Akira Corassani’s Nose Broken in Five Places Following Illegal Knee from Maximo Blanco

December 1, 2013
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Akira Corassani Broken Nose TUF 18Maximo Blanco thought he had scored a quick, first-round stoppage of Akira Corassani at The Ultimate Fighter 18 Finale on Saturday night in Las Vegas, but that was before he realized the knee he drove into Corassani’s face was illegal.

Blanco dropped Corassani, and as the Swedish fighter was trying to get up and regain his footing, Blanco blasted him with a knee to the face. The only problem was that Corassani still had a hand and a knee on the canvas, making Blanco’s attack illegal.

Corassani sat on the canvas for several minutes, doctors deeming him unfit to continue, and for good reason. His nose was broken in five places, and he suffered a concussion.

“Broke my nose in 5 places which was not as bad as the concussion from the knee,” Corassani posted on Facebook on Sunday. “The dizziness got worse gradually and I was rocked as hell.

“Truthfully I dont remember much but this was not the way I wanted to win, I was more than ready for this fight and due to a stupid move the fight was ruined. Thanks for all your support and I’ll be back soon!”

The fight was stopped 25 seconds after it began. Blanco was disqualified, giving Corassani the victory, albeit not the way he wanted it.

(Photo courtesy of Akira Corassani)

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  • Corey Hutton

    Good, acting like the bitch he is. MMA fighters are worse than soccer players for pretending and over acting at being hurt.

    • MmaFan

      You’re a ******* idiot. One knee could kill a downed fighter, get in a cage and take one then see who’s the bitch.

      • Denise

        Corey you think MMA fighters are cry babies that is hilarious you think a broken nose is pretending hahahah that’s funny tell you what you should become a MMA fighter so we all can see what a tough guy you are .

      • dicky b

        lmao this guy, one knee could kill a downed fighter… watch pride, son… they’re right these guys are worse than soccer players

    • Chicago

      that 1st sentence was like yoda from starwars.

    • DanMan

      do ypu not see the xray you ******* tool ?

    • MillerTime037 .

      stop watching mma you know nothing about it

    • Retards adorned in glittery Affliction shirts like you are the reason I refuse to go to live events.

  • I can’t believe the audience boo’ed Corassani for not being able to continue because of “one illegal knee”.


    • Wolf Ticket

      Well, there are obviously still people who could watch it multiple times in slow-mo, can now see the x-ray and medical report, and are still bitching about Corassani. What can we then expect from the people in audience who actually paid for the event?

    • Denise

      I can believe it after all it’s not them in pain and bleeding all over the place right

  • Rick

    He wasn’t even that hurt until he found out it was an illegal knee corassani is a crybaby once the ref said it was illegal he started flopping around like a fish out of water

    • Griff

      You are so correct, the broken nose obviously came after the ref said it was an illegal strike. (palm to face)

      • Jason Priest

        Hey, if this was PRIDE, it would’ve been a spectacular knockout. Just sayin’.

        • bajafox

          If my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle, whats your point?

          • Jason Priest

            Haaha, what are you so butt-hurt about sweetheart?? And the point is-They should change the BS rules. None of this “3 points of contact crap” and allow knees to downed opponents and face stomps. Watch how the dynamics of the fights change, with the quickness. Now, do you want me to explain the birds and the bees to you next, pumpkin?

          • bajafox

            I’m no homophobe by any means but I don’t like being hit on in a public forum

    • true he asked the ref what happened and as soon as he said was an illegal knee he dropped back and started acting like a soccer player and then said he cant see o.O. yes it was illegal but the bonus win money seemed tempting i guess….still shouldnt boo a fighter no matter what happens, MMA fans dont seem to have the respect they used too.

  • onehitwonder

    over 5,000 mAs of radiation for a facial bone Cat Scan and nobody put a lead sheild over this guys nuts ?