ratio, but provided its under the allowed amount at his physical, there should not be a problem–Marquard would have been good to fight if he lowered his dosage prior to his fight physical, so why cant Overeem have the same opportunity–He has over a month to bring his levels in check-give the man the opportunity to do so –Everyone wants to see this fight–dont blow this over some B.S technicality–I could give a sh#t if Overeem used a lil bit of test prior to his fight. Despite what all you know it all key board warriors belive EVERYONE is using something to help them perform better.–Im 99% sure JDS is doing the same damn thing–Let them fight!