‘After I Leave the UFC, I’m Done With Them,’ Rampage Jackson (Video)

May 3, 2012
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Quinton Rampage Jackson UFC 135“After I leave the UFC, I’m done with them. Just like when I left Pride.”

Those were the words of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, a recent guest on HDNet’s Inside MMA.

During his interview, Rampage talked about his changing attitude towards fans once he arrived on the UFC scene, and tiring of fighting “cowards” in the UFC.

Check out the highlights of his Inside MMA interview below…

  • See ya

    • Somebody get WAAAAAAAAAAmpage a tissue

    • mrsister

      He’s going through a contract negotiation – UFC is probably offering him 1/2 what he’s been making per fight. Your boss cuts you’re pay in half, maybe you go back to your desk and work. He knows there is no place to go. UFC holds all the cards. He’s doing what he thinks he needs to do. The ‘crying’ replies are uninformed. He’s delivered some big PPV’s, he probably thinks he’s built up a little good will and wants reciprocity. You probably would too. Maybe your coworkers would say your a baby.

      • When you missed weight for your last fight, have only won 2 of your last 5 fights and are currently on a 2 fight skid you’re not exactly in a position to demand anything.

        Dude is in for a rude awakening if he leaves after his next fight. Hollywood won’t be beating his door down and the money offered from other promoters (and associated money from things like sponsors) will be significantly less than what he made under the Zuffa banner.

        Poor Quinton, always the victim. Nothing is his fault and everyone is out to get him. Pride, Juanito, Hollywood, Zuffa… it’s always the same story.

        • mrsister

          You obviously never been in a cut throat business. Where your value is determined by factors that are both in your control and out of your control. You might have empathy, if you had. If shortbus means what I think, you won’t get it and never will. People who poke fun at disadvantaged people, physical or mental, are truly the lowest form of humans. Somewhere above child molester but in the same category.

          • LOL at you being unable to counter my points so you resort to name calling. You sure showed me! Just a sign that your logic is flawed and you’ve lost the argument. Care to point out any grammatical errors I may have made? That would really prove how right you are.


          • rsnowbass

            Cut throat businesses are for the most part performance based or driven…

            Just sayin’

          • mrsister

            Your point was he’s being a baby. My point was he’s in a contract negotiation and most people don’t like their pay being cut. Most would act similarly to how he is acting. Most people, not everyone. If your a dish rag and take what’s offered, probably not. Understand?

            Shortbus. What does it mean?

            My gramantical errors don’t concern me. I don’t care.

          • My point is not that he’s “acting like a baby”, that is an aside. My main argument is that he’s in no position to demand pay equal to or greater than what his last contract offered. He is in a performance driven field and he has not been delivering results consistant with the level of pay he is demanding.

            It doesn’t matter if he works for the UFC or KFC, if he is not productive then he doesn’t get paid. The main difference here is that KFC would have fired his ass long ago for all his antics.

    • TKD

      He really has been fairly irrelevant for a while now anyways. Let him leave.

      • BlackDog2009

        “fairly irrelevant” ? wtf does that mean? what a stupid expression and you do realize that one of his latest losses was in a title shot fight right? You don’t give title shots to guys that have been irrelevant for a while as you put it.

  • Good riddance…….. go fight in a second rate promotion where people might believe you’re actually a good fighter.

  • Lesnardo

    His situation with PRIDE was somewhat different contrary to what most TUF noobs think.

    Rampage had issues with PRIDE towards the end of his tenure. He was no longer a top guy after getting humiliated by Shogun and PRIDE wasn’t willing to pay him top dollars he demanded.

    So I believe he went to Cage Rage or one of those smaller shows. And that organization eventually got bought out by the UFC (I forget the name).

    Then he was fed to then dominant champ Chuck. And he wooped Chuck’s arse.

    • He was still considered a top guy after Shogun, but he was indeed lamenting not getting paid as much and having his purse screwed around with due to the penalty system they had when a fighter stalls.

      Afterwards, he fought in the WFA and won a decision against then pound-for-pounder, Matt Lindland.

      And when he whooped Chuck’s ass in the UFC, it was the 2nd time he did so, with the first being IN Pride. He made Chuck’s corner throw in the towel!

      • Lesnardo

        It wasn’t about the penalty system. Back when Rampage beat Chuck in PRIDE the LHW division was shallow. You had one or two top guys in the UFC and one or two top guys in PRIDE.

        The Shogun fight occured in the MWGP. Ricardo Arona, who Rampage beat, did extremely well in the tourney. Overeem did well too.

        So with Rampage getting destroyed by Shogun, the rankings changed. It was Wanderlei, Shogun, Arona Rampage Lil Nog and Overeem in the mix.

        Clearly, Rampage wasn’t the #2 man after Wanderlei.

  • bajafox

    “whaaaa, it’s everyones fault but mine, the fans boo me, the fighters don’t fight, whaaaaaa!!”

    GTFO crbaby. He’s not a fight promoters dream, look at his resume, he whines, he quits.

  • rsnowbass

    Typical Rampage…poor training habits…not willing to put in the work to better his game or to be the best, but still expecting top dollar.

    Go hang out with Terrel Owens Quinton…

    • MikeMc1983

      Owens is often referred to as one of the hardest working guys in the league. In off seasons people go and train with him.
      Jerry rice used to hold that reputation. Owens worked with Rice and then kept it up on his own.
      For all the things Owens gets knocked for, work ethic isn’t one of them.

