Alan Belcher Rematches Yushin Okami at UFC 155

September 13, 2012
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Alan Belcher at UFC 113More than six years after their first meeting inside the Octagon, Yushin Okami and Alan Belcher are set to do it all over again.

The middleweights have been paired for a rematch headed for UFC 155 on Dec 29.

UFC officials announced the match-up on Thursday evening.

Originally scheduled for UFC 153 in Brazil, Alan Belcher dealt with a spinal fracture that ultimately forced him off the card, but didn’t require any serious time away from training so he will be able to return just a couple of months later.

A winner of four fights in a row, Belcher will try to establish his name as a contender at 185lbs when he faces a former title challenger and also look to avenge an earlier loss in his career.

Yushin Okami made his debut at UFC 63 all the way back in 2006 when he defeated Belcher by unanimous decision.

The Japanese middleweight made short work of Buddy Roberts in his last fight at UFC 150, and now hopes to build on that with a rematch against Belcher in December.

There’s been no word yet where the rematch between Belcher and Okami will fall on the UFC 155 line-up.

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    Belcher got robbed 1st time!

    • zacharydetal

      I didn’t see their first fight. How bad of a robbery was it?

      • Okami won handily the first time. OMAHAKILLA is full of it.

  • I was hoping for Belcher and Weidman but oh well. Belcher and Bisping would be a beautiful fight. I won’t sleep on Okami though. Even though Silva rules all in this division there are still plenty of interesting match ups.

  • KBEsq

    Yeah, I’m a bit surprised by this based upon the recent past of the two fighters, but maybe it’s a good move with Belcher’s injury. Okami is no joke. He’s very underrated, but I think at this time, Belcher will be a huge favorite.

    Honestly, If the odds are right, I’d put money on Okami. I bet he’s going to be a huge underdog. I’m hoping Belcher keeps winning. He’s never really made a run and he’s very well-rounded.