Add Alan Belcher to the Growing List of Fighters Wanting a Crack at Anderson Silva

July 17, 2012
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Alan Belcher at UFC 113As soon as Anderson Silva concluded his second-round TKO stoppage of Chael Sonnen at UFC 148, the question immediately popped to the fore.

Who is next?

Chris Weidman staked his claim by dominating Mark Munoz at UFC on Fuel TV 4 a few days later, and former champion Rich Franklin has expressed his interest in making another run at Silva before they both call it a career.

But after the explosion of attention surround Silva vs. Sonnen II, everything else seems to pale in comparison.

One other man that wants to lay claim to the coveted UFC middleweight title shot is Alan Belcher.

“I’ve put together a nice little streak,” Belcher remarked on a recent edition of AXS TV’s (formerly HDNet) Inside MMA.

That he has.

In his last seven trips to the Octagon, Belcher has only one blemish on his resume. He lost a split decision – in a fight many felt he won – to Yoshihiro Akiyama three summers ago at UFC 100.

He has since put together four consecutive victories over the likes of Wilson Gouveia, Patrick Cote, Jason MacDonald, and Rousimar Palhares, finishing all of them, only Cote making it to round two. Belcher most recently TKO’d Palhares at UFC on Fox 3 in May.

Whether or not that adds up to a shot at Anderson Silva is another matter.

“It’s all up to the UFC, what they think, what they want,” said Belcher.

“I think that I can challenge Anderson Silva. I think I have the tools to do that as good as anyone in the division right now.”

Tim Boetsch and former Bellator champion Hector Lombard square off at UFC 149 this weekend, and Michael Bisping is slated to fight Brian Stann in September, so there will soon be no shortage of fighters that want to take a crack at Silva.

It will just be up to the UFC to separate the wheat from the chaff and determine who will be the one to next step inside the Octagon with the widely regarded top pound-for-pound fighter on the planet.

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  • jpgagne

    Does Belcher deserves a shot? Maybe! But I think Weidman proved that he deserved a chance too, not to mention Bisping. Just a thought: Stann Vs Bisping, then Weidman Vs. Belcher, both winners get to face each other, and the winner gets to fight Silva for his last fight…or is that too late for an aging Spider?

    • MaritalArtist

      Yeah, that’s a bit late. One guy should get an immediate crack at Anderson, and the others should do some elimination tourney type thingy. Here are the contenders: belcher, weidman, Evans, Franklin, and Lombard/belcher. Also, don’t forget sonnen himself, and I know GSP is the favorite over confit, but if he loses, he could potentially move up. That’s 5-7 contenders. One of them should get a go at the champ immediately, and I’m not sure who. Maybe weidman or Lombard/belcher. The others should fight each other in a 4-man tourney, with the winner getting the next shot.

      • LAW OF FIST

        Belfort is still a contender in my book.

        • MaritalArtist

          Totally forgot about him. I knew I skipped somebody! That’s the situation with this dang division, too many great contenders all buched up at the top. So now we’re dealing with 6-8 guys. I would say hector gets the next shot if he destroys Boetch. If he loses or barely beats him, then weidman gets it. That leaves belfort, belcher and Evans, with rich and Chael not far behind. Let’s also not forget the winner of bisping-stann, then there’s hendo, regardless of whether he wins or loses to jones. So that’s TEN guys. Potentially.

          I would say make the non-title shot guy (Lombard or weidman) fight Evans for the next title shot. Then have a 4-man elimination setup to decide the next shot. Belfort vs sonnen IN BRAZIL, and belcher vs Franklin. Bisping-stann winner can take on the highest ranked loser available at the time.

          And we thought the lightweight division was stacked.

          • dathump

            Take Evans out of your mix, he’s 205, not 185 plus Rich is also fighting at light heavyweight right now although he could drop down. Sonnen is out for a long time, he had his chance. the rest can really go through any order, all contenders but non really more deserving over the other. It will all come down to money, who will be the bigger draw based on location. England =Bisbing, Brazil(or Japan) =Belfort or if it is in the States, whoever has PPV momentum.

    • gnodeb

      I agree. There is no clear contender now and nobody is one fight away. They are all talking about Silva just in case, so nobody can out-talk them.
      Silva already showed that he doesn’t like weak opponents, so we need proper contender for a good fight. They have to nuke each other out to find who is the next in the line…

  • smill0313

    Add Alan Belcher to the growing list of fighters who would get ktfo by silva.

  • kennypowers

    Haha that’s right

  • kennypowers

    Most likely to me, they’ll give bisping the shot if he beats stann jus cuz he’s been in the title picture for a while, but if stann wins, they’ll probly give it to Lombard when he beats boetsch. They won’t give it to Weidman jus yet, not enough promotion for that. So if all goes as I think it will, they give bisping the shot if he beats stann, setup Lombard vs vitor, and Weidman vs belcher.

    • MaritalArtist

      Not exactly what I was thinking, but great ideas nonetheless. It’s true, bisping has been screwed a little. I think one more win by the Brit and he could be next in line. He’s prolly 2nd in line after weidman/Lombard.

      • phrankthetank

        He’s never beaten a top 10 opponent. He can’t earn a title shot without beating a contender.

    • maddawgmar

      I dont think Bisping should get the fight if he beats Stann. Bisping hasn’t beat a top ten fighter in his career. He is 0-3 against top ten fighters, Sonnen, Henderson, and Evans. Plus his loss to Wandy who was top twenty at best at the time. His record is sheltered to keep the English fans interested. If he beats Stann he will get a shot but not deserve it as I don’t believe Stann should be top ten. If he beats Bisping, then he is in my opinion. I think to get a title shot you should have to beat a top five fighter. And I can’t see Bisping beat a top five fighter in any division except 125 or 135, maybe 145.

  • GiovanniB

    I don’t like Bispin but I think he got robbed when he fought Sonnen; so get him in there so he can get eliminated once and for all and then throw in Lombard if he wins decisively and then Weidman if he pulls off another stunt like he did against Muños except this time give him a worthy opponent as I still believe Muños was WAY TOO OVERHYPED! Muños is like a Brandon Vera type of overhyped fighter…Muños is like an Houston Alexander type of fag overhyped fighter…Muños is like…well you get the point…LOL

  • zegrappler

    i think if guys who finished fights got more of an emphasis in the title shot category than the jon fitch’s of the world, then maybe, we’d magically see more fights get finished. stopping 4 or 5 mid level guys is more impressive than winning 2 out of 3 rounds with takedowns like the Kos/Hendricks fight, or god forbid, the guida/maynard abortion of a fight.

  • rfxgordy

    does ne1 think nick diaz would be a good opponent for silva?

  • rfxgordy

    in my opinion it would

  • MaritalArtist

    Well, in any case, we all agree that bisping is 1-2 fights away from a title shot. And we also all agree that Lombard is next in line if he obliterates boetch. But the real questions are:

    What about belcher?
    What about Evans??