Aaron Pico, Potentially MMA’s Best Young Prospect, Signs with Bellator MMA

November 16, 2014
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At 18 years old, Aaron Pico has become quite familiar with the terms “phenom” and “prodigy”. The California native has already captured a FILA World Championship along with prestigious national titles in boxing and pankration. While Pico’s wrestling career can be simply summed up as “dominate”, the former Junior Golden Gloves Champion considers his standup game to be most refined.

As Pico now prepares for a 2016 U. Olympic run, MMA’s most probable future superstar has found a home with Bellator MMA, inking a long-term promotional contract that will see Pico compete inside the Bellator cage for years to come.

“When it comes to any big decision I make, I sit down with my family, my management team at Zinkin and the people that are around me that I trust,” Pico said. “We wanted an opportunity to achieve my dreams in the 2016 Olympics and transition into MMA, and when we sat down with Bellator, Viacom and Scott Coker, everything just sort of fell into place and I couldn’t be happier to be here and be a part of the Bellator family.”

“Simply put, Aaron has all the makings of MMA’s next great superstar, and to have him here at Bellator is something special,” Bellator President Scott Coker said.

“Like many of us in the MMA community, Aaron is someone we’ve been watching closely over the last few years, and after sitting down with Bob Cook and his team, getting a chance to meet Aaron, and hearing his long-term aspirations, the fit became very obvious. I’m not only excited to see what Aaron is going to be able to do in our cage, but also watching him represent our country in 2016 at the Olympics,” added Coker.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    How “long term” is the contract? Because if he pans out as a good fighter, he doesn’t want to be stuck in that turd promotion.

    • SeriousMom

      That goes both ways you retardo.

      The contract will be negotiated by and among people way way wayyyy smarter than you.

      So don’t worry about someone else’s financials and worry about your barely above minimum wage job.

      • TheCerealKiller

        How many different names are you going to use?

        But to address your ignorant comment, I didn’t mention anything about his finances. I just asked how long he would be stuck there.

  • Don Lee

    Why piss away your career in Bellator?

    • Donny boy

      The dude is 18. He will lose to experienced journeymen in the UFC. And he won’t get to fight on the main card until he gets at least 4 to 5 dominant wins.

      Now in Bellator, he can fight cans on the main card.

      It is a bad decision to get into the UFC too early in your career.

      • Don Lee

        That’s true as long as he doesn’t get stuck in there for life.

  • shakejunt

    can’t find an mma record so i’m guessing he has yet to debut as a pro? either way, good for him. hopefully he doesn’t get stuck in bellator if/when he wants to move on, but ufc isn’t gonna sign someone with 0 fights anyway. viacom is obviously willing to take a stab at his potential.

  • octawhat

    Bellator isn’t great, but it will give this kid time to develop, rather than face the cream of the crop in the UFC at too early stage. He can fight cans in Bellator, and develop his skills.