Albuquerque PD Seeks Jon Jones for Questioning… UFC Responds

April 26, 2015
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UFC champion Jon Jones is being sought by Albuquerque, N.M., police for questioning about his possible role in a hit-and-run accident that took place in Albuquerque on Sunday. reported that Jones was involved in a car accident and that it could possibly affect his participation in a scheduled bout with Anthony Johnson at UFC 187 on May 23, but details have been lacking.

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Early rumors were that Jones was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run accident and fled the scene. A public statement on the City of Albuquerque website on Sunday substantiates that Jones is wanted for questioning about his possible involvement in such an accident.

Jon-Jones-UFC-The-Time-Is-Now-02-750“The Albuquerque Police Department is actively seeking UFC Fighter Jon Jones for questioning in regards to his possible involvement in a hit-and-run accident, near the intersection of Juan Tabo and Southern, in Southeast Albuquerque early this morning, April 26, 2015,” read the statement from the Albuquerque Police Department.

“A pregnant female in her 20s, who was the driver of a separate vehicle, was taken to a local hospital for minor injuries.

“Officers attempted to contact Mr. Jones at his residence Sunday evening, but were unsuccessful. We have also reached out to his lawyer, but as of now, have not heard back.

“The Albuquerque Police Department is asking Mr. Jones to please contact us as we continue to investigate by calling (505) 242-COPS (2677).”

As of the time of publication, there had been no word on Jones’ whereabouts, but the UFC did release the following statement:

“We are aware that the Albuquerque Police Department is interested in speaking to Jon Jones regarding his possible involvement in a motor vehicle accident. We are in the process of gathering facts and will reserve further comment until more information is available.”

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  • guest

    Juan Tabo? The same blvd that Gale Boetticher mas murdered on? Coincidence? I think not. Guess coke is the new meth

  • Darin

    Jones is the dirtiest fighter in the UFC in more ways than one. He needs to be fired, and spending some time in prison wouldn’t hurt either. The police can’t find him because he’s hiding out with his lawyer and a doctor waiting and hoping the drugs and booze will leave his system. I’m sure Dana will praise him for “doing the right thing” and turning himself in, even if it’s a couple days after the fact. Then Dana will send him to driving school for 8 hours to “get the help he needs”. Even if you overlook the brawl with DC, this is still strike 3.

    • deepgrim

      well we dont quite know what has happened yet but it sure as hell looks like that. you would imagine there will be a big cover up too so we might never know. jon might not be too disappointed if the fight with AJ is called off either

    • penandpaper

      You are one evil, evil person. So disgusting. smh. Judgmental, evil, vile person ughhh.
      Just go away, every where is better off without you.

      • earlsimmons

        LOL another mad liberal trying to silence and name call someone you dont agree with.

        • fedor

          How could you possibly know his political persuasion from reading a comment, are you another conservative that doesn’t believe social programs cut crime, and contrary to all data and research, that just throwing people in jail does not decrease crime. Are you one of those conservatives that is homophobic, and doesn’t believe in evolution and thinks Reagan was a blessing for your country

          • Sir_Roy

            It’s his ONLY retort. He’s pulled that “Liberal” crap on me too. It’s the only feedback he knows how to give. He’s probably a kid fresh off the trailer park who’s just started becoming “politically inclined”. Learned some new rhetoric and now thinks he’s showing it off.

          • earlsimmons

            right….so fedor calls me out on judging someone based on their comments and yet here you are calling me a kid off the trailer based on my comments. LOL typical lib hypocrisy it is hilarious. So worried about gun control and people using guns to shoot up kids in schools but abortion is fine…HA you libs really have no clue how dumb you sound. PS im an engineer you mad?

          • Sir_Roy

            Gun control? Who the “f” is talking to you about gun control? Moron.

            Dude, you can “be” whatever you want on the net. It’s all good. Pawn yourself off as Jesus Christ if you want. No one cares enough to contradict or even feign disbelief.

            What you are, however, and this in all abundant clarity, is a complete, clueless, @ss.

          • earlsimmons

            Cuz all liberals sound the same. and I have NO clue wtf you are talking about. This conversation had nothing to do with cutting crime rates, if someone breaks the law they should be thrown in jail. Are you saying that if JJ was high and is convicted of a hit and run he shouldnt be put in jail because that will increase crime rates? Also conservatives arent homophobic, maybe you mean Christians but if you read the bible youd understand but you libs love to argue about things you dont understand and act like you do. Since when do conservatives not believe in evolution? I am guessing you mean christatins again. In that case you are wrong again since many christains DO believe in evolution. Typical libturd not knowing what your talking about. Nice try though ill give you points for trying.

      • Darin

        LOL. A dude with a criminal history commits another crime, hits a pregnant woman. I say he deserves jail time = I’m evil.

        • penandpaper

          You make no sense and are a disgusting evil person.

          • How about him being convicted of a felony hit-and-run charge? Does that make sense to you?