  • Rampage is like the pissy girlfriend who gets all dramatic and says “pull the car over and let me out” when her feelings get hurt. She doesn’t really want you to pull over, she’s just being a drama queen and wants some attention.

    Zuffa needs to pull the car over and call his bluff.

  • robstoll

    With Cavalcante, Lawal, Moussasi coming from Strikeforce (hopefully early 2013) and Rampage’s less than stellar results since his losing the title to Griffin, he really doesn’t have much leverage. He’ll make some bucks fighting the Bob Sapps and other freak shows in Japan, India, and other countries that love to get their freak (show) on.

    • Lesnardo

      Actually I am sure by 2013 there will be a guy or two in Dream that could beat Rampage. An up-and-coming guy like Mousasi that will woop his ass.

      Isn’t the Dream LHW Mousasi? I am not sure if Rampage could beat him at this point.

      King Mo, Feijao and Mousasi in the UFC would be sick. UFC needs to do some house keeping. Fire underperformers and hire those guys. Also get rid of Kongo and other middle-of-the-pack dude in the HW division and get Cormier, Sergei, and Barnett.

  • biggest baby on the roster. why would anyone just stand in front of you and fight your fight, idiot?? can’t stand wrestlers? then learn to get back up, or learn how to keep it standing (chuck liddell did, a-hole.) no different than anderson silva thowing his hands in the air and bitching because jiujitsu guys like maia and leites wouldn’t just stand in front of him and be a punching bag…. for the sake of entertainment, of course! why would they???? why would bader just eat your hooks when he can clearly take you down and “hump” you, as you put it… apparently holding a grown man down on his back and feeding him punches and elbows is humping. don’t give this bum another dollar, Dana!!!

  • I think they’re going to put him on ice and give him his final fight right before his contract expires and it will be against someone he can’t beat. That way his value to other promotions (potential drawing power) will be less.

    He’s going to get the Roger Huerta treatment. Put him on ice so people forget about him and send him out with a loss.

  • z999

    No one cares Rampage. Have fun being broke in 10 years.

  • TKD

    Shitty work ethic…Shitty attitude…Shitty fighter. Later asshole!

  • wow – rampage I have enjoyed watching your fights but i cant support you on this one man, its MMA which means mixed martial arts, as long as you have been in this game you have no grappling/ground skills? then call the guys that do cowards? that is lame.

    • rsnowbass


    • MikeMc1983

      Either people should watch the video, or this site should have put the rest of the quote.
      He said he didn’t have a problem with takedowns. However the guys who take you down just to hump you are cowards.
      He’s right. Just because they’re smart cowards doesn’t change the fact that they’re cowards.
      It’s a problem the UFC is having. More and more guys just love to lay in half guard and rub their cup against their balls.

  • Mario


    I’m tired of hearing about Rampage and all his problems. Seriously, the sooner he leaves, the better!

    I wonder who the UFC will match him up against for his final fight?

  • clizzark

    Good riddance, bum

  • The butthurt spergs above can rage all they want. In reality, both Rampage and the UFC will move on to better things. Good luck to him and thanks for all the hard work.

    • rsnowbass

      I’d be inclined to take offense if I knew what the word sperg meant.

      So I take the bait and look it up on Google, as it relates to a person with Asperger’s Syndrome.

      Why couldn’t you just call us all a bunch of Butthurt Ass-Burgers?

      Anyone ever teach you that it’s NOT NICE to make fun of people with syndromes or conditions?

      In all seriousness, if you’re going to take the highroad, leave the personal attacks out…


      • Triggerman99

        “I’d be inclined to take offense if I knew what the word sperg meant.”
        I was thinking the same thing;
        “Is that an insult?” lol
        But I agree. Make your point, and leave it at that.
        Rampage has gotten steadily more mutinous over the last few years. Does anybody think it’s going to go in reverse and get better any time soon?
        Just let him go if he wants to go. He’s obviously not happy, and he’s nowhere near a title shot right now. There’s nothing to gain by keeping an unhappy, unproductive employee on the books.

  • TKD

    Isn’t this just stupid? This is like a major league football player saying he is done with the NFL, but will make a better living in arena football. Rampage is a whiny douche bag!

    • Lesnardo

      Rampage should hae jumped on the Affliction wagon. Although Affliction didn’t work out well for the fighters that left the UFC to join Affliction, for some fighters it worked out perfectly.

      For example Vitor, Lil Nog, Paul Buentello all got a piece of Affliction and then moved to the UFC.

  • bigwurm

    H has sucked since losing the belt, or since Juanito and him parted ways. He’s the most boring fighters out there now. all he does is stand in one spot and try to beat the other guy by looking at him. He doesnt engage anymore. F him, he sucks anyways. his fights are a waist of money, he’s washed up and his record sucks lately. The UFC helped his ass out when he had legal trouble and this is how he treats them back. He dosnt deserve the money he’s getting now. He brags about knocking people out but he doesnt ever throw a punch. see ya , cry baby…. you want more money win some fights

  • BlackDog2009

    Boy all you haters come out of the woodwork. If Ramapage ain’t praising UFC or sucking DW’s *&&ck then you all hate him. “ooh what a cry baby, good riddance, fairly irrelevant, blah blah” you are all idiots. I bet you in front for Rampage you’d all stay very quiet and ask for him to sign your proverbial titties, bunch of haters.

    • Dude needs to win some fights, he hasn’t done that in a while.