Alistair Overeem Admits to Mistake That Led to Ben Rothwell Knocking Him Out

September 7, 2014
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Alistair OvereemWhile many onlookers pegged Alistair Overeem as the favorite heading into Friday night’s UFC Fight Night showdown with Ben Rothwell, many were surprised when Rothwell cracked Overeem on the temple and sent him crashing to the mat.

Many were further surprised when Rothwell revealed after the fight that he believed he broke his arm blocking one of Overeem’s kicks earlier in the fight… and that was the same arm that he used to throw the knockout punch.

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“I ate a kick, didn’t block it properly, and he broke it,” Rothwell said. “I knew I did not want to block a kick wrong again. I had a feeling that something could have been wrong. (But) that’s the good thing about a fight, adrenaline going.”

Perhaps no one was more surprised than Overeem, who admitted that it was his mistake in thinking Rothwell wouldn’t be able to counter with the right hand that led to his downfall.

“(Friday) I was in a great shape and prep was superb! Thanks to all involved, from coaches to fysio’s! You were all great,” Overeem wrote on Instagram on Saturday.

“About the fight – I made a mistake! Hearing Ben’s arm crack on one of the kicks I didn’t expect him to counterpunch with the same arm. We knew Ben is a tough strong guy, well we got it confirmed yesterday!”

Overeem didn’t wallow in his mistake. While there has been no word yet from the UFC on its plans for Overeem, who has lost three of his five bouts in the Octagon, the fighter was already chin up and looking forward to his future.

“Now today, new day – new chances! It might not always go as we want or as planned but. As long as we have freedom and high spirits we are/should be ok! This coming from myself who’ve had several downturns in both life and career but plenty of great moments in life to so not complaining! Big Ben was a little to much this time, Looking ahead & forward to the next challenge!”

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  • Hansa

    I’ve followed Reem since Pride and K1 and always liked his fighting. But since he has entered the Octagon he has been whopped by most of the fighters. He is fading and his time is over..

    • Tom Tom

      Same here…..been hoping to be proved wrong last few fights,,,,still waiting

      • Muttley76

        Makes three of us, unfortunately at this point I think we will all be waiting indefinitely…

      • Hansa

        I think he’ll be cut..Bellator next.

    • elvi

      unfortunately just like stephen struve, where a young guy that has talent but is in no business to fight at a certain level cus of lack of experience by getting knocked out cold on several occasions, which leads to easy concussions in their sooner rather then later years, 205lbs pride overeem used to drain the crap out of himself which then leads to a dry and fragile brain, the 2 knockouts by shogun to this guy showed it all for the rest of his career

      • Alisteroid OVerconfdenoird

        No dude. First, why even compare Struve (a relatively unaccomplished fighter) against Overeem?

        Second, Struve never took roids, unlike Reem.

        And no, stop making explanations for Reem.

        Reem with Juice = top 3
        Reem without Juice = not even top 15

    • Alisteroid OVerconfdenoird

      No. his Roids are over.

      Trust me. The dude would have beaten Big Foot and Travis Browne if he were still on roids.

  • kaliboner

    So his “mistake” was basically thinking “he won’t hit me”. Because obviously he didn’t get whooped twice in the Octagon already. Cut that can finally, let him go to Wild Bill’s Fight Night or whatever and have another great “streak”.

  • dgs

    Overeem’s only two mistakes are:

    1. His inability to take a moderately hard shot to the face/head. I guess many would call that a “glass jaw,” but I think his entire head is made of glass, this guy has been KO’d too many times.

    2. No more steroid use!

    Any decent UFC heavyweight would have mopped the floor with Rothwell last night, time for Overeem to retire or move to a far less competitive organization.

    • asd

      If you watched the fight he was mopping the floor with Rothwell. He was landing those knees at will and broke the guy’s arm FFS!
      But you cannot win a HW fight if your brain shuts down from the weakest of contacts with your opponents fists. And this is what happend.

      • Alisteroid OVerconfdenoird

        He was NOT mopping the floor you doomb doomb.