          • penandpaper

            Nah, that doesn’t make sense at all either. ONE of the things that your comments show is that you have no understanding of how the judicial system works. But as far as making sense, nah, you don’t at all.

          • Well it’s a good thing i don’t know how the judicial system works, because we were talking about the legal system. Yah, I have no knowledge at all and don’t make sense, which is why I was able to predict him being convicted of a felony before it happened. Good thing my comments about people who don’t turn themselves in after committing hit-and-runs wasn’t something like “he could have been napping,” or else that would have been completely embarrassing given the current circumstances.

            And stop upvoting your own comments. It manages to make you somehow look like more of a pathetic dipshit than you already do. Everything played out as predicted and he was stripped of his title with jail time to look forward to. He’s about as silent to the media as you are on every other article posted since this one. Hopefully, you both realize your stupidity, fade into obscurity and never speak again.

      • What delusional existence do you live in where anything he said was so far gone and out of place that it could be considered vile? You and people like you are exactly what’s wrong with this sport. Oh, Anderson Silva tests positive to TWO tests? Let’s justify it. Oh, Jon Jones is making a mockery of himself and the UFC? Let’s justify it. God forbid somebody feels compelled to hold them accountable for their actions, and quite literally too, because Jon Jones has him on speed dial.

        Typically when you call yourself a servant of Christ, then get a DUI after crashing into a telephone pole while driving around with two women that aren’t your wife, then test positive for cocaine and go to rehab for a day as part of a smug publicity stunt, assault another fighter at a media event, and then are part of a hit-and-run with a pregnant woman, you’re going to get judged. If you’re toted as being the best pound-for-pound fighter in arguably the toughest division in MMA, you’re going to get judged. If you’re a role model to children in your Reeboks while blowing lines and attempting to cheat on your wife, you’re going to get judged.

        In fact, the most evil part of this scenario are people like you chastising those with valid opinions about this, all in an effort to remain in denial longer and try to savor the taste of the bullshit Dana is about to feed them. It’s insulting to me the lengths they travel to sweep things like this under the rug when you’re one of their most coddled draws, but will strip you of your Fight of the Night honors and send you packing to Bellator if you’re an undercard fighter caught in the same situation. But the guy who states Jon Jones should be jailed for committing a felony is vile. Smh smh smh smh ughhh.

  • William Dave

    A good excuse not to fight Johnson cos he knows he’s going down on this fight

    • SpaceJam


  • DamianCross

    The whole story: Bones bought some more coke cause coke is addicting and he’s addicted. He accidentally hit another car while driving away. He said “Oh no! I have a prior DWI and I am an admitted cocaine user! I should leave this place before the police arrive!” Then he drove away.

    Source: I’m from NYC and I’m not blind.

    • Darin

      Thank you! Some people here just don’t get how we can “jump” to the conclusion that this is just Jones being Jones.

      • Sir_Roy

        Seriously. If it smells like sh!t, looks like sh!t, replete with sh!t flies, then please, please don’t ask me to take a nibble before coming to the conclusion that it is, indeed, a piece of sh!t.

    • Ankur Sethi

      Plus he may have had some of that good stuff in the car at the time.

  • David Alan Spiccia

    Arrogance is the poison to a mans character. Jones believes in his mind that he is a demigod . I saw it when he won the championship and rubbed his belly and stuck his tongue out and acted like Bill Cosby. Weak minded. If jon jones didnt have the height and reach, he wouldn’t be any where near as effective. Hes a real piece of work. If I got into an accident and had nothing to hide, I would be on the scene until police arrived to assess the situation. I wonder why he didnt? Wow the same guy who chased down thugs in Central Park is a thug himself. DC was right. Jon Jones is most likely a piece of dog excrement.

    • BizzleZX10R

      You think height and reach is the only reason? Where’s Stefan Struve’s championship??

      • David Alan Spiccia

        Wouldnt be anywhere near as effective ” The key words in that statement are “anywhere near” as effective. Ok, now, lets say I tell you to forgive my ignorance. How are you going to defend running away from the scene of an accident like a little CRIMINAL ? And is it a coinkidink that when he fought a guy( Guss ) who made Jones’s reach and height advantage void, he didnt do as good against him, as all the other fighters who have challenged Jones?

    • sean

      Yeahhhhh…… Because height and reach worked so well for guss against Johnson….. idiot

      • David Alan Spiccia

        , ” Wouldnt be anywhere near as effective ” The key words in that statement are “anywhere near” as effective. Ok, now, lets say I tell you to forgive my ignorance. How are you going to defend running away from the scene of an accident like a little CRIMINAL ? If you call me names , it must be true. Why ? Because your the smartest man in da planet ! Or, you have a small pee pee , and name calling makes you feel uhm,,.bigger ? Stop being so insecure, it was a comment my “little” man 🙂 I hate you , your stupid, my dad can beat up your dad up .. How old are you ? 4?

  • Guest

    UPDATE: Jon Jones has just woken up and has no idea what’s going on. Sorry folks, false alarm tonight by unreliable reporters as usual.

