Alexander Gustafsson Ready for Title Shot But Doesn’t Want to Wait

December 9, 2012
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Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 141Alexander Gustafsson may have cleared a path to a title shot with his win over Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, but it’s not likely his next fight will be for the championship.

Gustafsson picked up the biggest win of his young career, dominating the former Pride Grand Prix and UFC champion, which all but solidified his spot as the top contender at 205lbs.

But unfortunately the timing of the next light heavyweight title fight between Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen not happening until late April all but guarantees Gustafsson will fight again before challenging for the belt.

“I want to fight, I want to stay active, I’ll fight whenever. I was away for a long time, last time I fought was in April, that’s too long for me, so to wait till summer again that’s too long, I want to fight earlier than that,” said Gustafsson after his win.

UFC President Dana White tends to agree with the Swedish fighter, and there may even be an opportunity opening up for him as early as UFC 157.

“If I was him, I’d want to get another fight in. He could fight another fight,” White told Fuel TV about Gustafsson’s future.

“I keep hearing (Dan) Henderson’s knee isn’t better right now so, maybe he gets a shot at (Lyoto) Machida. We’ll see what happens.”

Other than a few bumps and bruises, Gustafsson said he was healthy after the 15-minunte fight with Rua, so at that point it all comes down on his willingness to turn around and fight again in about 10 weeks.

Henderson is currently scheduled to face Machida at UFC 157, which takes place on Feb 23 in Anaheim.

  • Madmmax

    In contrary to what Jon Jones says, size has plenty to do with it. This is why most fighters shred down to the lightest weight possible. Shogun could easily and should be fighting Middleweight. Gustafson is def going to be Jones biggest threat yet. He’s got great range and Boxing looked crisp, great combinations. Only weakness I saw was his clinch. Jones would eat him up inside if it goes there. I’ve been looking foward to this fight. Hope chael drops off so we could see it in April

  • KT1

    My question is has Gustafson wrestling improve enough since the mr wonderful fight? We haven’t seen it tested so who knows, Davis took him down comfortably and jones will do it even easier, I really hope he can keep it at range buti have my doubts

  • Timothy Malone

    Love that even with a guaranteed title shot he wants to fight again. This guy is a real fighter.

    • Anthony Lopez

      I agree. I’m excited to have a young guy with the throwback mentality of fight anyone, anytime in the UFC. Breath of fresh air when you look at what a lot of the younger generation fighters are turning into

    • shakejunt

      perfectly said. gus is definitely a top guy, but the more fights he can get in before fighting jones, the better he’ll get and the larger his chances will be.

  • headown

    Yeah, really want to see Mauler vs Bones