Alan Belcher Wants a Fight with Chris Weidman When He Returns Later This Year

August 26, 2012
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Alan Belcher at UFC 113When the UFC came calling to ask Vitor Belfort to step in and face Jon Jones in the main event of UFC 152, it actually ended as a blessing in disguise for his original opponent Alan Belcher.

Belcher and Belfort were set to square off in Brazil as part of the UFC 153 show, but an injury had slowed down the Mississippi native’s training recently.

“About 3 or 4 weeks back I had a real bad back problem. I went to the doctor, found out that I had a spinal fracture, and that put me out for like three weeks,” Belfort said in a video blog posted on Sunday.

Belcher was ready to push forward and continue on with the fight against Belfort, bad back or not, but when his opponent was yanked to compete at UFC 152, he knew that he had to take some time off to recover.

The delay forces Belcher off the UFC 153 card in Brazil, but he says he hopes to return as early as November and he has his sights set on a No. 1 contender’s match with the other top 185lb fighter without an opponent currently.

Chris Weidman, I think that fight makes sense,” Belcher stated. “Do I think that he’s the No. 1 contender? I don’t know about that, but I think that he’s definitely up there.”

Belcher understands that right now UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is looking for the biggest fights possible and those names include fighters like UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, so he’s not the business of calling out the champ.

What he does want is a top fight to push forward with later this year, and he believes that person is Chris Weidman.

Whether the bout actually happens or not remains to be seen, but Belcher is confident that his back will be healed up shortly and he can field calls from UFC matchmaker Joe Silva to help facilitate his return to action.

“I just need a couple extra weeks and I’ll be back in action,” said Belcher.

Now it’s just the matter of finding the opponent and the date for his return.

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  • kaldani15

    Good match up but i call weidman by submission. Weidman is one of the best all around fighters. His striking got way better, his transitions from stand-up to ground game is pinpoint accurate and he can pull subs on anyone.

  • MaritalArtist

    First of all, let’s get some facts straight. First, let’s start with silva. I know he is currently considered the GOAT. And yes he’s 37, so he would like some time off. But isn’t 8-10 months a little excessive? If he schedules his next bout after the 1st of the year as he said he would, that would put his next bout at feb-April 2013, which is almost a year off! So here it goes: I think he should just man up and fight Weidman in December.

    Next order of business: belcher. He really needs to fight the bisping-stann winner as a true #1 contender’s match. Of course, GSP could very well cut in line, using the superfight trump card, if silva’s still the champ, but at least then we won’t have to figure out who’s next.

    That sort of leaves Boetsch alone out in left field. There are only a couple of fighters who should be fighting him. The barbarian should either just wait to fight a top-5 loser of an above-mentioned contender’s fight, or he can take the initiative now and fight a slightly lesser fighter, such as Palhares, Munoz, Nick Diaz or Shields. He could even take on belfort in nov-dec if he’s available, but vitor could very well be injured, or the new LHW champ, or both.

    Gentlemen, that’s what I think should happen. What will happen, I cannot control.

    • What?! “Boetsch should fight a loser from one of the above mentioned contenders fight”. Are you serious? Not a big Boetsch fan, and I actually really like Weidman, but Boetsch is coming off of back to back wins over top ten opponents, whether or not his fight with Lombard was lackluster. Weidman is coming off of a win over Munoz, who granted is a contender, and Maia before that, who’s not a top ten fighter anymore. I definitely think Weidman has more skill and waaay more potential, but saying Weidman should get the next crack at the title and Boetsch should take on losers of future fights is ridiculous.

  • MaritalArtist

    Why doesn’t Weidman fight Anderson silva in dec? That way, belcher can fight the bisping-stann winner for the next title shot, either before or after the GSP superfight. That’s a 6 month layoff for the GOAT. Come on, Anderson, don’t take 9 month breaks this close to your retirement!

    What would be ironic is if both Anderson and GSP lost, and ended up fighting each other for no title at all! Of course, we’d all watch it regardless.

    My 2 cents’.

  • Now this is a fight that Weidman needs. If he needs to beat two of the following guys to really be #1 contender. Belcher/Bisping/Palharres/Vitor. Best of luck to Alan Blecher, guy can’t catch a break. So talented and still young too.

  • I think Belcher is going to have the toughest time getting to a #1 spot. The guy is injury prone and with the issues the UFC has had with injuries lately I think they will be hesitant to push Belcher.

    Love this match up though…if it could happen it would be a great fight!

  • mikemma123

    It’s going to be a good fight. I got my money on belcher.

  • RubeKegal

    This guy has a phenomenal attitude considering Dana has f*cked him more than he does Rousey.

  • SuperNate-AO

    Belcher vs the Axe Murderer!!!

  • triangle choke

    Belcher stated: “Do I think that he’s the No. 1 contender? I don’t know about that, but I think that he’s definitely up there.”
    I’m trying not to laugh. Belcher is very good, not doubt about that. However, He’s in denial if he thinks Weidman is anything but the #1 contender. With a full training camp, Weidman wins by stoppage guaranteed. The only guy that can beat Weidman right now is Silva. By the way I personally think Silva is trying to wait and see if GSP beats Condit. If so, I believe Dana White is going to make the long awaited superfight finally happen.

    • atmosphere

      I personally read him saying “I don’t know about that” as him not sure whether or not Weidmans the #1 contender since it’s not clearcut, not that he’s doubting that he is.

      of course, it’s hard to read into that kind of context unless you listen to the actual interview