A Tough Summer in Denver and DirecTV Outage Didn’t Help UFC 150 Sales

August 12, 2012
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The state of Colorado has had an extremely rough summer.

A series of wildfires in the state spread over acreage measuring in the hundreds of thousands, while thousands of residents were forced to flee their homes.

It didn’t get any easier when a psychopath opened fire in a suburban Denver movie theater on the opening night of “The Dark Knight Rises,” killing 12 and injuring 58 others.

So in the grand scheme of things, the residents of Colorado have obviously had a lot more important issues on their minds that didn’t include a mixed martial arts event coming to town.

UFC 150: Henderson vs. Edgar II landed in Denver on Saturday night and while the attendance for the show packed the Pepsi Center, the overall gate only amassed $650,000, the lowest for a UFC pay-per-view since 2007, according to UFC president Dana White.

White says that they discussed the issues with ticket sales amongst UFC staff and executives, and ultimately Colorado has just had so much ill fortune lately that the least of their worries was attending an MMA event this month.

“Talking about it, the shootings here, the fires that have been going on here, it’s been a really bad summer for this place,” White said after UFC 150 ended. “Once all that stuff started going down, we kind of felt it was not going to be a good gate here.”

The live gate suffering was a foreseeable action when looking at the locale of the event and the situations that had befallen the residents of Colorado.

As far as the pay-per-view sales, UFC 150 also took a major hit for unforeseen reasons.

White revealed that satellite provider DirecTV went down for Saturday night, causing subscribers to not be able to view or purchase the UFC 150 event at home.

Overall, White just has to chalk it up to a bad night for UFC 150 to take place.

“We couldn’t get kicked in the balls worse than we did tonight.”

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  • samflchr

    Aww that’s sad I’m sure you will make it up on the next one and what do you expect with that terrible fight card people don’t want to watch the same fight 10 times

  • SuperNate-AO

    Weak card hurts too.

  • spidersilva

    I wish i was one of the ones that didnt have to sit thru those 25 boring ass minutes

  • phrankthetank

    Rough comments, aside from shields/Herman I thought it was a pretty solid card.

    • gnodeb

      Agree. 9 fights, 6TKO, 1 SUB and 2 decisions. One decision was title fight. I don’t know if these two were ever finished, so I can not blame them for not finishing each other.
      Shields was the only fight I didn’t enjoy and I didn’t expect to enjoy it. He is the true king of L&P. If he can not secure submission (and that is what usually happen against top fighters) he “just” keep position, fight after fight…

  • oswaldcobblepott

    The addition of lighter weight classes is killing the Sport! These rabbits can go 15 rounds. Change the rules…maybe a ten minute first round for the pre-pubescent weight classes or 30 sec rest periods, something I mean come on if we want to see kids we will go to the local high school wrestling dual meets!

  • me vs you

    yeah, i thought that most of the fights were good, but the title rematch was shit. Benson said after the fight when denver was booing his ass, that he tries to finish fights…i guess that he wasn’t talking about the fight that he had just been in, though.
    these two guys have a close fight the first time and then they do that for a rematch. pathetic…and henderson didn’t win that fight, but that’s what frankie gets for not finishing henderson.
    i was constantly waiting for thefight to start. champions should fight aand take chances, that’s why they’re champions.
    after watching henderson’s last few fights in the ufc, i have to say that diaz is going to destroy him.and i think it will be done easily..can’t wait for that fight

  • jayjingleheimer

    STOP putting on garbage event and maybe you will stop getting kicked in the balls Dana….DOH!! Nobody wants to see this BS match ups!!

    Stop people like Joe Rogan from talking out of his ass and pumping up these fighters like they are something “special” when they are NOT!

    UFC is going downhill IMHO…have watched since UFC 1 and never have not seen any events until recently….for example nobody wants to see that idiot Bisbing throw knee’s like a little girl or watch this 2nd and 3rd rate fighters like Bisping……I am sick of hearing his stupid mouth say stupid things…and its so bad now that I just will not watch the event if he is on the card….

    BisBing is just one of many fighters that need to go and be replaced with REAL elite UFC fighters….

    Quit being so greedy and you will have a bigger fan base, sell more “stuff” and sell more tickets to events.

    • lack of talent killed boxing…no more Tyson …no more Ali…

  • You have to promote fights and the rivalries between fighters to afford you a sustainable gate and paper-view result. You’re quite simple a person not to see what Chael did with Anderson to promote the biggest fight ever and you gave him no consideration or credit because you’re simpleminded and blind to promotional technique. Ali did it with all of his fights. Chael followed in the same direction. Open your eyes Mr. CEO…and learn from the Gangster!

  • kevstinx

    Crap Card!
    Recorded the event, ended up fast forwarding all but the last 2 fights, wish i had forwarded the main event.

    Is there any reason you have Goldberg commentating? He throw’s in the odd fact or advertisement, ‘The only motorcycle worthy’ or
    ‘corn on the cob’.

    He always holds that microphone like its a penis and glares at Joe with his bedroom eyes.

    Get some ex-mma fighters in on the commentary, far better with Randy. He knows what he is talking about. Goldberg is used for his advertising tone.

    I agree with others above who say Joe injects too much in to the fighters as if they are the next best thing.

    You talk about Sass as if he is the next BJJ master, too many eggs in one basket, and then are quickly broken. Show’s that their is too much emphasis on marketing. If you have to hype up an event, there is clearly something wrong with the fighters.

    UFC has gone main stream, I expect to see Hulk Hogan on the next event.

    ps. as for Silva Vs. Gsp or Jones, you are clearly running out of run way. So are forcing guys to change/ meet at catch weight. This does not interest me. You are gaining new younger fans, but are losing the old school fans who have followed for years.

  • GregK

    Directv didn’t air the match? Then what was it I watched that evening. Are you sure there was no brodcast?