After Renan Barao Went to Hospital, Dillashaw Says He Was Scared, White Says He Lost Title Shot

August 29, 2014
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Renan BaraoRenan Barao’s failure to make it to the UFC 177 weigh-in on Friday not only cost him a shot at regaining the UFC bantamweight belt this weekend, he also won’t be allowed to step right back into a title fight once he is healthy again either.

UFC president Dana White told reporters in a scrum immediately following Friday’s weigh-in that Barao would not get a title shot upon returning from the issues that forced him out of Saturday’s fight in Sacramento, Calif.

By all accounts, Barao was in his hotel room Friday morning, sitting in a warm bathtub as part of his weight cutting process. He got up out of the bathtub feeling dizzy.

A report by citing a press release from his camp notes that Barao fell and hit his head against the wall upon getting out of the bathtub, while a report, citing sources within Barao’s camp, said that he did not hit his head.

Either way, the result was that Barao was transported to the hospital to be treated for issues related to difficulties in cutting weight, at which point he was removed from the fight.

UFC newbie Joe Soto, a former Tachi Palace Fights champion and Bellator tournament winner, agreed to step in versus TJ Dillashaw with the UFC bantamweight belt still on the line.

Following the weigh-in, Dillashaw didn’t show much sympathy toward Barao, claiming that the former champion was scared to fight him after Dillashaw had dominated him in May.

“He’s scared. He don’t want it,” exclaimed Dillashaw. “His coaches wanted it more than he did. It’s kind of funny, he’s never missed weight before.”

It wasn’t immediately clear if Barao had entered his weight cut any heavier than normal, but White said, “Maybe it’s time for him to move up to 145 (pounds). That’s something we’ll have to talk about.”


  • UFC fan

    What a waste. This guy lost to joe warren.

    • TheMod

      He was whopping Joe Warren pretty bad before getting caught.

      • johnnywrong

        And losing.

    • uncle

      Your saying it like you kicked Mr. Warren’s a**

  • Maybe Barao had a bad cut in the first fight as well.

    • Jason Priest

      Agreed. Barao is actually huge for this division. Hell the only reason he’s at 135 is so he wouldn’t have to fight his buddy J. Aldo. I have a feeling after this tho, and if Aldo finishes Mendes again, we might see him and Aldo move up, something that’s been talked about for awhile.

      • Gary Mayweather

        WHEN Aldo finishes Mendes again.

        • Jason Priest

          Mendes doesn’t have anything for Jose lolz. He can’t take him down and his striking ain’t nowhere near Aldo’s. This fight ends just like the first, with Chad eating a knee and being knocked the F%#K out.

  • Wow

    Dillashaw wow dilladouche should be his name. Scared or not may be true but atleast be respectful.. he could of been more professional about it.. He lost me as a fan. If i was him i look at it as an easy pay day for him.. now i’m praying that joe soto would win.

    • TheMod

      Where was Barao’s respect to Dillashaw? To the fans who paid money for their tickets? To the UFC? Dillashaw is rightfully angry.

    • Damian Pi

      Weight cutting cans who cut gigantic amounts of weight to fight smaller fighters deserve no respect.

      • johnnywrong

        All fighters cut weight, you f—ing idiot. Can? AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • Chris Morgan

      Why should Dillashaw be more respectful? It was Barao’s responsibility to make weight. Unless Barao became ill this week, there is NO REASON why he should’ve had trouble making weight. Also, if you were fighting in the UFC, you’d be pissed too if you’re fight was altered at the last minute due to weight management issues.

      Barao passing out tells me that he came into fight week weighing too much to begin with. Unless Barao has a credible reason for what happened, there’s no reason why Dillashaw should’ve acted any differently.

      • johnnywrong

        Regardless of Barao’s shortcomings, Dillashaw reacted like a high school moron, fact. Dude has let success go to his head and entered the Jon Jones Zone already. Not that I’m surprised from a Team Alpha Midget member.

        • BarrysHypocrisy

          I’m sure Dillashaw is sitting in his hotel room right now worried about what internet fanboys think about him.

          • johnnywrong

            The only people who use the term “fanboy” are fanboys. 😉

          • BarrysHypocrisy

            hehehehe…and you used it TWICE. You proved my point for me. THANKS!

        • Chris Morgan

          How has he let success go to his head? Did he refuse to fight Soto? Did he refuse to grant Barao a rematch even though Assuncao (arguably) should’ve been next in line? Those things alone disqualify TJ from being in the “Jon Jones zone.”

