After Eking Past Ross Pearson, Diego Sanchez Calls Out “Crybaby” Nate Diaz

June 8, 2014
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Diego Sanchez vs Nate DiazIt was a close fight, and although most pundits and many fans agreed that Ross Pearson should have walked away with a decision victory at UFC Fight Night 42 on Saturday night, it was Diego Sanchez, fighting on his home turf, that got the nod.

(Watch the Diego Sanchez vs. Ross Pearson fight highlight video here.)

The judges saw it 30-27, 27-30, and 29-28; a split decision in Sanchez’s favor.

The scoring left a sour taste in Pearson’s mouth, but ignited a fire in Sanchez, leading him to a bold callout for his next fight.

“I was confident that I won the fight,” he said in his post-fight interview. “I put pressure on him. I felt like I was the one who made the fight what it was.

“With that victory, I want to put a challenge out to Nate Diaz. Diaz vs. Diego, let’s do this in Mexico. Stop being a crybaby, crying about not getting enough money. Be a real fighter and fight because you love to fight, and fight me. See if you can hang with this.”

With either of the Diaz brothers, it’s always difficult to decipher what fight will or won’t motivate them, but facing Diego Sanchez at the UFC’s first event Mexico is a rather large carrot dangling in front of Nate Diaz’s face.

Pearson, of course, doesn’t believe it should even be in the offing, as he felt cheated out of a good chunk of his paycheck on Saturday night.

“He put on a tough fight, but I think I won every round,” Pearson said of the bout with Sanchez. “It just sucks. I’m hurting right now. I believe I’ve lost half a paycheck. The judges here, they don’t lose half a paycheck. I feel that I’ve been robbed.”

Sanchez, fighting in front of a hometown crowd that mostly agreed with the decision, was just as sure that he had won the fight.

“I definitely thought I won the first and third round,” said Sanchez.

“I wanted to knock him out and I wanted to give Albuquerque a knockout. (But) I was confident that I won the fight. I knew that I had done enough.”

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  • Christina

    So Sanchez has forgotten what a real beating feels like?

    • Piotr

      He’s just taken so many beatings that he doesn’t know much of anything anymore.

  • Lawdog1521

    I wouldn’t call Nate a crybaby, just a moron. Of course, so is Sanchez. Perhaps the two could just sit in the ring and play checkers or something.


      They could lock arms and have a good old fashion civil rights sit down. -_-


    Sanchez is delusional, if he really thinks he won that fight

    • Emilio Estrada

      Or that he can beat Nate, Nate would put a ulgy ass kicking on him.

      • XIRand0mHeroIX

        Diaz doesn’t have the power to knock out Sanchez. Maybe he could sub him but I doubt that too. If Diaz beat him it would be by decision

  • vinnyjr

    Pearson was robbed. If I was Nate Diaz I wouldn’t fight anyone who was on his way out, Sanchez is a bum who has gotten many gifts by the Judges. Nate Diaz would destroy Sanchez. Sanchez wants to fight Diaz in his hometown, that is hilarious, Sanchez is pathetic, he knows he lost that fight, that has to be the worst decision i have seen in a very long time. How does a judge score all 3 rounds to Sanchez when Pearson knocked his ass down and continued to beat his ass for the remainder of that round??? That alone is enough to seriously question that judges scoring. MMA is as bad as boxing use to be, judging is just disgusting.

    • Mic E Benson

      he doesn’t want to fight him in his hometown lol he wants to fight him in the first ever ufc event
      in MEXICO. New Mexico and Mexico are not the same place bro lol but i agree sanchez is on his way out but i wouldn’t call him a bum. anybody who makes it in the ufc and stays as long as Diego has is not a bum. the dude has some classic fights… maybe this was the first Diego fight you watched because callin him a ”Bum” is absurd


      its what nathan gets for not stepping it up and fighting period!

  • drkdisciple

    I like Diego’s new nickname “the dream”…he is dreaming all right…. if he cant beat Pearson or Gomi how the heck can he beat Diaz?….oh wait if he can get the same judges he could beat anybody!

    • Maddawgmar

      He beat Nick, but that was when he led with his wrestling. I think he can beat Nate. But we may not find out.

      • TheCerealKiller


        Just ask any Nick Diaz supporter, Nick is great. He has a ton of top wins….

        • Maddawgmar

          What?!? Did I say Nick wasn’t great? I don’t think I did. I just said that Diego beat Nick Diaz before. I feel Diego can beat Nate. But he has to wrestle him, striking may not work.

          • TheCerealKiller

            I’m saying Nick isn’t great. Who has he beat? Nobody.

          • julian moran

            Is hating on Nick Diaz, your identity?

      • drkdisciple

        That was in 2005, he was at his prime then which is not the case right now. But I do agree with you he would beat Nate perhaps even Pettis…with those same judges he would beat anyone with whom the fight would go to a decision.

        • TheCerealKiller

          Sanchez was in his prime at age 23? You just took the cake with the dumbest comment of the year. The game was early, Diego was young and in the game. Right now Diego is in his prime, he’s just not that good.

          • flexy

            You seem to be the king of dumb comments, you post them on daily basis.

          • TheCerealKiller

            “on A daily basis”, that’s how it should have sounded.

          • drkdisciple

            If you enjoy reading dumb comments you should read yours “On a daily basis”. Yes that sounds much better!

