Alexander Gustafsson Willing to Take Another Fight Before Title Shot, Says Manager

September 3, 2014
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Alexander GustafssonAlexander Gustafsson might just fight before getting a title shot.

The top-ranked light heavyweight said recently that he spoke with UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta about a guarantee to get the winner of Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. But Gustafsson’s manager, Manos Terzitaine, recently told UFC Tonight that the fighter is open to accepting another fight prior to a championship bout.

“It makes sense for him to fight,” UFC President Dana White said during a recent media scrum in Sacramento, Calif. “He should stay active.”

Gustafsson was supposed to face Jones at UFC 178, but he had to pull out due to injury. The UFC acted quickly, pairing Jones with Cormier.

Once Jones suffered an injury and had to withdraw from the pending match, the UFC decided to push the date of the fight back, choosing not to slide Gustafsson back in the bout after both fighters healed. Gustafsson was furious about the matchmaking, but ultimately was told by Fertitta he would face the winner.

“Me and my team had a great call with the big boss Mr. Lorenzo Fertitta,” Gustafsson wrote on Facebook over the weekend. “I got a guarantee that I will face the winner of Jones [and] Cormier for a title shot and that it could happen in here in Sweden.”

If all goes well, Gustafsson can get his title shot some time in mid 2015. Jones and Cormier are tentatively scheduled to fight on Jan. 3 at UFC 182.

As for a fight prior to a title shot, Anthony Johnson has thrown his name in to get a fight going with Gustafsson. Unfortunately for Johnson, Gustafsson reportedly isn’t interested.

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  • drkdisciple

    So Gus wants an easy fight? Cant really blame him, if he fights Rumble he can kiss his title shot goodbye! I guess he should ask for lil Nog much easier fight.

    • SpaceJam

      Its either Rumble or the winner of Glover vs Davis. Or they will match Rumble with Bader

      • troop

        Or a returning Rashad Evans.

  • Mr. Hahn

    First Jones ducks Gus now Gus ducks Rumble. God damn it UFC has become boxing

    • SpaceJam

      They will all end up facing each other sooner or later, Jon Jones already fought Gus. Mayweather still hasn’t fought PacMan in how many years??

  • snapdad

    gus should take another fight, he fought once since his loss to jones. I get tired of these quick rematches. I don’t care how close the fight was, a loss is a loss, let another top ten guy fight. last weekend a ufc newcomer fought for the title, and even though I didn’t watch it, it is still better than seeing 2 guys fight again and again.