Alexander Gustafsson Can Get Another Shot at Jon Jones… If He Gets Past Rogerio Nogueira

October 27, 2013
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Alexander GustafssonAfter Alexander Gustafsson gave UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones the fight of his life at UFC 165 back in September, the MMA world was clamoring for an instant rematch.

With Jones’ next opponent being named Glover Teixeira at a date yet to be determined, the brawling Swede awaited word of whom he would be facing off against next.  With his gutsy performance against Bones – a performance that solidified his fighting acumen to the MMA community, both stateside and abroad – the next opponent for “The Mauler” had to be worthy of a bout with the newly christened MMA standout.

At Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 30: Munoz vs. Machida post-fight press conference inside the bowels of the Phones4U Arena in Manchester, England, UFC president Dana White announced Alexander Gustafsson’s next fight.

And folks, he’s worthy.

Former Pride FC standout and current surging UFC light heavyweight Antonio Rogerio Nogueira will now serve as “The Mauler’s” next opponent.  The match-up will take place March 8 in London.

Nogueira is currently riding a two-fight winning streak and is 4-2 in the UFC after starting his career in Japan, becoming a superstar alongside his brother Rodrigo in the aforementioned, now-defunct Pride FC organization.  Little Nog’s most recent victory came at UFC 158 back in February, in an upset of top-ranked Rashad Evans.  The win over Evans all but made certain that his next fight would be a contender-level scrap.

As UFC president Dana White made clear, if Gustafsson can get by Nogueira, then a rematch against Jones awaits – pending Jones defeats Teixeira – in what would surely be one of the most anticipated rematches in the company’s 20-year history.

“It’s definite. He’s got the shot,” said White. “If he beats Nogueira and Jon Jones wins his fight against Teixeira, that’ll be the next fight. He’ll get his rematch.”

No word on if the title shot applies for Nogueira.

Gustafsson and Nogueira were scheduled to meet in a prior showdown at UFC on Fuel TV 2 in April 2012, but the Brazilian was forced to bow out due with a knee injury.  For Gustafsson, not only is this a chance at fighting a legend, it’s also a chance to handle some unfinished business.

“We were supposed to fight way back, but we didn’t and now I have the chance to fight him again,” said Gustafsson.  “I’m really looking forward to it. He’s a great stand-up striker and a really good opponent.”

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  • Haven’t seen Gustafsson’s ground game (Submission wise) but will be interesting.

    • Advance*

      He submitted Te-Huna and Diabate

  • Chicago

    Thought i was a little disrespectful to the other fighters to have Alex sit in on their post fight interview.

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      I assume you are talking about the post fight press conference and not the post fight interviews. I’m not really sure how you would consider that disrespectful. Gus was more than likely asked to attend in case anyone had any questions for him. Chael, Gus, Conor, along with many other UFC fighters have been hanging out in Manchester for the past few days to help promote the UFC and the event as well as doing Q&A’s/signings. It’s not like they sat him up near the main card fighters near the podium or anything. He was all the way off to the end and you could barely see him.

      If you want to talk about anything disrespectful bring up Cole Miller, that sh*t he said was completely uncalled for and out of line. Almost hope they give him to Conor like he is asking so he gets an A** beating after that.

      • Chicago

        I 100% agree that he was asked to. I didn’t here about Miller, but I will look it up now!

  • julian moran

    I like this fight.
    I did not like Gustafsson and Cormier fighting for a title shot against Jones. It would (potentially) be like the number 1 and 2 in the division fighting for a title shot against the number 3 in the division. Now both contenders can get a shot for the title.

    • TheCerealKiller

      They’re both gonna lose to Jones, might as well let them fight each other.

  • Mr Pete

    Good fight, style wise for Gus, the fight is not going to the ground as evidenced in the Jones fight, so Lil Nog submission game will be a moot, clearly he has learned from the whole Phil Davis fluke submission thing and certainly Lil Nog will not KO or out point Gus as evidenced in the Davis and Rashad fight. Also, on top of that Gus has proven he can take hit, full force spinning elbow 4th rd 4min completely exhausted and clean overhand rights by Shogun

    • fsunoles10

      i wouldnt call it a fluke if gustaffsson thought after that fight i really need to train with this guy and get my shit strait.

  • Ramon S

    I dont know if thats the best thing to do for Gustaffson carrer, if he looses again with jon jones it might be another junior dos santos case were he is going to be the gatekeeper for a long time.

    • Advance*

      There’s not really a better option for him though. If they have him fight a few more times then he’s risking a loss to another contender, which is worse than losing to Jones again, or he’s just going to keep derailing other future contenders. If he loses to Jones a second time there’s always the possibility that someone else will win the belt in the near future or Jones might move up to heavyweight.

      The first fight was very close and he’ll have about a year to try to push himself over the edge. There’s a big difference between that and Dos Santos trying to rebound from a complete domination.

  • whammy

    i dnt like it at all dc deserves nxt #1 contenders match only guy in the divistion that will beat jones n dana in jackson are keeping their cash cow safe

    • Advance*

      How does Cormier deserve it more? He’s 0-0 at LHW in his career and a lot of people (including myself) thought Gustafsson beat Jones

      • toom

        Watch it again he clearly lost

    • TheCerealKiller

      He “deserves” nothing! What belt does he currently hold? I can see another champ from a different weight class getting that, but not some guy who isn’t even the best in his own class.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Too soon. We just watched Cain fight two guys for three years.

  • shakejunt

    it’s like cain getting bigfoot and jds getting hunt, fluff name fight to set up the rematch. i’m down.


    If they all believe that Jones gonna beat Texiera,,, then why even bother having that fight?

    • Ramon S

      I dont believe Jonnes will beat Texiera is going to be a close match.

  • Kbroesq

    Forgive me if this story has already been written (I haven’t been on the site in a while), but why are they making this match? This match just doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t think Little Nog has really ever looked good in the UFC, except against maybe Ortiz. He’s coming of a lackluster performance. Perhaps he’s technically the right choice because of who he just beat, but I think there are more competitive matches for Gust.