        Rothwell mopped the floor with Reem.

        Stop making excuses for this cheat.

        Go watch Overeem vs Paul Buentello. That is mopping the floor.

        Go watch Overeem vs Sergei Kharitonov II, that is not mopping the floor.

        If reem vs Sergei II is NOT mopping the floor, Reem vs Rothwell is clearly not mopping the floor.


  • greaterworks

    He’s still a huge draw coz of his aggressive striking. He hits hard. Would like to see 1 more fight for him, preferably with an up and comer.

  • snapdad

    overeem still has the power and skill to beat anyone……just as long as he don’t get hit. when u start getting rocked by grazing shots, then its time to hang it up. look at maynard and liddell. this guy is like the heavyweight version of Houston alexander.

    • Dragon Kid

      A fist punch to the temple is more than just grazing.

      • snpdad

        lol….a fist punch. maybe next time he will get rocked with a foot kick

        • Dragon Kid

          If you’ve never been in a fight you’ll never know. And obviously you haven’t.

          • snapdad

            im 37 years old, ive been n plenty of fights, and if you punch with anything but a fist, then their is something wrong

          • Dragon Kid

            You probably lost the majority of the fights you been in if you think a punch to the head doesn’t hurt.

          • sapdad

            you make no sense, but its funny. but anyway, lets get back to the beginning of our argument because you’re getting off track slowmoe. I was laughing at you because you called it a ‘fist punch’. all punches are done with a fist, otherwise it would be called a slap. im sorry if you didn’t catch on, maybe we can settle this with a hand shake, you know, with our hands.

  • eddie eagle

    mistake was getting hit and having a weak head.

    • Alisteroid OVerconfdenoird

      mistake was no roids.

  • Sir_Roy

    Guy just can’t take a heavyweight hit at this point in his career.

    Gets rocked too easily.

    K1 you had a chance to catch your breath and recover once rocked. Here, he just gets smothered and saved by the ref. No second or third chances. He’s also too far removed from his Pride heydays methinks.

    Technically the more sound striker than most in HW division. He’s just a glass cannon. Time to move on before he loses too many of his precious brain cells.

    • Alisteroid OVerconfdenoird

      No Sir Roy.

      Overeem on roids is a killer.
      Overeem without roids is not a killer.

      That is the difference.

      Don’t even talk about K-1 vs MMA striking. Irrelevant IN THIS CONTEXT!

  • Hansa

    Dana thought he bought a Ferarri but he got a Lada…hehe
    I heard that Reem got approximately 300k for his fights…what a rip-off…

    • Yannick Messaoud

      the rip off is that he is still under contract with the UFC and why is that he lost so many times

  • mmalive

    Overeem is a good fighter, striker, and mover.

    His problem is that he is TOO OVER CONFIDENT against his opponents.

    He made QUICK WORK of Lesner knocking Lesner into retirement.

    He did very well against against Bigfoot Silva. Got over confident by dropping his hands. The Reem paid big time by being KOed.

    Same can be said about against Travis Browne. Winning rounds until he dropped his hands and being KOed by front kick.

    Against Mir, The Reem took fighter more seriously not getting caught by a submission fighter in Frank Mir.

    With Ben Rothwell, The Reem once again quite well until he made the costly mistake that got him Koed.

    The Reem has to be more serious and not over confident otherwise he will lose again.

    Overeem is a good fighter if he moves at different angles, and mixes up his strikes and kicks from K1 style.

    The key for him is not getting caught playing around ala Big Foot Silva style. The Reem will pay a big price for it.

    We never really seen his ground game much as most of the time he KOed people in Strikeforce, Dream, and K1.

    His salary is very suitable due to the fact he was a triple champion coming into UFC ranks.

    The Reem is still a big draw for the UFC heavyweight division though.

    Reem due yourself a favor and take fights seriously man.

    Otherwise, you are gone man.

    War on Reem the Demolition Man.

    • Dragon Kid

      I think another reason we don’t get to see his submission game is because most heavyweights wanna KO each other with punches & prefer to stand.

