Alexander Gustafsson Not Likely, Daniel Cormier Wants a Contender for First Fight at 205 Pounds

October 23, 2013
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Daniel Cormier StrikeforceNow that former Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix winner Daniel Cormier has fought his last fight at heavyweight, talk has shifted from if he would ever fight his friend and UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez to the first fight after his planned drop to the light heavyweight division.

Cormier won a unanimous decision over Roy Nelson at UFC 166 on Saturday, Oct. 19, in Houston. With that victory behind him, Cormier plans to fight at 205 pounds for his next bout.

Cormier initially thought he would be able to challenge Jon Jones for the UFC light heavyweight championship upon moving down a weight class, but told recently that he realized that the division had moved on from that being at all likely.

Questions after the Nelson fight almost instantly shifted to the possibility of him fighting Alexander Gustafsson next. That would be fine by Cormier, but he would have a stipulation: Only in America. That stipulation in all likelihood means that Gustafsson is off the table.

“I have no problem fighting Alexander Gustafsson, not at all,” Cormier said on Wednesday night’s edition of UFC Tonight. “The one thing I’m concerned about is being as it’s gonna be my first time down at 205, I know Gustafsson is gonna fight in Europe somewhere, whether it’s Sweden or somewhere else in Europe. I don’t want to be making my first weight cut down to 205 overseas.

“I know what I’m going to need. I know how to find saunas here in the United States and all the food that I’m comfortable with. It’s easily accessible for me in the United States of America. I have no problem fighting Alexander Gustafsson, but I would not want to do it overseas.”

There are plenty of other top light heavyweights for Cormier to face in his 205-pound debut, however; fighters like Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Phil Davis among them.

“Those are all big fights and the fights that matter. These are the fights that I’m gonna need if I’m gonna put myself in a position to win a championship,” Cormier continued. “I want to fight for the title. That’s the reason I was gonna go down to 205. I thought that was going to be my first fight; that was my intention at least. But it doesn’t seem that way in a division that has moved on.

“Give me Li’l Nog, that would be a great fight. Any of those guys makes for an exciting fight. I want big fights and I want to fight a guy that is a contender.”

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  • Mark McDowall

    What difference does your location have to do with making a weight cut?? And saying he needs to know where there are saunas…go to Sweeden dude they are EVERYWHERE…its like a national pass time there!! Sounds to me like the excuses are coming out already…

    • Kenny Powers

      Do u actually like any MMA fighters? Or do u just like to hate on everyone cuz you’ll never be one?

      • Matte

        Well, on a bigger scale it is kinda ridicolous hearing some american fighters and reporters talking about the disadvantage about fighting out of the US.

        Well, fighting out of their home country is just how it is for pretty much all non-american fighters, not hearing much about that. And it is just the same.

        • Kenny Powers

          Thats true, but I mean he’s really not complaining, he’s giving his preference, but in the end he’ll do what the UFC tells him to do. Im just sayin, DC is one of the most humble dudes in the game, he’s a competitor, but he’s not a cocky guy. Twistin your undies in a bunch about minor comments these fighters make just seems corny.

          • Guest

            i agree completely. cant wait to see whos gonna be his first opponent at 205.

          • Matte

            I agree with what you say.

            I do feel DC is kinda pampered with though. (And its not DC whos to blame for that, its the UFC. I can understand any individual fighter having preferences of their own.)

            On the other hand, imagine the statement DC would make if he came to Sweden and fought The Mauler here! (Yes, I’m from Sweden.) i like DC but he would have zero support from me vs Gus though. ^^

        • Kris-tyahn

          He’s not complaining about fighting outside the U.S, he’s saying for his first EVER weight cut to 205lbs, he’d prefer to do it in the comfines of his “home”, where he knows where to go to lose weight & knows what foods to eat. Do you think they eat the same types of food in Sweden, as they do in Norht america?!? Do they have places that do, sure, but where are they & how far will he need to drive to get there, is it close to the venue, his hotel etc.
          Do you realise that when the Olympics occur in Russia in 4 months, team Canada & Team U.S.A are bringing their own chefs & food, b/c they do not eat the same type of food as Russians or Europeans. Not sure if the European teams are doing the same, but I know both North American teams are doing that.

          Also, this is his 1st weight cut, he doesn’t want to have added stress b/c he can’t find certain foods, facilities or whatever. I have no issue with him wanting to do that, b/c this is his livelyhood & if he doesn’t make weight, not only will he lose 20-30% of his fight purse, but I’m sure Dana/UFC will be none to please, even if he wins, he’d still be in the dog house.
          BTW: I’m not American

          • El Gvapo

            Do they eat the same foods in Sweden as the US? Yeah pretty much, what do you think they eat? Monkey brains? It’s the western world, it’s pretty much the same everywhere. And you don’t have to drive far to get food, sometimes you can even walk!!! It’s different if you want water though, it’s sometimes miles to the nearest well.

            The fact is that it would be just as easy to make the cut anywhere in the world, all it would take is a little planning and preparation something any elite level athlete should be used to.

          • MuayThaiFood

            I don’t blame him from not wanting to go there. The only exposure he’s probably had to Swedish culture is Ikea. Bad food and you need a map to find your way out of that rat maze. 🙂

      • Mark McDowall

        Well both of those statements are false my friend. Like ton’s of fighters…especially those that make silly excuses. Had he said that he didn’t want to fight outside of the country for his first fight at 205…but he had to throw in the fact that he needs to know where the saunas are at.

        And I have fought in grappling tournaments and had 4 amateur MMA fights…so please keep the fan boy comments to a minimum.

        • MMAFAN

          Why do you feel the need to prove yourself to some random dude in a chat site?

          Small penis syndrome perhaps?

        • Kenny Powers

          Wow, sorry bro, didnt know how much of a badass you were. With 4 amateur fights and grappling tourneys maybe you should be DC’s first fight at 205.

  • Guest

    Oh for Gods sake, just give him an opponent already! He anyway looks like he hasnt been in a fight couple a days ago.

  • Maddawgmar

    Those Murano Cabrio’s suck, and so do you, so stay off this site.

  • shakejunt

    Translation: “I know the legitimate way to the title is to go fight gus in sweden, but i’d prefer the easier route and fight someone who is washed up or more one-dimensional than I am.”

  • Danny boy

    Because jet leg is for real and cutting wieght along with jet leg could really effect his proformance but hell that’s what trt us for right lol jj

  • Denny Swain

    It seems cormier is shying away from phil davis

  • Mr Pete

    Phil Davis! Phil Davis! Phil Davis!

  • DamianCross

    A kid just died from a weight cut. If I was DC I wouldn’t take chances either.

  • Lars Anderson

    Cormier would not be able to contend with the Swede’s striking.