Alistair Overeem Denied License, Not Allowed To Fight for 9 Months (Updated with Video)

April 24, 2012

Alistair Overeem appeared before the Nevada State Athletic Commission to answer to the charges of elevated levels of testosterone-to-epitestosteron from a surprise drug test in March. The final result will keep the UFC heavyweight out of action for almost all of 2012.

In a unanimous vote, the Nevada Commission opted to deny Overeem his fight license, but instead of the normal one-year ban before he could re-apply, they  lessened the sentence down to nine months.

The over two hour hearing first started with Overeem’s lawyer David Chesnoff requesting for a continuance for 30 to 45 days to allow additional scientific witnesses to be called, but ultimately the commission denied that and the hearing went on as scheduled.

Overeem made his case that following a series of injuries sustained before and after his Strikeforce bout against Fabricio Werdum in 2011, followed by his fight against Brock Lesnar at UFC 141 in December 2011, he needed additional medical treatment.

While on a press tour that first stopped in Texas, Overeem received the name of Dr. Hector Molina from former UFC fighter Tre Telligman, who suggested the Dutch fighter see the physician about his nagging injuries.

After an examination, Dr. Molina prescribed Overeem with a “cocktail” mixture of drugs, one of which was a substance that increased testosterone levels. Molina stated he did not disclose the particular drug’s side effects to Overeem when he administered the injection to help a rib injury that was causing him a great deal of pain.

Overeem was given an additional vial of the substance that he was told to personally inject as well, which he did twice following the initial visit with Dr. Molina.

Alistair-Overeem-UFC-156-weighDuring the hearing, Dr. Molina, who was present along with Overeem, seemed to stumble and fumble over his words as he tried to explain the drugs given to the UFC heavyweight. As Dr. Molina revealed, the four parts of the cocktail given to Overeem included Vitamin B-12, Dexamethasone, Toradol, and an aqueous form of testosterone.

Dexamethasone is a steroid drug used as an anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant, while Toradol is another anti-inflammatory drug as well. Molina stated that he has worked with many pro athletes including professional baseball and hockey players.

Ultimately the argument by Overeem’s defense counsel was that he was taking a drug given to him by a physician that was prescribed as a pain medication, but in no way was being taken as a performance enhancing drug.

After a brief deliberation, the commission suggested a reduced sentence along with the denial of a fight license. Normally, if the commission denies a fight license, a fighter cannot re-apply in the state for one year.

In this case, the commission opted to lessen the time period down to nine months from the date of the testing, which happened on March 27, and after that time Overeem would be allowed to apply for a license again. Also as part of the agreement, Overeem will not be eligible to take a fight in another state or other location.

The commission voted unanimously and now Overeem will not be able to re-apply for a fight license in the state of Nevada until after Dec. 27, 2012. The UFC has already stated they would not use Overeem in any fight in any other area if he were denied a license by Nevada.

Following the hearing, Overeem’s lawyer appeared at least somewhat pleased with the final verdict considering it could have gone worse.

“I’m glad they made a concession. I mean, the statute is very strict,” said Chesnoff outside the hearing after its completion. “It says you can’t have this in your system. Unfortunately, (Overeem) did. In my opinion, it was not performance enhancing at all.”

Overeem has already been pulled from the May 26 fight card at UFC 146, where he was slated to face Junior dos Santos for the UFC heavyweight title. Former champion Frank Mir has since replaced him.

Now Overeem will serve out his sentence, which will keep him sidelined for most of 2012, and wait to see if the UFC will opt to issue their own punishment in the form of a release from the promotion or if they will keep him around to fight on another day.

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  1. Please UFC keep him. I think he is the only fighter who will give DosSantos a real fight. Mir is going to get crushed.

    • We might see a little good cop – bad cop theatre between Dana and Lorenzo but there is zero chance they cut him and put a big name HW on the market for another promotion (M-1, Bellator…) to profit off of. Dana will tell us all how mad he is and Lorenzo will come off as the cool headed thinker who’s willing to give Overeem a second chance.

      • I agree, remember there is a long list of fighters that have failed, Its just because it was a title fight that it drew so much attention. but if you look back, belfort, bonner, sherk, lebon, sonnon, among others have all failed and still have a contract. So I wouldn’t worry.

