Alistair Overeem Believes His Experience Will Be Key Against Travis Browne at UFC on Fox Sports 1

August 11, 2013
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Overeem-vs-Lesnar-UFC-141_9649-460x270UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem believes his experience is going to play a significant role in his UFC on Fox Sports 1 co-main event bout with Travis Browne on Aug. 17.

Overeem (36-12, 1 no contest) will be looking to strike with Browne (14-1-1), but is prepared for wherever the fight takes place.

“I’m a striker and I’m looking for that striking game. I also have a submission game and I also have some wrestling. I’m all around. I think I’m especially going to beat him in the experience. I have so many more fights than he has. He’s very aggressive, but my experience is going to be the turning point,” said Overeem on UFC Tonight.

Overeem has been in position to fight for the heavyweight title twice since debuting in the UFC.  He earned a title shot by defeating former champion Brock Lesnar at UFC 141.  He was scheduled to face then-champion Junior dos Santos at UFC 146, but failed a pre-licensing drug test for the Nevada State Athletic Commission. He was denied a license and was unable to re-apply for nine months.

At the end of the nine-month period, he was granted a license and faced Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva at UFC 156 in a top contender bout.  He was defeated by knockout in the third round.

“What happen was he knocked me out cold. I think there was a little bit of an under-estimation. He’s a dangerous guy. He has heavy bones. That was a costly price to pay,” he said about the loss.  “In the meantime, I’ve learned all the lessons I could have. I took some time off to overthink everything that wasn’t right. In my own way I’ve been fixing everything. I’ve been in camp for four months and I feel great. I look forward to fighting again.”

It’s unclear whether a win over Browne will earn him a title shot, but winning the title is Overeem’s ultimate goal.

 “That’s for the gentleman upstairs to decide,” he said when asked about getting a title shot.  “My goal is the UFC belt. That would crown my career. So I’m just going to give it all I have.”

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  • There’s no champion out there who hasn’t learned from a loss. Reem got cocky with Bigfoot and paid big time. Matt Hughes, GSP, Anderson Silva, Michael Bisping, all these guys learned from hard losses. Travis did great against Gonzoga but this is a totally different fight. I’ll take The Reem on this in every aspect of the fight.

    • Mark McDowall

      I don’t think he got cocky against BigFoot. He got tired…

      Google the pictures of him at the weigh ins before the Lesnar fight and then before BigFoot fight. I think that has alot to do with it as well…not going to say oh he’s on not on roids…but there was a SIGNIFICANT difference in his muscle mass in the pictures…hell he had a different skin tone. I think something was deifferent…what caused that difference I dont know. But we all know what everyone thinks…

      • The Best Eva

        He was extremely cocky watch everything again.

        Bigfoot was much better prepared than the Reem as well though.

    • Umm?

      Haha, why did you mention Michael Bisping amongst greats like Hughes, GSP and Silva? Is that you, Bisping? Dirty pool, Mikey, dirty pool. You can’t just insert yourself into a conversation about all-time greats!

      • Werdoomb

        yeah, Fedor, Anderson, GSP, BJ Penn, JBJ, Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, Nog, Cro Cop, Cain, JDS, and Bisping.

      • TheCerealKiller

        CS loves him some Michael Bisping! LOL

        I’ll take Brown by KO.

      • I know, I know! lol. I knew somebody would call me out on it. And btw, love your username. I mentioned Bisping because of the Henderson fight. His name really just stuck in my head as a good example.

        • Mike mckinney

          Sorry bro, I normally got your back, but you’re on your own with that bisbing thing.
          Had I been coming up with that list, and bisbing walked through my front door, I would have asked him to hold on because he’s breaking my concentration.

          And just to your point. What did bisbing learn? It’s not too smart to circle left throughout an entire fight against one of the most prolific right hands in mma history? It’s a good thing he’s still learning.

          • Ian Price

            If you DO circle left, do it REALLY FAST!!

          • Well it was a big loss; a very violent loss for him. I added his name to give him a little respect and recognition even if he hasn’t won a title. I just believe he learned from that fight, just like Phil Davis learned from the Rashad fight.

    • The Best Eva

      I agree man I think Alistair comes in raging from that loss and puts Browne away.

      • Werdoomb

        I don’t think so.

        You haven’t watched MMA long enough buddy. And I’ll make you eat your noob words after Reem gets crushed.

        Anyone that watched PRIDE can’t get over the fact that Reem is mentally weak. He does well for the first few minutes and then crumbles.

        We saw the same thing happen in that bigfoot fight.

        He lost solely because he got cocky? Naw. He lost the way he used to lose in Pride, which is crumble down after schooling his opponent. Go see the Shogun, Liddell, Arona, Sergei (second) fights. He does well in the beginning. Then he crumbles down.

