Alan Belcher Avoids Disaster, Gets His Eyelid Stitched Up

April 28, 2013
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Alan Belcher at UFC 113Following his UFC 159 bout with Michael Bisping on Saturday night, it appears that Alan Belcher is going to be okay. He made a trip to the hospital for some stitches, but averted a much more disastrous scenario.

Belcher received a finger to his right eye that put a halt to the fight, his eyelid torn and blood streaming down his face. The inadvertent eye poke left him unable to continue, so the fight went to the judges, who awarded the bout to Bisping.

Although he lost the fight via technical decision, it was how that decision came about, not the actual loss, that left most people concerned for Belcher.

Belcher was unable to fight for the better part of 2010 and 2011 due to surgeries to repair a detached retina in his right eye. When the eye poke occurred and the blood streamed from his eye, focus quickly shifted to the possibility of aggravating the past injury.

Lucky for Belcher, it appears that the damage was primarily to the eyelid, and there doesn’t appear to be any concern about reinjuring his retina.

“I’m ok.. Just got back from e.r. 8 stitches in eyelid,” Belcher tweeted in the early morning hours on Sunday, shifting from worry about his eye back to the outcome of the fight.

“Disappointed. To my real supporters, I’m sorry, thank you once again.”

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  • onegoodnathan

    that’s great news. he looked a little rusty sat nite. I think his best fights are still ahead of him.

    • Mark McDowall

      I agree. He looked a bit slower than the usual Belcher. Maybe that tape that they cut off his ankles before the fight were hiding an injury?

  • good to hear….it will be a real shame , if his career ended on that fight

  • $27054044

    thank goodness…that looked really bad…

  • dd

    i dont understand the concept of technical should have been a NC or DQ …noone really knows who’s gonna win in the end..

    • Timothy Malone

      But what if the eyepoke happens in the last ten seconds of the third round? Do we really need to NC and have that fight again? Its true that anything can happen but if there has already been two (or three in championship) rounds that have taken place, might as well make a decision, with a draw in that third round being an option