After a 2nd Win in the Octagon, Brian Ebersole Says the UFC is Stuck with Him Now

August 7, 2011
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Brian Ebersole picked up his 2nd win in the Octagon when he finished Dennis Hallman at UFC 133 on Saturday and now he says they are stuck with him.

The longtime MMA veteran is elated to finally be in the promotion and after going 2-0 thus far, he’s ready to stick around for a while longer.

Ebersole also discusses his opponent’s interesting outfit from UFC 133.

  • wonggfan

    Lol at this guy thinking that the UFC sees him as a contender material.

    UFC just wants to build this guy up so that they could match him up against an up and coming guy.

    • frumps

      wonggfan, I’ve been watching this website for few years now, and have just recently created an account to post comments. Judging by 95% of your posts, its well known that you have a condition known as diarrhea of the mouth. STFU and accept the fact that you’re a toolshed, or check and make sure your comment makes sense before you click ‘Post Comment’.

  • Violent Violet

    UFC just wants to build this guy up. Sorry, I was under the impression that the Ebersole steps in the octagon and fights. Not the UFC marketing and advertising or “build this guy up” crew. I also missed the part where he was asking for a title shot. Thin he said something about a fight with Matt Serra?

  • Unador

    Haven’t seen much of this guy. The hair arrow is hilarious. Not sure if he is capable of being the champion, but he definately has champion composure.
    And it looks like with 60 fights, he doesn’t mind hanging around to get beat on.
    I keep waiting for a guy to win a fight and tell Rogan
    ” I want to fight again in 3 weeks. Any opponent, it don’t matter, I’m sure someone is looking for a pay check. I’m unhurt, fresh off of an 8 week training camp, I’m ready to fight again, don’t even tell me who it is until weigh ins, I don’t care.”
    and I thought this Ebersole guy was crazy enough to do it.
    I know Dana loves guys who love to fight, I know this kind of antic would work. Surprised nobody’s tried it. I certainly would. Be a good way to build a fan base, and get Dana’s approval/attention.