September 23, 2014
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Jon Jones spoke to the Nevada Athletic Commission about his involvement in a brawl with Daniel Cormier at the MGM Hotel & Casino during a press event. The NAC handed out punishment to the apologetic UFC champion at a hearing in Las Vegas.

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  • Joe Dog

    Jones seems so insincere, with his religious bullsh*t, bastard children, two faced creepiness. It’s impossible for me to like the guy. I hope Cormier wins by decision after 25 minutes of taking Jones down and holding him down in the most boring fight in UFC history. Then, we’ll really hear Jones whining as Cormier goes on to defend the title a couple times before retiring without a Jones rematch.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Wow, dude. Leave his kids out your hate speech.

      • r

        He means it in the context of him being religious, that is why he said it right after mentioning religion. It doesn’t really have to do with the kids themselves. It is just another example of Jon Jones’ hypocrisy.

        • Joe Dog


        • Rence

          but who are any of us to define Jon’s religious beliefs? Is it any of our place to say that because his actions dont reflect those of what you might call “christian” that he’s a hypocrite?

          Cast those stones my brothers…

  • Hamma

    I find it interesting that none of the commissioners brought up the video of Jones and Cormier “off air” comments. It did NOT seem as if Jones was contrite. Now that he has to face to commission, I’m sure he can muster the contriteness to avoid a harsher penalty. After all of this, now I can see why the fans don’t embrace Jones and not due to the fact that he’s black like Rogan alludes to.

    Seems like the commission didn’t even know about the Aldo incident either as that wasn’t brought up as to a potential copy cat that could be avoided in the future with a harsh penalty.

  • Shartnado2 The sticky one

    Jones is getting thrown under the bus on this one, it wasnt THAT BIG OF A DEAL STFU NSAC

  • Rence

    i’m kind of out of the loop, who did they try a non-traditional punishment with that they got screwed over by it? whats the deal with that?

  • Get2DaChoppa

    Love him or hate him Jones is very talented fighter. He is who is and since none of us really know him or Cormier just sit back and enjoy what they bring into the ring. People need to remember these aren’t saints or choir boys they’re paid fighters and entertainers not your friend or your child’s role model.