Abel Trujillo Didn’t Get the Win at UFC Fight Night 27, but He’s Going to Be Paid Like He Did

August 29, 2013
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36-Abel Trujillo UFC FN27_5654-110x77For all the talk surrounding the outstanding card that was UFC Fight Night 27 in Indianapolis on Wednesday night, some of the loudest dialogue surrounded a preliminary fight between Abel Trujillo of South Florida’s Blackzilian’s camp, and former Strikeforce slugger Roger Bowling.

Bowling and Trujillo kicked off the night’s action in a back-and-forth scrap that highlighted the toughness and grit of both fighters.  As the second round came to a close, however, controversy enveloped the Bankers Life Fieldhouse and much debate across social media outlets ensued.

Round one saw the fighters exchange with reckless abandon, trading power shots on a whim, both men visibly stunned over the duration of the first five minutes.

The second was more of the same, and as the frame came to a close, at 4:57 to be exact, Trujillo had Bowling in a prone position, fully grounded on his backside, turtling up, as he unleashed a bevy of straightforward knees.

To most watching at home, the knees seemed to illegally strike Bowling in the face, which would be “strikes to the head of a downed opponent.” Such strikes are illegal in mixed martial arts in America.

That’s why when the referee stepped in to halt the action, very little protest occurred.  The strikes were deemed illegal, the fight was halted due to Bowling’s inability to continue, and the bout was ruled a no-contest.

However, the one man that disagreed with the decision is also the man who writes the paychecks, UFC president Dana White.  White took to Twitter almost instantaneously to voice his displeasure over the decision to rule the bout a no-contest.

“Both those knees were legal!!! Trujillo should have won,” White wrote on Twitter.

It didn’t take long for Trujillo to respond, tweeting, “(in reply to White) thanks boss!!!

Trujillo went on to demean his opponent and claim he was looking for a way out.

“Eventhough I got a NO CONTEST I know in my heart I broke Roger & he found a way out!!! Feels like a Victory a lil bit you feel me!!!”

Many pundits were shocked at the announcement, especially since the knee, the second one to be exact, appeared to have hit Bowling in the face.

However, at the post-fight press conference, White reiterated that the knee was, in fact, legal.

“It literally was not illegal,” he said

And according to White, not only was the knee not illegal, because of that belief, Trujillo would also be receiving his win money.

“It was not an illegal knee. That kid won his fight. I’m going to pay him his win,” he proclaimed.

“The second knee hit him in the shoulder.”

It was a bad night for Bowling, but a bittersweet night for Trujillo, who didn’t get a W, but got the green.

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  • wow

    I watched the fight…I’m starting to think Dana didn’t. That second knee was right in his face.

  • eppie

    Dana = douche and bully of the UFC. That second knee was so clearly to the face.

  • Mendel

    Lol – The first knee caught him a little the second was down right straight to the face.

  • Mendel

    Also when the doc asked him where he was he kept saying “Strikeforce”

  • peedubya

    I just re-watched this a pile of times. The first one was ok- Bowling could have fought on after it. The second one “to the shoulder” mashed bowling’s nose across his face. No way in hell was it legal.

    I wonder if Dana would like to be “kneed in the shoulder” like that?

  • Sir_Roy

    Downed opponents do not anticipate eating knees to the face. He’s getting kneed like that, he’s thinking of protecting his body. He was clearly suckered square in the face with the second knee which is, indeed, a sucker punch in essence and, as such, dangerous as hell. So Dana, in all his wisdom, rewards a fighter for potentially ending the career of another fighter with an illegal hit.

    Maybe Bowling was broken and looking for a way out, maybe not. Fact is, he ate an illegal knee square in the face. Benefit of the doubt goes to Bowling IMHO.

    Dana’s entertaining and, in his own way, good for the sport as a result. But damn he can be a schmuck at times.

    • Milosc

      Someone will be making gifs, I’m sure. Watch it again

  • Darin

    This article leaves me believing Dana and Trujuillo are both POSs.

  • Alex Stanford

    After carefully watching multi angle slo mos, the first knee was to bowlings left pec, and the second one was higher up on the shoulder. From the angle it looked like it hit the face, but another angle showed the line of the knee better, and you could tell where it landed. I can’t blame the ref for stopping it, as in real time it looked illegal. Props to Dana for having the eagle eye.

