A Tweet Set Rampage Jackson Leaving Bellator MMA and Returning to the UFC in Motion

December 21, 2014
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The Ultimate Fighting Championship announced during the UFC Fight Night: Machida vs. Dollaway broadcast on Saturday that the fight promotion had inked a deal to bring back former light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

The announcement came as a bit of a surprise considering Jackson signed a multi-year contract that included dealings with Viacom-owned Spike TV, Bellator MMA, and TNA Wrestling in June 2013.

On Nov. 17, Jackson posted a tweet that started the ball in motion for him to exit Bellator MMA and rejoin the UFC roster.

“I haven’t been happy with my contract at Bellator for a while. Every since the pay-per-view with the ‘King Mo’ (Lawal) fight,” Jackson said during the UFC Fight Night 58 Post Show. “Bjorn Rebney, I don’t know what happened. He left Bellator. He got fired. I don’t know. The contract just wasn’t right. My manager and I, we were trying to fix it but Bellator, they didn’t want to fix it.

“They had 45 days, and I terminated the contract,” added the Bellator Season 10 Light Heavyweight Tournament winner. “I sent the tweet out because I was kind of upset about how things are going in MMA and how fighters get treated, and stuff like that. I just did a little tweet and I guess Dana White saw it. He responded to it and started everything — my manager started talking to him and here we go. No love lost.”

Bellator MMA president Scott Coker reacted by tweeting that Jackson remains under an exclusive contract with Bellator MMA minutes following the announcement. He also indicated that the fight promotion plans to fight to keep Jackson.

Jackson alleges that Bellator MMA breached the contract, but didn’t go into detail about the specifics.

“It was just one of those things where people don’t honor their contracts. It’s just not cool. You can be a big company and that means you don’t have to honor your contract? You’ve got big time, expensive lawyers. The UFC, one thing about them, they did honor their contract,” said Jackson.

“At least they honored their contract. You sign a contract for a reason. You guys are bound by law to do what you say you’re going to do. If you can’t honor your contract, that’s a company I don’t really want to be associated with,” said Jackson about his decision to leave Bellator MMA.

Jackson won the UFC light heavyweight title by dethroning Chuck Liddell at UFC 71. He’s coached two seasons of The Ultimate Fighter. He’s earned Fight of the Night honors three times inside the Octagon and Knockout of the Night twice.

“The thing about Rampage is, Rampage always comes to excite the fans. I love the fans. I just want to give them exciting fights, so I’m very excited to be back. My actions are going to speak louder than my words,” said the former champion following the announcement of his return.

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  • John Youwer

    Nobody cares about Rampage anymore. Another stupid more by Dumbass Dana White.

    • Sniggih Smalls

      Not true bro, Rampage made the UFC alot of money and he might be lazy to train but the boy could Bang!!

  • dave

    who thinks this is a way for the UFC to show that that are not a monopoly? Bellator puts up a fight… etc etc etc.

    • MikeMcK83

      It seems to me that it would be the opposite. The ufc just took one of the largest money earners away from number 2.

    • Seth

      How’s that monopoly? .-. Rampage had problems with Bellator, decided to quit and was FA at that time, so UFC called him – because they need someone that people recognize on their cards .-.

  • hyperbole

    Awesome. Now we can watch him not train and not make weight on ppv events once again. The ufc is getting so desperate.

  • asd

    Give him Pat Cummins

  • Ilinoid

    Rampage’s best days have long since past him by. I would rather remember him in his prime when he was power bombing Arona and clobbering Liddell. It reminds me of Dela Hoya fighting Pacquiao; his name will always sell tickets but you are not seeing the same level of fighter anymore. His time as a legitimate contender is over.

    • dgs

      “I would rather remember him in his prime when he was power bombing Arona”

      I’ve been watching MMA since 1993 (first UFC) and in the past 21 years, I’m still not sure I have seen anything as jaw-dropping as that move. Really to this day, it’s one of the most brutal things I’ve seen in the sport. I think Rampage will always be remembered most for that single moment, as will Arona unfortunately as the receiver of that power bomb.

  • The Skoobs

    He’ll negotiate his contract, leave Bellator, go back to the UFC to fight has-beens like himself, and in less than a year will be complaining about how he’s treated after making hundreds of thousands with mediocre performances. What a beotch.

  • The Esquire

    Why would I want to see Rampage fight for any promotion any more?

  • bonesauce

    Rampage hasnt changed …fights the same whines and complains the same isnt relevant to the sport anymore …if anyone wants to beat him kick his legs or take him down because he hasnt worked on defending kicks or take downs ….Now he is slower and lethargic and refuses to fight certain guys .