Add ‘NFL Cheerleader’ to the List of People Who Say They Can Beat Ronda Rousey

March 25, 2015
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Ask around. There’s probably a few people you know who aren’t into MMA but know about Ronda Rousey. Take a deeper look into that group of friends, acquaintances, family, pets, aliens and so on, and you’ll probably come across at least one who says “I can beat Ronda Rousey.”

And if you don’t want to take the time to dig through your phone’s contacts for that person, just watch this video of an NFL cheerleader who’s joining the I-can-beat-Rousey movement.

Meet Houston Texans cheerleader Antonieta Osuna. She used to be a boxer and said last weekend that she’d like to fight Rousey, and even added that she has a game plan to beat her. The crazy thing is the game plan sounds a lot like James Toney’s plan to beat Randy Couture. And we all remember how that worked out for him.

So we can add cheerleader to the group that includes Laila Ali, Floyd Mayweather fans, average Joe, your drunk college roommate, your girlfriend, the girl you wish was your girlfriend, probably a nun somewhere, and all other types of characters. Good luck to all of you in your quest to beat Ronda. Something tells us you won’t have any luck.

To the footage!

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  • Joe Case

    Good hype, but would be another bout to last under 30 seconds.

  • Dys Andolini

    Rousey’s a man so….I do hope the cheerleader loses!

  • sledge__hammer

    And if Dana White and Rousey would stop aggressively promoting the suggestion that she could beat up every guy in America , Mayweather, Ali and every other breathing organism, you would not have to come to her defense every time a potential competitor (or ordinary citizen) responses to one of her taunts.

  • Napolean Smith

    You’re better off joining the Circus lady. Go be a Clown over there.

  • LordCancer Kain

    alot of people talk, train, make weight and fight her. oh and if your a 270 pound professional football player, just shut up. you’re a jackass.

    • bigplay80

      “alot” and “your”… Your spelling indicates that YOU are a jackass. Oh, sentences begin with capital letters.

      • LordCancer Kain

        oh great mighty arbiter of Engrish usage why dont u suck youre self alotta buttgina

      • Jon

        If you have a problem with someone’s grammar or spelling take it up with apple and Samsung. Auto-correct is a thing that can go very wrong very fast so your insult holds no water in the 21st century.

        • bigplay80

          Fool, auto-correct doesn’t change any word into “alot.” Go back to SKOOL.

      • KJK

        grammar nerds are almost as annoying as pathetic chicks grabbing at Rousey’s coat tails.

        • bigplay80

          Another dumbass that has poor grammar and admits it. That, or you’re proud to be a lesser individual. No one asked for your opinion so kick rocks slapdick.

          • KJK

            “kick rocks slapdick” … there is some higher individual thinking…..I’m feeling edified….by the way grammar douche…when writing in proper english the rules of the language would include 2 spaces following a periord….”.” that is and sentences don’t start with small case quote marked words….that is if you’re gonna be proper english and all!

  • LordCancer Kain

    my favorite is when Tyson giggled and said Ronda Rousey would probably kick his ass.

  • Brewblaz

    The only thing these wannabes have is in common is broken arms if they ever fought Rousey.



  • Douglas F. Williamson

    Can you cheer with a broken arm and dislocated shoulder? Just wondering …..

    • cere tomer

      She would have to find another way to shake those pompoms. The synthetic ones.

      • Jon

        She is just upset the mascot makes double the money and has medical and dental.

  • Te Metito El Gordo

    I’m sure Rousey will have no problem beating her or Floyd Mayweather and or any other chick in that same weight class. Lol.

    • Ultra Magnus

      Floyd will knock her ass out

      • Jon

        Floyd would end up with a broken arm.

    • da rubo

      I don’t know, Moussassi is only a 205 and he had lots of fun training with her. She can beat guys off the street, but not a single top 20—or maybe 50 male fighter.

  • philly

    Why don’t they leave Ronda Rousey alone. All the people that said they can beat her have yet to step up to get there butt beat including the NFL player who told his mom I can beat up a girl.

    • Cptmats

      Except Cyborg, The one Dana has been protecting her from !

  • KJK

    Wow…is every girl in the world looking for her 15 seconds gonna call out Rousey….dribble,

  • da rubo

    The only thing this cheerleader ever beats is the football team she cheers….in the locker room.