Alexander Gustafsson Agrees to Rematch at UFC 177 in August, but Awaiting Word from Jon Jones

May 25, 2014
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Jon Jones vs Alexander GustafssonThe long-awaited rematch between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson has a date and location… sort of.

Gustafsson has agreed to fight Jones at UFC 177 on Aug. 30 in Las Vegas. UFC officials confirmed the news after company co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta spilled the news to ESPN on Saturday.

The only hold-up at the moment is Jones agreeing to the same.

“Yes, that’s true,” Gustafsson’s manager, Manos Terzitane, told ESPN. “We were offered to fight on the card at the end of August in Las Vegas.

“This is a big fight. The first title fight was the best fight in UFC history. We’re just hoping Jones will accept the fight.”

“Gustafsson just signed a new deal and he signed the bout agreement for that fight,” said UFC president Dana White on Saturday night. “Now we’re working on Jones.”

After his victory over Glover Teixeira in April, Jones avoided talking about the proposed rematch, and as of the time of publication, there had been no word from Jones or his management about whether or not they would accept a UFC 177 showdown with Gustafsson.

Part of the hold-up, however, according to White, is that not only do they have to iron out details of this specific fight with Jones, they are also working on a new contract for Jones, which could take a little time.

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  • David Huenecke

    Jones is running from everybody. Hes the new tito ortiz. Constanly coming up with excuses as to why someone doesnt deserve a shot at his belt.

    • teekay

      shut up!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Collideoverme

        Jon? Is that you?

  • Jon Doe

    Why in world is the UFC “hoping” Jon Jones would accept the fight? He’s the champ? He is also an employee? Champions fight the number 2? This is universal, number 1 fight number 2 whoever is number 2 Gus/DC dont matter. The champ fights the next best, period. They dont have a say, this isnt boxing

    • El Gvapo

      Of course he’ll accept it, he’s just gonna make sure he gets paid even more to do so . That’s the champ’s prerogative. Plus if he doesn’t sign, where’s he going to go? Bellator, WSOF?

      • zarthustra

        It’s not the necessarily the champ’s prerogative to demand more money, that’s the point of a contract that covers 4, 6, 8 fights or whatever. Is Jones literally at the end of his contract, or is he demanding to renegotiate a contract which is already in progress (possibly as a ploy to avoid back-to-back tough fights with Gustaffson and Cormier?)

        • El Gvapo

          Well the article says they’re negotiating a new contract with jones so I assume that’s the case. It will be impossible for him to “duck” both Gus and DC though, if he doesn’t fight one then he’ll fight the other. Especially seeing as the division is nowhere near as stacked as it used to be, there’s no other real contenders right now except for those two.

    • zarthustra

      UFC fighters aren’t employees, they are independent contractors. They can’t be forced to accept a fight.

  • jonesscared

    Jones is gonna duck gus. It’s funny the first time jones volunteered for this fight and gus got that booty, now jones is ducking him. That should tell everyone who really won their first encounter. Jones may retire. Champs have to face their mandatory. I remember it took 2 years for silva to face weidman, his mandatory. Ufc must quit treating jones like a diva

    • El Gvapo

      You’re an idiot. How did silva duck Weidman for 2 years? Almost two years before their first fight Weidman beat Jesse Bongfelt in his second UFC fight. This was after decisioning Sakara in his debut. If you think beating those two warrants a title shot then you’re a very stupid man.

  • Jones_duck_jones

    boner is gonna duck gus as long as he can or untill gus and dc fight each other..

  • lowlb

    He just beat Teixeira. Short honeymoon. Now he’s got 3 months to prepare for a guy who kicked his ass last time, he can’t him poke in the eye. The UFC needs their Euro market and Gus is the man over there. Jones will take it eventually.. It’s a holiday weekend in the US, sheesh..

  • Grisscoat

    If I were Jones I’d fight Cormier first. Easier fight. Take him out of the picture and be done with him. Then fight Gus in December and, win or lose, take a nice, long break. Cormier is kidding himself if he thinks he can take Jones down at will. Easier said than done. He won’t be able to rag doll Jones like he did Hendo. And he’ll also have to worry about being subbed.