Alexander Gustafsson: Check Out the Cut That Stopped the Fight

April 3, 2013
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Alexander Gustafsson Cut

The cut that stopped the fight.

Alexander Gustafsson on Tuesday was officially forced out of his UFC on Fuel TV 9 main event fight with Gegard Mousasi. The Swedish Mixed Martial Arts Federation’s medical board determined that a cut Gustafsson suffered recently in training would not properly heal in time for him to participate on Saturday in Stockholm.

Gustafsson, it should be noted, still wanted to fight, but the SMMAF medical committee determined otherwise, taking the decision out of his and his bosses’ hands.

“As it is clear that Alexander Gustafsson will not be fit to compete as planned and cannot be medically cleared on Friday the 5th of April, the SMMAF Medical Committee has today decided that Alexander Gustafsson will not be allowed to participate in the planned match on April 6,” read an SMMAF statement on Tuesday.

Gustafsson, who had been rather quiet through the preceding days, released a statement and photo via his website on Wednesday, explaining that the cut happened while training wrestling. He slipped during a wrestling drill and hit his head on the cage, opening a cut that required three stitches.

He noted that he and his team did everything they could to keep the fight intact despite the cut, but added, “It is unfortunately not in our hands anymore.”

UFC president Dana White tweeted a more recent photo on Wednesday, in which the cut is much less apparent. White added his criticism of the SMMAF, calling it the “Worst decision I have EVER seen to pull a fight.”

Regardless of Gustafsson’s and White’s desires to keep the fight intact, the decision was made and now Gegard Mousasi squares off with Gustafsson training partner Ilir Latifi in the UFC on Fuel TV 9 main event.

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  • Supaman

    as a UFC President, sometimes Dana has to learn when to keep his mouth shut.

    he shouldn’t be talking smack on the fighters on twitter, especially ignoring key considerations that he’s aware of (or should be)

    case in point, just b/c you can’t necessarily see Gustafsson’s scar from the cut, it was examined by a doctor who deemed that Gustafsson was not fit to compete.

    If Gustafsson’s cut isn’t that visible, it just means that he had a good doctor/surgeon to stitch up the cut, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not that tender and could easily reopen and cause more severe long term damage, not to mention vastly affect the fight.

    it is a bummer that Gustafsson can’t compete, but at least it’s not a PPV, and just move on.

    Dana’s problem is that he sometimes acts too much like a fan or he tries to appeal to the fans by saying “hey, i’m one of you guys”

    • Ben Baller

      White was talking about the decision, not “talking smack” about the fighter. As it said above Gustaffson wanted to fight. Agree with White, the DECISION by the SMMAF medical committee was BS…

      • Rube Kegal

        Absolutely absurd Ben. A cut 5 days out is still raw, you can’t make an argument that Gustafsson should be fighting….he wouldn’t have gotten cleared ANYWHERE!!

        • Fuzzy

          especially with the position of the cut. If they would let him fight, there’s a high likelihood that cut would get turned into a face-vag.

          • John Bunch

            A doctor’s job is to err on the side of caution. At least one of the actor’s in this unfolding “drama” has the best interests of the fighter in mind…and not the bottom line that couldn’t give two sh!ts about the human factor.

          • jojo

            +1 to what he just said.

          • Timothy Malone

            The fighter wants to fight. Is Gustaffson a child that cant decide his own “best interests?”

          • Julian Moran

            Your argument is idiotic.

            If Gustafsson had two broken legs, a broken arm, a broken nose and a broken jaw and still wanted to fight should the medical committee allow him to fight because he is a grown men? The doctor’s job is to put the fighter’s safety first… before his ego.

          • Timothy Malone

            It’s a cut that’s been healing for days. What’s going to happen? It might open and then he will lose. The horror.

            White will still make money off this card. It isn’t a ppv. Gustaffson is the one who won’t be getting any money (unless the UFC is kind enough to pay him anyway.)

          • kbroesq

            That cannot be the standard; whether the fighter wants to fight. There are a lot of tough guys out there who would fight with all sorts of ailments that could potentially harm them and the sport in general.

            So, as a matter of fact, in answer to your rhetorical question about Gustaffson being a child, YES, in this respect, many fighters DO act like children who want to ‘play outside’ when they are sick.

  • Julian Moran

    The cut may have looked better, but it was still not healed and easily could be re-opened. I would think that MMA Fans would want a fair fight. Not a fight in which one fighter becomes a bloody mess as soon as his face is touched.

  • Don’t know why they even bother to have doctors or commissions, when the great Dana White is available to make these types of decisions. He can serve as the ringside physician too. Just have Dana Dane and Stevie W̶o̶n̶d̶e̶r Mazzagatti work all the contests (“What concussion? You can’t even see it in the picture!!!). Fighters should all be dead in a year.

  • Hey-yo

    On the first picture he looks like an alcoholic homeless who got in a bum fight over booze