        I say he loses to Browne. In fact I am betting real $$$ on it unlike you noobs.

        • TheCerealKiller

          Still you and the “N” word. Pride is soo long dead, give it up already.

          • The Best Eva

            Agreed, but remember he’s cool because he bets real money.

        • The Best Eva

          Shut up clown I’ve watched as much as you if not more, you may be right but you’re still a loser for coming here to try and be cool.

          Ya I saw all those fights but since he’s been a heavyweight he has changed a lot (I know PED’s duh).

          We’ll see I know Browne’s good but he needs to fight more top competition.

        • I’ll make a bet with you. I’ll send you a shirt of Browne wins by tko. But with no controversy. Legit tko or ko.

          • TheCerealKiller

            Don’t feed that troll…

          • lol… It’s okay just a friendly bet. I don’t do it very often but I’ll entertain the idea due to being a big fan of Overeem.

          • Werdoomb

            Not a big fan of werdum, reem or Browne.

            Browne is going to get schooled in this fight. He has never faced a HW that is as fast and strong as Reem before. Bigfoot is a snail compared to Reem.

            But…this is MMA and you need durability to success which Reem clearly doesn’t have but for roids.

          • Sir_Roy

            You just stated above you were betting cash on Reem losing. Now, you state Browne is going to get schooled. Suggestion? Stop hitting yourself.

          • TheCerealKiller

            He’s too stupid to follow his own comments.

          • Werdoomb

            okay…you can’t face the truth huh?

            U r a TUF noob that saw Reem’s fights on youtube

          • TheCerealKiller

            Pride has been gone since 2007. Everything that happened back then have nothing to do with any fighter today. You probably still think Fedor is the best HW in the world right now.

      • I hope so. The guy is great in every aspect of the fight game. He’s young still. He learned a lot from the Bigfoot fight IMO. It happens. I’m sure he’s very angry as well and wants to use his experience to put Travis away in impressive fashion.

    • Darin

      …against Gonzaga….
      If the ref allows repeated elbows to the back of the skull, Browne may have another big win.

    • Timothy Malone

      Chris Weidman hasnt learned from a loss

      • I didn’t mention him so I don’t know what your getting at.

        • Timothy Malone

          You said “there’s no champion out there who hasn’t learned from a loss.” Chris Weidman has never lost and is the champion.

          • Sap Patrol

            / -Commander in chief of the First Battalion of cunts .. sit down

          • Are you serious? He’s still young in the fight game and has years ahead of him. Why would I mention him when he’s undefeated and has ten fights. All the names mentioned are guys with ten years or so in fighting experience, and have stated themselves they learned from a loss.

          • onehitwonder

            temporarily son, vary temporarily.

    • JDMMA

      Michael Bisping ? really ?

  • bajafox

    I wonder if it was experience that made him look like a fool…


    His Experience with Steroids !!!

    • Werdoomb

      I was gonna say that.

      My prediction:

      (a) Alistair gets KTFO, tests positive after the fight and gets kicked out of the UFC

      (b) Alistair gets KTFO, doesn’t test positive, and is on the verge of getting kicked out of the UFC. or

      (c) Alistair pulls a controversial UD or SD and then goes on to lose the next fight and gets kicked out of the UFC

      • Maddawgmar

        Are you still bitter that Overeem beat Werdum? You need to get over that shįt, cuz your mouth is really annoying.

        • Darin

          I saw that fight and I don’t recall seeing anyone beating anyone. That fight had no winner.

          • Interviewer

            By that logic, none of Greg Jackson’s camp has won anything.

        • Werdoomb

          they are 1-1

  • dgs

    Open Letter to Alistair Overeem:

    Just like Anderson Silva, you lost because you both got cocky and did not respect your opponents. You were/are both better fighters than the fighters you lost to. Hopefully the lesson you and Silva learned is not to take any opponent lightly, and not to get cocky for a second, because that’s all the time it takes to lose a fight. I wish you luck Alistair. On paper you are better (much) than Browne, but he will knock you out too if you take him lightly, so please don’t do that!

    A fan

    • Werdoomb

      he didn’t lose just because he was cocky,

      just love the way u try to subtly make excuses for both fighters

      • Bigfoot SIlva

        ??? Overeem definitely lost b/c of cockiness.

    • toom

      also he’s not gonna be the same fighter now that his testosterone levels are not 16/1

  • Dragon Kid

    Don’t care who wins as long as the fight ends with a good KO/Tko or submission.

  • james j

    I actually favor Travis in the stand up, which is where I think this fight will stay. Neither of these guys have the cardio to go to the ground. Since Rheem left the roid friendly cage of Pride, he just seems slower and more exposed. Lets not talk about The Lesnar fight, I am just glad he is gone.

  • julian moran

    It all depends on what shape Overeem shows up at.