          • deepgrim

            hes past his best now, the gas tank isnt what it was, and hes aggression doesnt seem to be the same as much as he trys to rev himself up


      dana told dirty sanchez to call out nathanel to get him to fight & that is what nat gets for not fighting a contender, ha ha now you have to fight diego, lol

  • fight dont run

    everyone is afraid to “fight” diego all they do now is run if you and run for 15 min and hit a few time ya it looks like you win. gilbert was a man and fought diego. ross ran and didn’t take the chance when he hurt diego he ran away instead of going for a finish.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Learn how to type English.

  • fight dont run

    diaz vs sanchez will be a fight cuz diaz fight he not afraid like everyone else he wont run anyone can hit and run.

  • Joey

    I understand if you say Diego lost last night, but calling him a bum and talking this kind of trash about someone that has More classic fights than anyone else you can name. Regardless, how many beatings he takes, he still is one of the toughest and most exciting fighters Ever! Everyone that has followed the sport since he has been in the UFC knows that. And styles make fights, Diego beat Nate’s brother Nick, who is Better than Nate. But clearly, he doesn’t have a chance against Nate? Whatever!

    • Joey

      I think Diaz and Sanchez would bring out the best in both fighters and would be Extremely exciting. Diego almost always moves forward, especially if there is bad blood. And Diaz will stand and trade with him, it will be an Awesome fight for the UFC.

  • Thomas119

    So, I just watched the Entire Diego vs Ross fight. And honestly, watch Every strike. I was a little skeptical at first, but Diego won the First Round, he blocked most of Ross’s strikes and Controlled the pace a bit more. He actually got the better of him in the first. The second Round Ross, Clearly. The judge giving it to Diego made a horrible call. But the third, I give it to Diego. People might not like it, but in the whole fight Diego constantly tries to finish it when he attacks. I watched it without listening to the Kenny Florian, unlike the first time. And by No means was this a “Robbery.” Diego won the 1st and 3rd, no question. Just my opinion though, and respect everyone elses on here.

    • Ron

      You have clearly no idea what your watching if you though diego won that fight. The states disprove your claim that diego blocked all pearson strikes in the first round. Diegos face showed who showed intelligent aggression. moving forward is not a measurement in an mma fight that is all diego did was moved forward. Pearson landed more stikres in all rounds and inflicted more damage

      • Thomas119

        I actually know what I am watching thank you very much. I could care less what the state or anyone else thinks. I know what I saw, and its an Opinion. He won the 1st and the 3rd in MY Opinion, so you disagree, a lot of you do. Oh well, why not just leave your Own comment like many others who disagree with me, instead of trying to start an argument by posting on MY comment. Lol, people like you crack me up.

        • Tanguay

          The official metric scorecards show that Pearson out landed Diego in every round by a significant amount. In ever category, shots landed, significant shots, head/body shots, % landed, everything.

        • put me in the sauna coach

          everyone is entitled to their own opinion …but MAN…u really rewatched that fight and thought Diego won? Time to go High DEF I think.

  • the_blazerman

    Embarrassing outcome. Sanchez should have been released from the UFC 3 fights ago.

    • Dragon Kid

      But I loved his fight with Melendez (as did most others)

      • Mark McDowall

        You mean the fight…where yet again he got his ass handed to him for 3 rounds…AGAIN.

        • Dragon Kid

          Yeah and it was one of the best fights of last year and u know it. Stop being a retard.

  • bvol

    I thought diego snuck the first round and clearly lost rd 1 and 2. I will say that announcers were a little too pro ross. But it was a bad call. I can’t even begin to understand how diego was given the fight but he was. It ranks up there with bidding given the nod over hammel

    • bvol

      Lost rd 2 and 3. My mistake.

      • bvol

        Bisping given the nod. Stupid spell check. Aghhhh

        • MuayThaiFood

          That button down below your comment that says “edit”……it’s your friend.

          • TheCerealKiller

            Guests don’t have an edit button.

          • MuayThaiFood

            Ahhh I didn’t know that.

  • Mark McDowall

    This is now Diego’s 3rd VERY questionable victory by decision. He clearly lost this fight against Pearson…I’m not a big fan of stats in MMA but Pearson beat him in all measureable ways last night…as did Gomi and Kampmann. Had these fights been called properly…Diego would now be 0-6 in his last 6 fights.

    His style is so bad…he goes out there and makes angry faces…then pretends he’s a rock em sock em robot for 15 minutes. As proven in this fight…and the Myles Jury fight…anyone with even marginal technical striking skills will pick him apart. He really needs to retire…and soon. He physically can’t continue to take beatings like he is every time he gets in the cage. The best thing the commentators say about Diego is that he has heart…thats all well and good but heart will only take you so far when your opponent is beating your head in.

  • Corey Hutton

    Diego is stupid, He fights the kind of fight a Diaz can pretty much only win. Always coming forward.

    • julian moran

      Sanchez has a decent chin and will bang with Nate. Sanchez is a dangerous fight for anyone who stays in the pocket with him.

  • Suck It

    Dana is a fat pig.

  • put me in the sauna coach

    I’d be calling out people too if all I had to do was run forward and eat punches to get wins. That guy is living the UFC dream. Even when you win.

  • Jamey Blades

    If he really thinks he can beat nate diaz or any of you that thinks thats even possible you need to just quit watching mma because you know nothing lol if pearson outstruck him what do you think nate would do? He hold the record for most significant strikes against cerrone who would also kill sanchez, This guy is delusional nate would pick him apart an sanchez will take him down an hold him like he did to nick which btw was forever ago if those two fought again it would be a worse beating than what nate would do to him, only way he wins that fight is to hold diaz down make it 5 rounds sanchez gets finished

  • dandogood

    Nate diaz is a fair fighter and no big deal to the UFC. Better off without Nate son of satan Diaz. Nate is a worthless person undeserving and just a low life.