  • Collideoverme

    f u c k e d

  • Ballzo


  • snapdad

    even though we don’t have a full story yet and all the facts haven’t been released, it don’t surprise me that jones is back in the media. coincidence how trouble follows this man?

    • Darin

      Coincidence? If I liked to get high and wasted on a regular basis then drive my Bentley, I guess trouble would “follow” me too, eh?

      • Sir_Roy

        Yeah. Jones had the maturity level of an adolescent when he became champ at 23 years of age.

        All the money & media attention certainly did not help his maturity levels since. He’s the Bieber of MMA.

  • earlsimmons

    Im surprised cerealkiller isnt on here defending jones telling us that failing to stay at the scene of the accident isn’t in jones contract therefore he violated nothing and shouldn’t be penalized.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Hi! I am at work, give me time.

  • Wardsize

    He’s already had one DUI since becoming the champ and has been caught with cocaine in his system. People who run from crashes are usually drunk or high. Once he sobers up he will turn himself in.

    • Eddie N Tina Kessler

      This^^^ plus he needs to get with his lawyers so he can get programmed exactly what to say. You know the, I am sorry. I was scared. I should not have left the scene but I was scared. I am truly sorry. Did I mention I was scared?

  • bkyguy78

    Was Rampage available for comment? hope it wasn’t the same pregnant woman he hit…

  • Ankur Sethi

    Takes time to sober up so a blood test won’t show anything. Please be respectful and give him the time he needs to do that. Plus he needs to clean up the car and get it to a body shop so we understand it was not really him at the scene.

  • Xavier Marquez

    Big ppv draws have a special place in the UFCs heart. This guy should have been punished a long time ago. Arrogance is obvious and he continues to think he can have a rockstar lifestyle with no repercussions.

  • KJK

    You know I think Jon Jones sets a great example. I mean seriously think about the power of the message he sends! There should a mandatory course developed for incoming UFC fighters…a rookie symposium of sorts….purely based on Jon Jones.

    So you wanna be a fighter 101: In this course you will learn how to deal with the pressures of being an elite world class athlete. The first few lectures will cover entering the sport, choosing a team, and positioning in the market for sponsorship. The second set of classes will cover methods and practices to ensure you destroy team chemistry and develop the adequate rivalry scenarios. The final wrap up to the course will lay out in detail how to act in a manor unacceptable to the general public with the goal being to generate publicity. In the the final wrap up to Fighter 101 topics to be covered will include infidelity, driving while intoxicated, drug use, hypocrisy, and of course tips on choosing a lawyer. 50% of the final grade will be based on an end of course paper pre-titled “No Press is Bad Press”.

  • Jim

    Is anyone really surprised?

  • Wow.

    I’m Really Surprised..

  • TheCerealKiller

    Well, this is a fun morning! The comments have had me laughing for hours. At the end of t all, Jones was probably drinking or smoking weed.(read some reports of a pipe) The stupid laws are set up to favor you to hit and run. If he stays, he gets another DUI. If he runs, he sobers up, turns himself in and gets a small fine for a misdemeanor. Nothing is going to happen to him. He’ll get his serving of “Rumble pie” next month.

    • taylor2008

      You are probably right, but they honeslty need to cut the guy. Too many good clean fighters out there.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Just upgraded to a felony, he’s done.

        • taylor2008

          I thought that would happen. He is lucky he has money. Criminal case against him and the pregnant lady will probably file a civil suit.

    • uncle

      Rumble is a bigger threat then DC and Jones better be focused right now or he will lose the title he is starting to look like the Jameis Winston of MMA.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    What kind of person hits a pregnant lady and then flees the scene without making sure she and the baby are OK? Serious character flaws in Jones. Dang!

    • Sir_Roy

      One who is high on weed and has everything to lose by staying. I mean, everything to someone who doesn’t value honesty and personal integrity that is.

    • taylor2008

      Exactly! Doesnt give a s— if anyone else is hurt? Why did he even go back for the money? HE has millions! If there was weed and lots of money he might have been selling it.

    • Wardsize

      Rampage Jackson

  • taylor2008

    Cut the idiot! Tired of him getting away with averything.

  • Darin

    I can’t believe a dude named Fetus Sandwich has my back, but thanks!

  • penandpaper

    Jon doesn’t need to step away or be removed from UFC at all. When you’re going through tough times or challenges in life, that’s when you need to press in harder and do even more in your career, not step away from it. All the greats in life pressed in harder when life’s difficulties arose. They rose to the challenge, conquered, looked the dilemma in the face and smiled at it while they rose to an even higher elevation in life. You don’t let set backs stop you, you become even more bold, more confident, stronger and you will achieve more and rise even higher. Henry Ford, John Rockefeller, Floyd Mayweather, Michael Jordan, the Kennedys, Nelson Mandela, J.K. Rowling, Martin Luther King, and so many more. It is never the time to quit, surrender, give up, or listen to your adversaries ill given “advice”. Now is the time for Jon to press in harder, excel more, and achieve higher greatness.
    “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”
    ― Albert Einstein