A Couple Home Tests Won’t Get Vitor Belfort into UFC 175 Headliner with Chris Weidman

April 28, 2014
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Vitor BelfortVitor Belfort recently stated that he’s done all the tests that Nevada requires, he’s clean, and he’s ready to step back into a challenge of UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman.

The one thing he didn’t do, however, is all of this under the watchful eye of the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

As UFC president Dana White said following Saturday night’s UFC 172 in Baltimore, that just ain’t gonna fly.

“(Vitor’s) got a lot of work to do. And that (expletive) doesn’t happen just like that,” said White. “You gotta get on the agenda. He’s got a lot of work to do.”

Belfort recently told MMAFighting.com that he got tested, passed them all, and is clean and ready to fight, wanting to step back into the fight with Weidman, who is now slated to defend against Lyoto Machida at UFC 175 on July 5 in Las Vegas.

“I did all the tests that Nevada requires. I did it on my own, and I passed them all,” Belfort told MMAFighting. “There is nothing in my system anymore.

“Since they canceled (Weidman vs. Machida) in May, there is nothing else to do. Give me what is mine.”

Belfort may have passed all the tests, but he admittedly did all of this on his own. He has yet to contact the Nevada commission, meet with their approved testers, and go before the commission to get a license. That is what he will need to do before he can fight again, and, as White said, that takes time.

“He’s fooling himself if that’s what he really thinks, that he’s taken a couple home tests and he’s ready to roll or whatever he did,” added White.

“He’s gotta solve his problems with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and when he does that, we can figure it out.”

Seeing as how we’re already pushing on May, it’s highly unlikely that the UFC will shift gears even if Belfort can clear everything up with Nevada prior to July.

Belfort was removed from the fight the first time because there wasn’t sufficient time for him to clear up his licensing status and leave enough time to promote the fight. We’re even closer to the July date now than we were to the May date when Belfort was first removed from the fight.

In short, don’t expect Belfort to be inserted in the UFC 175 main event.

Do, however, expect him to be the next middleweight challenger, should he clear up his licensing situation in Nevada.

White recently reiterated that Belfort is still the No. 1 contender, but stressed that he first has to “get his business cleared up with Nevada.”

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  • L

    And we will see the return of the ‘Old Vitor’. No, not the OLD ‘Old Vitor’ who fought like a lion. No, I mean the Vitor from 2002-2007. In all honesty, though, the only way to ‘level the playing field’ is to let everyone use HGH and testosterone, but monitor their usage (by blood test and by watching their bank accounts).

    • Mark McDowall

      I agree that they should level the playing field…only issue is if you gave certain people TRT im sure it would be horrible for them. The only way to make it even is to have a zero tolerance. And if you can’t be competitive without it(which I think is where Vitor will fall)…then blame your body and your past decisions.

      • MuayThaiFood

        I agree, letting everyone use is not the way to level the field. A fighter shouldn’t have to risk his health to be competitive because others are willing to risk theirs.

        • Baller31

          Taking hgh and testerone is not risking your health, it actually improves your health dramatically if monitored. This is why so many people today do hormone therapy.

  • laleggenda

    Vitor has really gone off the deep end in the last few years. His general sense of entitlement, and belief that he’s the one calling all of the shots, is very off-putting. After he loses to Weidman or Machida, I’m sure Vitor will be once again demanding a title shot after 1 or 2 wins.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Right now he’s the clear cut #1 contender so your rant kind of just sounds like someone who doesn’t like Vitor.

      • Ian Price

        I agree. Yes he cheated many years ago, but so did a lot of others. Maybe your favorite fighter cheated but didn’t get caught. Look I don’t love Vitor, but he hasn’t cheated in a long time, and there are a bunch of mma fighters that legally have done TRT, and now that it’s illegal he went off it. He’s also getting pretty old for fighting. Just give him the winner.


    Vitor … just fight in Brazil against the winner !!!

  • Seth

    “I did all the tests that Nevada requires. I did it on my own, and I
    passed them all,” Belfort told MMAFighting. “There is nothing in my
    system anymore.

    “Since they canceled (Weidman vs. Machida) in May, there is nothing else to do. Give me what is mine.”

    Only think that’s yours, idiot, is pink slip. GET RID OF THAT FOOL ALREADY!

    Seriously, he could fight Tito for retardweight title. How stupid you can be? First you CHEAT to work your way up and be so-called “top contender” then you expect to being treated like normal fighter, only because YOU paid for tests? Seriously, since he did them – how legit can it be? I wouldn’t trust them and looks like UFC doesn’t trust that either.

    Since Cryborg would have to fight at 135 before fighting Rousey, that idiot should fight without TRT before fighting Weidman. Non-TRT WON’T be that guy who KOed Bisping, Luke and Hendo. GUARANTEED. He wants that title fight, because he knows that whoever he will fight next – is a loss.