      The way he got finished by Rothwell was no different than when Cain got KOed by dos Santos.

      • Alisteroid OVerconfdenoird

        no. Rothwell hurt Overeem minutes before that fight.

        Kid, I;ve seen Overeem fight for a decade.

        I knew the moment his legs gave in (minutes before the KO) that he was done.

    • Alisteriods Overoid

      No he was on PED before and was good.

      Now he is not on PED and is not good.

      Jeezz…yeah…over confidence…yeah…A dude that can’t even win a fight in the UFC is over confident…yeah…

      • mmalive

        Alisteriods Overoid,

        What have been smoking or sniffing ?

        Your brain has been FRIED.

        Your comments is the STUPIDEST on here.

        Overeem’s mistakes has been he is too over confident.

        All his fights with exception of Mir have been good with him winning rounds.

        By dropping his hands against Bigfoot, Travis, and Rothwell cost him BIG TIME.

        Reem DEMOLISHED all his oppenents in Strikeforce, Dream, and K1.

        Reem’s Striking is crisp and fluid for a HW.

        Reem does not take fights seriously enough.

        If he did he would smash quite a few people for sure.

  • dandogood

    Overreem has a Ferrari body with a junk engine inside. Glass Jaw weak head = no career.

    • Overoirder Exposure

      No more Ferrari body.

      In fact, all the years of steroids appears to be taking a toll on his body from his performance against Rothwell.

      OVereem around 235lbs (later Pride days) could have beaten Rothwell.

  • overoiderexdposure

    Is everyone here just dooomb or are they simply d*ck riding on UFC’s fabricated position on Overoid’s PED issues?

    Look, the guy was always a agile, above-average fighter. His problem was his tendency to wilt. He was good for a few minutes and then would get destroyed.

    Then something changed. He went from 205 –> 265lbs in two years. Just by sheer coincidence, we went on to win the K-1 title, Dream and SF title, and came over to the UFC and destroyed Brock Lesnar.

    Then..again…by sheer coincidence, he was caught for roids. He didn’t look as jacked as he used to look but came in around 255lbs against Bigfoot. Looked impressive in the first two rounds, man handled Bigfoot, then lost via classic Overoid wilting.

    Then..once sheer coincidence, he looks flabby coming into the fight against Travis Browne and got destroyed via classic Overoid wilting.

    Then he beats Mir via unanimous decision. Am I being unreasonable by saying that Overoid on full PED would have KOed Mir in round 1?

    And now…he is 245lbs….he can’t bully around other HWs. And he gets KOed by a dude that would get killed by any top 10 HW in the world. No offense to Rothwell but Rothwell is a journey man who will never crack the top 10.

    So why are we making excuses for Alistair?

    No, it is not because he was “over confident.” He said that against Browne and Bigfoot.

    No, it is not because the competition in the UFC is that much better than was in SF. Had Overeem lost to JDS, Cormier, Cain or a top 5 UFC HW, this argument is understandable. But he lost to Rothwell. Rothwell couldn’t have been a champ in SF or Dream.

    No, it is not because of injury.

    No, it is not because he is an elite K-1 striker and he needs more MMA training. Overeem was always an MMA fighter.

    So what is it fellas?


    • mmalive

      Alisteriods Overoid,

      What have been smoking or sniffing ?

      Your brain has been FRIED.

      Your comments is the STUPIDEST on here.

      Overeem too over confident.

      All his fights with exception of Mir have been good with him winning rounds.

      By dropping his hands against Bigfoot, Travis, and Rothwell cost him BIG TIME.

      Reem DEMOLISHED all his oppenents in Strikeforce, Dream, and K1.

      Reem’s Striking is crisp and fluid for a HW.

      Reem does not take fights seriously enough.

      If he did he would smash quite a few people for sure.

  • dandogood

    It’s over for Overreem the fat lady has sung with this last KO. Weak face couldn’t take punches. Janay Rice took a hit better than the soft Overreem.

  • dandogood

    Uriah faber KO’s Overreem