  2. IF he has been doing PEDs, this would be a good chance for him to take the time off, rest, get that stuff out of his system, and move down to light-heavyweight.

    If he hasn’t, I hope he takes this time to make his ground game bullet-proof.

  3. Of course Dana will keep him! In fact, all of this drama will add to the hype when he gets to fight, and more hype means more money to dana’s pocket. Hell, I will not be surprised if Dana give him an undeserved shot to the title right when he gets his license.

  4. Hes got 9 months before they test him again… Hes gonna be at 35 to 1 before the end of the month and weight 450lbs by the time he fights again!!!

    • LOL!!!!!!!

  5. With the lists growing of fighters who have failed drug tests, I think the UFC needs to better educate their fighters on what can and will cause a positive drug test. MMA is a relitivly new sport with a mix of back yard and small camps and some big ones as well, couple that with olympic style testing it is a recipe for failure for alot of these teams as well as independent fighters. As much as Overeems story is probably false, the is some truth that a doctor will just give you a shot without telling you everything. there are way to many doctors out there that just push meds instead of getting to the route of the problem.

    • Nothing personal, but your argument is ridiculous! These are not doctors that are general practitioners. These are sports medicine doctors that FULLY know what, and what not to give their athletes. Overoid didn’t open the phonebook and choose a doctor like you and I would. Enough with the excuses already!

      • My comment isn’t ridiculous, there are good Doctors and there are bad ones. and some are in it just for the money. These fighters trust their sports medicine doctors (and its in the name, if these Dr’s didn’t push drugs to the max they would just be sports doctors) and with that trust they are just told they would be clean come fight time. And that is what I am saying. The fighters need to be educated, not the doctors. Again, not saying Overeem’s story isn’t BS, but did he get told that will help you heal and you will be clean come fight time, or did he go out looking for an edge and get caught. I mean some fighters just don’t know themselves, but have managers and teams to do that for them and remember Overeem was in between teams in Feb. and maybe, just maybe let some doctor give him something because he had no one there to say no.

        • Nope. It is pretty naive.

          “I think the UFC needs to better educate their fighters on what can and will cause a positive drug test.”

          Oh please! You are treating these fighters as dumbos.

          “the is some truth that a doctor will just give you a shot without telling you everything.”


          Also it’s “relatively” not “relitivly.” Go back to school foo!

          • ahh the virgin nerd correcting grammar on the web. Les why u so jelly of the reem? All you do is put the guy down. Maybe if you get away from your keybaord and lift some weights you to can talk to girls or maybe even be o.k. at fighting. Hell maybe youll even be able to bench 150. WHO KNOWS.

  6. These men and now women are all professional fighters. The excuse of not knowing what a doctor puts in their body is a total joke. Dana has morals and should suspendhim for a year if not forever. What it boils down to is cheating to win, this sport is to precious to deal with that garbage.

  7. BS excuse. Glad he won’t be fighting for a long time.

    • you jelly?

  8. Why only 9 months??? This board didn’t waste time in sh*tting all over Diaz and the rest of the people recently found abusing. And, for the record, I am not a Diaz fan.

    • It was diaz’s 2nd positive test in addition to refusing to be tested on another occasion.

  9. The Hypocrisy bandwagon grew strong against Diaz. All of the sheep casting stones for something recreational, when u have someone else shoveling horse pills like it was PRIDE FC all over again. How pissed are we who bought front row tickets to be told, guess what the card that is subject to change, is the main event.

    • like the last guy said he tested positive twice tard.

  10. He will stay in the UFC and come back to pull off some huge ppvs. He should hire a PED specialist that can help him cycle his goodies properly so he doesn’t fail again. I’d prefer all PEDS were out of the sport but lets just be realistic. Once you start that and feel the peak of your strength and ability their is just no going back. He’ll probably be champion in the UFC someday, JDS would have beaten him though. Not as bad as he is going to beat Mir though. Unless Mir pulls off some sort of leg lock, ankle lock or kimura. His Jitz is sick.

    • He does have doctors that check is PED constantly.

      He just got “caught” this time with a surprise test in Vegas.

