Alexander Gustafsson on Title Fight with Jon Jones: I Will Win This Fight, There’s No Doubt

September 15, 2013
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Gustafsson-vs-Matyushenko-UFC-141_8089-460x270It’s pretty rare in the fight game for a fighter to reveal his game plan prior to a bout, but Alexander Gustafsson isn’t hiding his strategy to defeat light heavyweight champion Jon Jones at UFC 165.

Jones is known to meticulously study video of his opponents in preparation for fights, but Gustafsson has been doing his homework as well.

“I’m studying a lot too. I do. And we try to break down Jon, his last fights, into pieces and try to move through everything. That’s what we do and how my coaches do it,” said Gustafsson on a recent media conference call.  “And I have 100-percent full trust in my coaches. I’m doing my homework here too, so just getting ready.”

Gustafsson’s training camp has been split between training in his native Stockholm and stateside at the Alliance Training Center in San Diego.  Camp has gone well and he believes that he’s ready to take Jones’ title on Sept. 21.

“The camp has been great. I’ve been home in Stockholm and I’ve been here with Team Alliance in San Diego. They’re great coaches, we have great guys I’m training with here. We’ve been taking in guys helping me out. So, I’ve just been blessed having such a good camp, and having such great guys around me. So, I’m just feeling great and I’m feeling ready,” he said.

“I’ve been training with a lot of guys the same as Jon, in many different weights, and I try always to be a better Alex for every fight. That’s what I try to do. I’m training my ass off and I just do improvements every day. And I’m feeling great and I can’t wait,” said the light heavyweight contender.

Gustafsson usually has a reach advantage over most of his opponents, but Jones has the longest reach in the division.  Despite being at a reach disadvantage, Gustafsson expects to win the fight on his feet.

“It’s not always about reach. It’s about footwork, it’s being fast, in and out. Stuff like that. And I’m really making sure I’ve really done my homework here and I’m super motivated,” he said.  “I will win this fight, me staying on the outside.  No doubt about it.”

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  • silvas daddy

    Gustafsson can be very elusive as well as aggressive at same time. I see gus winning this by 1st rd ko. I called the weidman fight correctly

    • MMAreality

      Yep keep riding that weidman train. I bet Vegas is following your pick so that there can better there chances. Jones wins this as easy as the other fights. I not even a Jones. But one thing that I know for sure is that there are a lot of delusional UFC fans and everyone once in a while they pick an upset. It will not happen this time or when weidman faces Silva again.

      • Baller31

        If you actually follow mma, the Weidman victory wasn’t much of an upset. Especially since the majority of mma fighters picked him to win. I will say that Jones is a badass and no one has even given him a good fight. I hope that Gustaffson is at his best so it’s not an early night.

        • deepgrim

          lets hope for a good fight

        • MMAreality

          Go shoot some hoops. I don’t follow MMA I am just on a website making comments.

    • two completely different fights and weidman was only a 2 to 1 dog not 7 to 1 like gustafsson

    • MMA sense the 80’s

      Weidman’s not being coached by jackson !

    • shakejunt

      let me guess, you’ve also got big rigg and wineland?

  • Marc Livingood

    I predict Alexander will win he will destroy Jones othe fighters were too small to touch Jones before they were hurt by a knee or an elbow or taken down. Fighters need to get hit once in a while what will happen if jones gets hurt how will he react???

  • I wonder if Jones will feel a size shock with Gustafsson. His last two fights were against middleweights and now he’s got a light heavyweight who’s his height now.

    • MMA sense the 80’s

      Not when he’s laying and praying: Greg Jackson style !

      • shakejunt

        yes, because that is what he has jon do every time

      • lowlb

        I totally miss the 80’s, great music. I don’t sense that music will return. Perhaps Gus will come out to the Culture Club’s -Do you really want to hurt me. But SINCE this is MMA it wouldn’t be appropriate.

      • Kbroesq

        Yeah, because that’s the story of every Jon Jones fight…

        I love these guys who bag on Jackson’s camp and they totally ignore all the KO’s the camps has. You know, Cub Swanson trains with Jackson. Is he boring? Travis Browne trains with Jackson…two devastating first round KO’s in his last two fights. I guess he’s boring too.

        Condit just lit up Kampmann. He’s boring too. Should I go on?

    • lowlb

      I hope so but I wonder if Gus will feel the same way. Gus has never faced a fighter his size or with a reach advantage.
      I hope we have a fight and not a domination by Jones. One-sided fights suck to watch IMO.

  • MMA sense the 80’s

    Greg jackson wont let his champ get into a striking mach ( AKA : actual fight ) He will play the Rounds, Judges and rely on Takedowns. Maybe after 2 or 3 when Gust is winded or damaged, Jones will strike but only is he has the advantage of a weekend Gust. Watch GSP fights, Greg Jackson has made MMA a Joke !

    GUST get ready for a Jab , Front Kick to set up the hook and shoot ! Lay and pray for 3 . Then try to look cool by actually/maybe fighting a fight in the 3rd or 4th.

    Jones will pray a elbow gets a cut !

  • dgs

    How do you train for a fighter like Jones? In my analysis, his only weakness is that he doesn’t seem to have stand-up KO power. His ground and pound is devastating, his kick boxing/Muay Thai skills are excellent, his wrestling is obviously top tier, and his submission skills appear to be solid. He is incredibly effective at using his height and reach advantage, and from what other fighters who have fought him have said, he’s deceptively strong/powerful. His footwork and elusive movement keep him out of harms way too. His cardio is insane, the man never tires and has proven he can go five rounds with no problem.

    Jon Jones is a nightmare opponent, because he’s almost impossible to train for. Good luck finding sparing partners that have his attributes, and his insane reach. Not sure what weakness Gustafsson thinks he’s going to exploit, but really, everything he does, Jones does better. Gustafsson is good enough that I could see him fighting Jones the entire five rounds, but I do not see his arm being raised in a decision win. Has anyone even won a single round against Jones? I don’t think so.

    • shoes

      He lost round 1 to Machida. Outside of Vitor nearly ripping his arm in twain, the only other opponent to give him a run for his money has been Bonnar. Granted, it was nearly four years ago. Nevertheless, It showed what happens when his height and reach are matched. Without significant KO power on his side, Jones would be wise to take the fight to the ground.

  • solo

    Jones via sub!

    • VR Borg

      Only “weakness” I saw so far from master Jones was pressure from oponent, not letting him think about his strats, have him back.paddle – Machida fight……that was the only time ( 1/2 of a round ) I saw him “thinking” about his actions , adjusting…not being JBJ. So, only strat I see having potential to be “ok” vs. Bones is constant pressure and super fast “in-and-out’s” ….but I still dont believe one can do that for 5 rounds..


    staying on the outside not gonna win him this fight,,, Gustafsson needs to be super aggressive and bring the fight to Jon Jones

  • fern

    Everything in the logical side of my brain says Jones will easily win. But my gut is saying we may be looking at an upset here.
    But if I had to put the house on it, I’d say Jones by decision. He will probably take Gus down (the weakest part of his game) and try and grind it out there for 5 rounds.
    I was very surprised it took Jones 4 rounds to finish Vitor and I think it might take him even longer for Gus.

  • Darrenblad

    Jon Jones has become a bit too big for his boots – believes his own hype n talk of greatness etc – Jones ur just a big guy (HW) who has been the right place at the right time – u lack skills of some of the more experienced fighters but have got away with it being young n strong. Its a fight, anything can happen. Gustafsson will bring it defo. I personally think Gus is the tougher guy and will win this one plus i just like him more – not up his own backside like Jones.

    this song is for you Jones.