After Alexander Gustafsson Beats Shogun, He’s Ready for Jon Jones and the UFC Belt

November 28, 2012
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Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 141“If it comes to a title shot or fighting Jon Jones one day if he’s still the champ, I will be ready for it.”

Alexander Gustafsson is a confident 25-year-old fighter that has been steadily working his way up the UFC light heavyweight ladder. With a 14-1 overall professional record and winning his last five fights in the Octagon, including victories over Thiago Silva and Vladimir Matyushenko, that confidence is earned.

Although Gustafsson has confidence that he is a deserving challenger to current champion Jon Jones, that doesn’t mean he’s looking past the next obstacle in his path to the title.

Gustafsson squares off with former Pride and UFC champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC on Fox 5 on Dec. 8 in Seattle.

Despite knowing he’s got the skills to challenge a fighter like Jones, the young Swede knows he has first to topple one of MMA’s greats in Shogun.

Considering Jones destroyed Shogun to win the UFC light heavyweight title in early 2011, it’s no surprise then that Gustafsson carries the same confidence he would into a Jones fight into the pending battle with Shogun.

“It would be a stand-up war (with Shogun),” Gustafsson declared in a recent interview with Fuel TV.

“Shogun is a very aggressive fighter and hits very hard, but he doesn’t have proper technique. I will be fast, keep my technique, keep my gameplan, and I will stay on the outside. I will take my time.”

Shogun, however, is nothing if not a durable fighter; that’s something he proved in his 2011 Fight of the Year performance against Dan Henderson.

Gustafsson still believes, though, that he will wear the Brazilian down and come out the victor at UFC on Fox 5. And then… and then his focus will shift away from the former UFC and Pride champion onto the current UFC champion.

“Oh yeah, for sure,” Gustafsson stated when asked if a win over Shogun would lead to him “barking” for a title shot.

“I wanna fight the champ after this fight. My focus is on Shogun, 100 percent, but when I win the fight, I wanna fight for the belt.”

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  • disrespectful title

    • It’s a take on Alexander’s comments in the interview. He said “when I win the fight,” so we played off of that; that’s all.

      • Mark McDowall

        Not disrespectful at all…just a prediction of the future I think.

        Gustafsson is a good fighter…but I don’t think a win over a past it Shogun Rua, along with wins over Thiago Silva and Vlady Matyushenko make you a #1 contender. I think he needs a fight against another top contender to be considered #1.

        • sepenoob

          Jones fought Vlady and Bader before his title shot against Shogun so if Alex wins that is Vlady, Silva and Shogun in a row. I would say that gives him the #1 spot.

          • Mark McDowall

            True…but at the time Bader was one of the top @ 205…Silva wasn’t ranked as high as Bader ever was.

          • sepenoob

            Shogun is Gustafssons Bader. I think he has a higher ranking than Bader had.

          • Mark McDowall

            Yeah thats a good way to think about it. The whole 205 division right now is kind of weak so why not give him the shot…

  • WhiteyWhiteman

    Gustafsson should fight the winner out of Evans vs Lil Nog before getting a title shot.

    • shakejunt

      gus is gonna have to wait for hendo/machida to fight jones before he gets his shot anyway so he should fight again, no use staying sidelined.

      i like your suggestion, but does rashad get his rematch if he wins? perhaps, but i’m thinkin gus should fight glover assuming he looks good against rampage. kinda like what they did with jones-bader, 2 high end prospects gunnin it out for the top spot.

      • WhiteyWhiteman

        Yeah i agree, Hendo wins he gets the next shot, but what if Machida wins? He was asked to fight Jones and he wouldn’t. It’s an interesting situation. I don’t really see Lil Nog beating Evans, and each of these opponents would be good for Rashad. Rua/Machida/Gus. Evans fight against Jones wasn’t as good as i had thought so i think he will have to win at least twice before they give him another shot…

    • Agreed. The only thing that has set him back is that loss to Phil Davis. Although he has improved incredibly since. There are still many fights for JJ at 205. Machida/Hendo, Gustaf, possibly Glover Tex. A Rasahd rematch wouldn’t be to far off if Rasahd finishes Lil Nog in fashion.

      • WhiteyWhiteman

        Very True, IMO Glover needs to beat Rampage decisively to even be mentioned for title contention. We can all make assumptions but these fights will have to play out before it becomes clearer. Who is your pick between Shogun/Gustafsson??

        • Gustaf. Only b/c Shogun has had his time and even though he is young he has had some serious injuries and surgeries. Not to count him out, he’s still tough as hell and I respect him very much but Gustaf’s time is now it may seem. Please follow me on fbook and twitter my friend. Love talking fight news and such.

    • jozseffrd

      No Evans just a title fight and Li’l Nog doesn’t have the record to get a Title fight.On the other hand “Gustaf”is 14:1 7:1 in the UFC and has won 5 straight,he needs 1 more win against someone like Hendo,Teixeira,or a rematch vs “Mr Wonderful”Davis.Evans or Lil Nog have to have at least a 3-4 fight win Streak to have a fight for a title shot!!!But than again with that Goof Dana White u never know coz he was going to give the TITLE SHOT to Sonnen?!?!WTF?!~?!@brhawtf@!!!Than to Machida after only one win against a mediocre Bader So as I said U never know!!!

  • Milos Rackovic

    Shogun +1 more

  • used2bgood

    No disrespect for Rua..but he is old news. Make way for the new hungry lions.

    • shakejunt

      people cling to memories and wanna act like this “new” brandon vera really tested shogun when the reality is that they both looked pretty horrid after round 1 and overall was a sloppy fight

  • People underestimating shogun this kid hasn’t done half what he has done to much hype behind him he lost to Phil Davis