          TJ was understandably pissed off between cutting weight and finding out about Barao 75 minutes BEFORE weigh-ins. Whether you admit or not, you would’ve acted the same way if you were in TJ’s position.

      • Anthony Lopez

        Umm…. how about because regardless of what Barao did he can still exhibit some class?

        • Chris Morgan

          TJ did show class by agreeing to fight Soto and agreeing to fight Barao when Assuncao (arguably) should’ve been the one to fight. Between cutting weight and finding out about Barao, TJ was pissed (he admitted it in the post-fight presser). IF you were in TJ’s position, you would’ve reacted the EXACT same way whether you admit it or not.

          The situation with Barao reminds me of Gabe Ruediger on TUF 5. Like Barao, Ruediger tried cutting a lot of weight to fight and the result ended up being the same. Both guys ended up passing out and needed to go to the hospital.

          Why didn’t Barao show some class/professionalism by arriving in Sacramento with his weight in a position where he could cut weight effectively rather than try to cut 20+ lbs.?

    • Muaythai4life

      While I fully believe fighters should respect each other, I do give a slight pass to fighters attitudes at, during, and immediately after a weight in. If you have never had to cut weight before, trust me, you are miserable. You are grumpy, stressed, annoyed, dehydrated, hungry, and all around pissy.

  • Danny boy

    I agree will the dillerdouchbag comment I really hope he gets his f!?king head rung tomorrow.

  • brad king

    i cant wait till this flash-in-the-pan is knocked out and his title is gone. Dillashaw is nothing more than a cheesechamp.

    • Austin, TX

      It’s funny I used to think the same thing about Barao after his little stupid stripper dance at the end of his fights…

    • Ian Price

      You think TJ is that bad ?

      • brad king

        not no more he does seem legit.

  • Get2DaChoppa

    The worst part is that the UFC is still going to charge for this card.

    • TheCerealKiller

      But nobody is going to buy.

  • whadahell

    TJ is correct in part, but his delivery is just poor timing. TJ was just speaking from the hip. He was making weight himself and
    probably would have checked his words under better circumstances. Barao’s not scared, but his team and coaches did push him back into this fight too early, and they have been more vocal about why he lost than Barao himself.

    I think it was too soon for this rematch. This weight cut issue could be a blessing in disguise for Barao. Getting trounced a second time would be far worse for him than where he stands now. The young man needs to step back, fix some things with his weight management and start to move forward again.

    Get a statement from TJ after the fight is over and he might be saying something a bit different. Talking to fighters during a weight cut is not a good idea. They are rarely pleasant or respectful under that kind of duress.

  • manadon23 .

    Not trying to fighter bash at all here, I have a lot of respect for thse guys and the women. But the guy who couldn’t cut it in Bellator is now fighting for the belt in his first fight? What happened to the standards that the UFC used to have? This used to to be an organization that claimed to have the best fighters in the world. Now? Not so much. So many watered down cards with no superstars.

    • Jason Priest

      He’s on a 6 fight win streak. That’s why he got the shot. They could of gave the fight to Assuncao who’s also on a 6 fight win streak but they chose not to. That might have something to do with Assuncao giving him trouble in their first fight and beating him.

      • Maddawgmar

        Why give Assuncao the shot on a half day notice? No way he would make the weight. Soto had a full camp and was already on weight. That’s the only one that made sense on a few hours notice.

        • Jason Priest

          Raphael has already stated via Twitter that he’s in shape, at weight and ready to go. So what’s the excuse now lolz?

          • Maddawgmar

            Where was he at? Could he have been in Sacramento in an hour for the weigh in?

    • Gary Fredericks

      The “standards the UFC used to have” you say??? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA You ever see Keith Hackney vs Emanuel Yarborough kid?

  • Jason Priest

    Haha, what if Joe Soto wins tho? There’s always that chance for an upset, just like Dillashaw upset Barao. Assuncao gave TJ all sorts of trouble, don’t see why Joe can’t either. We’ll see……

    • deepgrim

      your exactly right, thats why we watch mma

  • Sensei_jr

    Look forwards to hearing how Rogan tried to over-sell this crappy card.

  • DontEverSayBro

    U guys are all douches. Probably use the word “bro” a lot.

    • I Have To Say It

      Yo’re right Bro!