  11. Listen, this is all BS. I am an ER tech and in no way shape or form will a doctor give a patient a vial of any drug under that doc’S name (unless its DR. Conrad Murray) to inject intraveinously. This isnt advil to take at home, its a cocktail of different meds that are induced under the observation of a Doc. These fighters think that the fans must be stupid and will believe their retarded story. Sounds like to me that he injected some steriods from hook-up to fix his ache’s and pains and got rolled. I didnt know dealers were called doctors these days.

    • Are you kidding me, there are plenty of Dr’s that will. Maybe you work at one of the last honest hospitals then. It isn’t to hard to find a doctor who will bend the rules a bit. Doctors these days are dealers!(the top 10 pharmaceutical co’s reported over $400 billion in sales in 2010)Perscription drug abuse is out of control. If you think this doctor wouldn’t give him this cocktail to take why would he show up to the hearing and say he did? Lumping Dr’s all together saying they would never is like saying no cop would break the law.

  12. Where can I get a doctor to prescribe that to me for my pain? I need to gain weight and muscle

  13. His lawyer dropped the ball today. He really should have hammered home the point that the use of this “banned substance” was out of competition, was not for performance enhancing purposes and is no different than any other legitimate and legal medication on the banned substance list as long as it’s used under a doctors recommendation while out of competition.

    The commission never accused him of using testosterone as a PED and seemed to buy his excuse that it was an ingredient of a drug used to treat an injury. There are legitimate and legal uses for medications with testosterone as an ingredient and that should have been the argument they made today.

    What if he’d tested positive for Adderall (ADHD drug), asthma treatment products, antihistamines used for colds or allergies or any other substance that’s banned “in competition”? Couldn’t a positive test for any of those items be explained away with a doctors note and he’d face no disciplinary action as long as it wasn’t in his system at fight time? Worst case scenario they tell him he can’t fight until his system is clear (see Tim Credeur – failed test – Adderall – June 21, 2008). Lots of loopholes to exploit and Overeem’s lawyer took the old “he didn’t know what he’d ingested” route. When’s the last time that worked? Crappy lawyering IMO.

    Here’s the list of banned substances on the NSAC website:

    That said, I didn’t buy the line of sh!t they were selling today. We all know he was (and has been for years) using PED’s. I’m just playing armchair lawyer in here and pointing out some flaws in the system.

  14. I’m a physician, not a sports physician, but I can tell you that I have never heard of prescribing testosterone in any form to promote healing. Its very common to give steroids such as dexamethazone as an antiinflammatory but in no way is that going to cause a bump in testosterone particularly at the levels his were at. This doc knew exactly what he was doing and so did deem. Like someone else said you also would never send someone home on a cocktail of meds to administer on his own. If this is the case, it is the equivalent of docs selling narcotics. Overeem and his doc insult our intelligence as fans.

    • The entire situation is insulting to everyone. A doctor sends home a patient with needles and a “coctail” of drugs, and this guy is still practicing medicine? Time to investigate the doctor!!!

      • oops…cocktail

  15. ever heard of insulin?

  16. All arguments on this matter are void. Fact: overeem is juicing hardcore, we want to believe he is able to go under the radar. It didnt happen this time, he’ll be back and more conscious of his cycles. No hate towsrds the guy for it, most fighters sre cheating one way or another. Hiring dolce to help you off 40 pounds in a month is a performing enhancing strategy in my opinion, injecting roids or testosterone is just as shady in my opinion. I am still anti peds but getting an edge is what everyone is trying to do. “If you ain’t cheating you ain’t tryin”-Tito Ortiz

  17. Makes me think about Nate Marquardt? Dude hasnt fought in over a year now and is apparently about to go to Strikeforce…

    Failing for roids/testosterone is one thing, but doing so BEFORE a fight and messing up the main event of a card is another. Dana lost it on Marquardt for screwing up a free spike main event, so I cant even imagine how pissed off he is with Overeem. This was the main event of a huge HW card. Alistair is clearly a much bigger draw than Marquardt so I am hoping the UFC gives him another chance. If he doesnt, we might have to wait for Jon Jones to go to HW to see Dos Santos get tested.

    • The biggest difference is Marquardt’s issue happened 24 hours before the fight was scheduled to go down and was something he’d known about and was supposed to have taken care of. Ovaries is also a bigger draw and there’s still a ton of money to be made off of him.