Alistair Overeem and Dana White Back on Good Terms (UFC Video)

July 18, 2012
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Alistair Overeem 42412 NSAC HearingIt appears that fences have been mended.

Having been on the outs for several months – especially since Alistair Overeem ran into drug test related issues that forced him out of UFC 146 – UFC president Dana White says Overeem has done the right things, putting him back in the good graces of his boss. White even went so far as to call Overeem “a stud.”

Overeem waited for 40 minutes to have a personal meeting with White, and apparently did and said the right things to put them back into a respectable working relationship.

“It’s all in how you deal with your mistakes and handle yourself after. (Alistair) handled himself like a (expletive) stud,” White declared.

Check out White’s comments on Overeem below (Explicit Language)…

  • ifighterc

    (Alistair) handled himself like a (expletive) stud – Dana White

    Who the (expletive) cares – Everyone else

    • mrsister

      40 minutes is a very, very, (very) long time. No wonder Dana is impressed.

      I wait 10 minutes in the drive thru for a Diet Coke. He waits 40 for the guy who makes him a millionaire every time he fights? Wow.

      Serious dedication by Overeem. It’s impressive.

  • worldchamp

    Yeah, I’d like to know how exactly he, “handled himself like a stud”. I suppose if Dana can make enough money off of a fighter that automatically gets you stud status.

    • Lesnardo

      This is such a circus. Dana wasn’t mad at Alistair for doing drugs. He was mad at him for getting caught…let’s be honest.

      “Lorenzo will deal with him but I won’t!” <– MMA viewers are not kindergarteners Dana, although vast majority of them are blue collar.

      And now he is a stud because "he waited 40 minutes" to talk to Dana? And he "handled his mistake very well" but "waiting 40 minutes to talk to Dana?"

      Lol at Dana the clown.

      • dathump

        Dana always flips out, thats what he does. As long as Overeem didn’t go on a 3 day coke binge with a film crew, Dana would forgive him. I think it is more the fact Overeem said he can be tested at random and wants to prove he is a clean fighter (or will be from this point on) No different then Sonnen, Chris Leben, Stephan Bonnar, Sean Sherk and Thiago Silva. At least he didn’t say he needed medical TRT, I hate that. His excuse of “I hurt myself and took something I shouldn’t have to heal quicker” is way better then the ” I am getting old and my d!ck don’t work” excuse eveyone else is spitting out these days.

  • Booker T

    Cheating basturd. I would still like to see him beat Dos Santos though.

  • Can we place a little more emphasis on Dana revealing homosexual tendencies? Or did the multimillionaire not know the slang for the term “stud”?