After The Brawl, Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Carried The Fight Over to Twitter

August 4, 2014
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Following their brawl during the UFC 178 Press Tour at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas on Monday, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier continued to take shots at each other via Twitter.







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  • Balls Deep

    Fuck bones! I don’t understand putting your forehead on somebody during stair downs. DC should have swung on dat foo!

    • TRT-rex

      What is “dat foo”? Is this a new martial art? I’m confused.

  • Cory Hurrle

    Totally agree with DC. He was dragged down by a guy who fell that was trying to break it up. Then Jon jumped on him.

  • JkBarri

    Almost every fighter put their forehead on stairdowns, its like a sign of taunting. Try to watch weigh ins in youtube. Jones should have took that top position for hours and break that pretty face of dc, hes the one who started the brawl after all

    • Ian Price

      Oh yeah DC started it. Totally started it by a shove. Didn’t forcibly put his hands on a UFC official and committed assault on him and pushed him off the stage possibly harming him….. Suuuuure….. DC did all that. Cool guy that Jones.

  • Rodrigo Silva

    Trust Jones to claim the TD. He’s defo trying to get inside DC’s head, Jones knew what he was doing provoking him. Maybe they think that dc will blow his load early on in the fight with all that emotion, and then Jones will punish him for it.

    The fines both guys will receive will be nothing compared to the extra PPV sales they just generated.

    • solo

      DC is too smart to fight with emotions!

      • Lucas Freire

        That. Not even once in his career anyone saw Cormier fighting wildly. I think JJ will get the W, but Cormier will give him a run for his belt

    • Ian Price

      DC will be fine. More experience, older, and has been kicking ass a weight class above, while overweight and completely outmatched in height and reach.