Alexander Gustafsson Says He Absolutely Deserves a Rematch With Jon Jones

September 22, 2013
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Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 120Light heavyweight challenger Alexander Gustafsson fell short in his quest to claim the UFC title, dropping a close unanimous decision to Jon Jones in the main event at UFC 165 in Toronto on Saturday night, but the “Swedish Mauler” believes that he deserves a rematch with the champion.

Gustafsson, who gave Jones the hardest time of any opponent in the champions 10-fight title reign, on Fox Sports 2’s Post-Fight Show, said that he “absolutely” deserves a rematch.

“Absolutely, I want a rematch right away,” Gustafsson said.

“He’s the champ for a reason. To take the belt from the champion you need to finish him. I’m disappointed. I did what I saw I could do and it wasn’t enough. I’m proud of what I did tonight and my team. I took him down; I’m proud of that.”

UFC president Dana White was non-committal when quizzed about a whether a potential rematch between the pair will be next. He admitted that he’d like to see a rematch and was certain that it will eventually happen, but he wasn’t ready to commit to anything on Saturday night.

“I’m not remotely saying there’s any chance a rematch is next,” White said.

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  • John Bunch

    No, Gus…Jones deserves a rematch with you…but w/e Gatorade…errr UFC….errr whomever. Awesome business move people.

  • Timothy Malone

    Its a mistake in my opinion for Gustaffson to jump on a rematch so soon. If he loses his career essentially becomes aimless because a third fight is so unlikely. Take a couple fights and improve.

    • Conic

      excellent point.

    • Alex

      He is at his peak and clearly has the skills to beat Jones now. If he takes another fight and loses then what? This is a 6 figure fight for him, you don’t pass up on those.

  • adammurphy

    jones woz not rocked once gustavsson at least 4 time unluck son.

    • Arctiicwolf

      Gustaffson was rocked once in the third round, and showed great composure. But I agree that an instant rematch would favor Jones. He proved that he knows how to push it in those championship rounds, Gus wasn’t quite ready for that.

      • Hugh Shakeshaft

        Champions have the advantage of the 5 round experience. #1 contender fights should be 5 rounds so fighters can get a taste of 5 round fights before fighting for the belt.

  • ufc

    jones under estimated gustafsson take down defence the rematch will be jones ground and pound gustafsson hospital.

  • ufc

    gustafsson vs glover winner gets jones.

  • ufc

    bisping needs to go back to clinch and knee hard to get the w over munoz.

  • Arctiicwolf

    Can you imagine how bad ass these guys would be if they trained together, pushing each other every day. Gustaffson even picked up on the spinning elbow mid fight. They definitely elevate each other, which is why it was such an awesome fight.

  • Arctiicwolf

    We would probably see Gustaffson’s grappling improve even more if he worked with Jones, I would love to see him work a little Judo while there in there, its a great way to throw off good wrestlers. And Jones would probably become more fluid with his in and out movement, something he never had to worry much about because of his reach advantage. Also, I bet Gustaffson would pick up on some of those spinning attacks of Jones, and up his kicking game.

    • Arctiicwolf

      But that will probably never happen lol :P. If I was in Gustaffsons corner, I would advise him to really work the judo, and up his kicking game for the rematch. If he comes back and tries to do the same thing, I think Jones will take it.

  • The Boogeyman

    Jones is wearing Gustafsson’s belt. IMMEDIATE REMATCH.

  • diazfan209

    Gus would have won that decision if he played it smart at the end of rounds where Jones obviously was waiting to get to to uncork multiple spinning back elbows. It was pretty frustrating to watch Gus put on a great fight and then make crucial mistakes at the end of rounds to allow Jones to land those spinning elbows that looked pretty damn vicious against the temple. I was screaming for dirty boxing because the uppercut was working well for Gus, but toward the ends of the rounds where Jones waited to pour it on, he just stood in that back-elbow range. Smart game plan by Jones though to stay patient and then go off at the end of the round to steal the judges attention.

    I still think Gus should have won that decision, but I mean when it comes to a championship fight, you need to make it clear as day that you are the victor if you’re going to win via decision.

  • Chk70

    sad but true read this UFC has lost it´s sole, honor and purity:

  • Marc Livingood

    He won the fight 3 and a half rounds to one and a half. I look at it like this what would have happened in round 6? Jones would not have been able to continue he was carried out of the octagon therefore in a rematch this time Alex wont be hit by the spinning elbows and he wont abandon his leg kicks Im sure his coaches will point that out. I predicted Alex would destroy Jones and he did he just didn’t get the win judges should be forced to judge from a T.V monitor. In person they don’t see everything clearly that’s why there is so much bad scoring.