  • Jason Appleton

    I’ve always respected Dana White for over a decade, until now. Roger wasn’t looking for a way out, he was winning the fight and that POS Trullio was the one looking for a way out as he watched the clock and struggle breathing while falling towards his punches. Trullio took those shots with his knees to get a way out of the fight and Dana White rewarded him for it. Dana tried to setup Roger for a loss against one of his prospects and then added insult to injury when it didn’t go as planned.

    Let them rematch so Roger can pummel the guy again, or is that too scary of a decision for Dana knowing his boy was losing this fight to begin with and would certainly lose the rematch?

    • Tommy Blingshyne

      bowling may have been winning the 2nd round but abel won the 1st round…fight would have been even going into the 3rd…your analysis is off…

  • Maddawgmar

    You don’t get KO’d by a knee to the shoulder. Obviously something hit him in the face. @DanaWhite you are a douche, and should not be doing the refs job. In this case the only mistake the ref made was calling it a No Contest, this should be a DQ

    • tommy blingshyne

      but you do get KO’d by a follow up punch which is exactly what abel did…why do u leave that detail out? thats what really knocked roger out…1st knee was legal and it was very easy to see…2nd knee was harder to tell but in the replay it looked illegal but i didnt see multiple angles…

  • diazfan209

    The first knee was beautifully placed, but that second knee definitely looks like it grazes Bowling’s face. Not a direct hit to the face, but his leg makes contact; you can see Bowling’s head whip back from the impact of Trujillo’s second knee. And I don’t know what the hell Trujillo is talking about “he found a way out” as if Bowling was complaining about the knee and pleaded for a DQ…. Bowling wanted to continue the fight but wasn’t coherent enough by doctor’s standards.

    I don’t know for sure, but maybe the rule is that if your leg strike to a downed opponent is placed outside of the head but then grazes the head, it’s actually not illegal. That doesn’t make much sense though.

    I was under the impression that any part of the leg cannot touch any part of the head while the opponent is downed.

    • cs

      If that were the case then people could get DQ’d for arm bars since the back of their thighs touch their opponents’ faces

      • tommy blingshyne

        or when they attempt a triagle choke from the bottom…legs always graze the face one way or another…the entire move is based on the legs being wrapped around the head of an opponent who is down…unless its a blantant strike to the head, i dont think its illegal…a leg brushing up the face after the points hits a legal spot is ok in my book…or at least NOT worthy of a foul being called…

  • ElbowSlice

    How many times do we hear Dana White complain that the fighters shouldn’t leave it in the judges hands, and if they want to get paid they should go out and earn it. Well, in this case, the fighter (Trujillo) left it in the Ref’s hands. And Trujillo did NOT earn it. So why is Dana paying him?

    • tommy blingshyne

      really? thats the retarded angle you have on this? abel tried to finish the fight and unfortunately a knee, may have or may not have upon further review of the replay, hit bowlings face causing the ref to make a call on the spot…abel did exactly what he was supposed to do and the fight had an unfortunate ending but this isnt a case of a fighter not going all out and just letting the judges decide his fate…so friggen dumb…

  • Milosc

    Both knees landed to the body, with the second wiping up the face (making it ‘appear’ like an illegal knee) as a secondary graze. I understand what people are thinking, but watch it in slo-mo


    I don’t get why everyone is full of Dana hate? Watch the replays from multiple angles again – neither knee hit him in the face… and those two were banging in a great fight, and the ref stopped it when he shouldn’t have… so Dana is paying the fighter for the win. He’s not bullying anyone, he’s just giving due where it should be. He thought Machida won his fight, but he didn’t pay him a win bonus for it… it’s not like he’s trying to out-rule the judges. He just saw that it wasn’t illegal and the fight was stopped because of it, so he is rewarding his fighter for going for the win. It’s such a non-issue, all this Dana hate is weird. Rewatch it from angles and you’ll see Dana was right.

  • Jay

    Similar siuation when silvas knee his sonnens chest before his quad smashed his nose

  • fsunoles10

    i just watched it again and it looked like the 2nd hit him right around the shoulder and collarbone area and it looks like his thigh may have grazed bowlings face so its kinda hard to call but id say trujillo should have gotten the w.

  • Tommy Blingshyne

    watched the replay…1st knee was 100% legal…zero dispute can be made about that…looked like the 2nd knee hit the head although the way it was thrown/landed looked unintentional…have to see replay again to judge the 2nd knee…it was the follow up punch that buried bowling w/ satan but if the 2nd knee hit the head then the right call of a NC was made…i dont think that was worthy of a DQ…the knee did not look intentional…