Alex Caceres Suspended, Riki Fukuda Released Following Failed UFC on Fuel TV 8 Drug Tests

March 20, 2013
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20-alex-caceres-ufn-24-wThe Ultimate Fighting Championship on Wednesday confirmed that Alex Caceres and Riki Fukuda both failed their post-fight drug tests at UFC on Fuel TV 8, which took place on March 3 in Japan.

Caceres tested positive for marijuana metabolites following his fight with Kyung Ho Kang. He received a six-month suspension retroactive to the date of the event, agreed to attend drug rehabilitation classes, and must pass a drug test upon completing his suspension before he can return to competition.

Caceres initially scored a split decision victory over Kang, but the result of that bout has been changed to a no contest.

Fukuda’s drug test results revealed the presence of Phenylpropanolamine, Norpseudoephedrine, and Ephedrine, which are stimulants and considered banned performance-enhancing substances.

Fukuda lost his bout against Brad Tavares at UFC on Fuel TV 8 and has an overall record of 2-3 in the Octagon, so the UFC released him from his contract following the failed drug test.

His test results will also be reported to the official Association of Boxing Commissions record-keeper.

All 22 fighters on the UFC on Fuel TV 8 fight card were drug tested, according to UFC officials. Caceres and Fukuda were the sole participants to return a positive result.

There is no athletic commission that oversees mixed martial arts events in Japan. The UFC hired an independent testing facility to administer the drug tests.

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  • I don’t get it, why train your ass off and work so hard to get the W and then have it all ruined by smoking weed! Is weed so important that you let it ruin your lively hood? Now you are suspended and for some fines along with that all for smoking weed! What a shame!!

    • GoNoles

      it shouldnt be on the banned substance list anyway, how in the hell is weed in any way a performance enhancer?

      • Cereal Killer

        It’s a pain killer. That is the reason. Oh, and the fact that it is a Federal offense. All illegal drugs are on the list.

        • GoNoles

          wouldnt call it a pain killer, any pain what so ever strait kills whatever buzz i have and if i have something bothering me and i smoke it doesnt make it go away it still hurts. like when its cold, i played catcher my whole life in baseball and played d end in football my whole life and my knees aint bad but they got a bit of wear and tear on em and sometimes my knees will start aching because of the cold and i smoke everyday bro and i can tell you it might ease your mind and relax you but it doesnt take away the pain. good ol tylenol will take care of that, either that or tough it out.

      • dd

        you know it might not be an enhancer but the rule is there to protect you and the other fighter..they dont want you to go into a fight all high and get hurt

        • Milosc

          All of you are thoughtless cowards. Go suck on someone’s illogical ‘rule’

          That is all

          • Cereal Killer

            Please, enlighten us oh wise one. I’m anxious to know how we are cowards.

          • GoNoles

            calling somebody a coward over the computer cuz their opinion varies from yours? hah bro you’re the epitome of a coward

        • GoNoles

          hah pretty sure people aint gonna go into a fight high and if they did it would only be a few hits not blowed. hah

      • Matte

        That is not what Lehi is wondering though. Have whatever view you want about what substances you want.

        The point is, why risk your career using a substance you know is not allowed?

        Plain stupid.

        • GoNoles

          people can get hammered all they want but you smoke a little weed which has nowhere near the affects of alcohol and you’re the biggest outkast in your sport. pretty stupid logic there, but its whatever just flush it out before you get tested but i wouldnt stop because of some bulls*** rules that would rather have a ped user than a pot head fighting.

      • I don’t know if the commission considers it PED. It come even be a disadvantage. Joe Rogan believes it is an advantage for guys. But your timing could be off and you could be shot out from smoking to much, there’s many reasons that the commission won’t allow it. Maybe even to keep the sport clean but that’s not the point. If the commission say’s you can’t have it in your system that’s the way it is. It’s illegal under federal law and for many reasons I’m sure the commission will keep it on the banned substance list even if it was legal federally.

        • GoNoles

          in diaz case it is legal under state law which i know federal trumps that but if its legal where the dude is from why should he have been suspended if its prescribed to em? they frown upon a pot head but they welcome trt users with open arms.

          • I agree if they allow trt, Diaz should be allowed to have certain levels since he is prescribed it by a doctor. I’m not saying he should be allowed to fight high or anything but he didn’t deserve a year suspension. They don’t allow a lot of drugs prescribed by doctors either though. In the end it’s for the fighters safety and it’s not really a bad thing.

  • rampage

    whatsup with fukuda, 3 banned substances…shit

    • Cereal Killer

      “There is no athletic commission that oversees mixed martial arts events in Japan.” He must have thought he wasn’t going to get tested. The only other option would be he’s crazy!

    • Rence

      Looking at what he took, looks like dude may have just had a nasty head cold. I’d be very interested in the levels he had in his system. theres a few steps between Sudafed and Meth

  • Gary Fredericks

    I have a son that wrestles in a statewide youth program. Every Sunday at his tournaments, I see mom’s and dad’s having their 5-12 year old kids chug Monster and Red Bull before each bout. They often times try to semi-hide this by shielding the cans. Its pathetic. THis is not to mention the empty caffienated candy wrappers I see as well….like the ones sold at sporting goods stores at the counter. I believe these kids are being set up to be the next Riki Fukuda’s, Josh Barnett’s, Thiago Silva’s, Ken Shamrock’s….ect and have a bright future of TRT use exemptions and crappy fight records.

    My point? Parents are planting the seed in these kids that they NEED something more than they got to succeed in their sport, much the same as the pro sports guys getting popped for banned substances left and right….and not exclusively in MMA. The crutch of using PED’s is a mental illness that start’s long before they get to this level. I think I am wittnessing it’s genesis each Sunday through the youth wrestling season.

    • Gary Fredericks

      I won’t mention the dope heads as I do not feel that weed is a PED….quite the opposite.